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Robert O’Blake, the West says it will not negotiate with the terrorists, but then accuses Sri Lanka for not negotiating with the terrorists, could

West is trying to cover its own continued global violation of human rights by accusing the one and only country in the world that eliminated terrorism with a firm determination to save the country and its people from a terrorism that seemed to have taken root.

It is rare that the developing countries in the world which are kept in a stage of development by the concerted effort of the developed countries of the West could spear forward into development . The difficulties are enhanced by the internal friction between political parties, individuals and groups most often sponsored by the West to keep an on going conflict within developing countries to thwart their development.

The West has several reasons for this unethical, cruel and inhuman interference into developing countries to keep them poor, under developed and dependent on the West. Firstly it is to maintain the world political power balance in their favour, secondly it is for economic reasons such as keeping a healthy economy through development loans-called aid, sale of military products, and attracting intellectual man power into their own countries.

The migrant workers besides being a politically attractive floating vote at elections, even though disliked for their visual difference, are yet economically beneficial to them in being employed in unskilled lower level employment from which the whites shy away.

The diplomats the West post into developing countries are selected perhaps for their meanness and ability to sink below their diplomatic status to use their position to interfere into the internal affairs of the countries. We saw that happening during the course of the terrorism, and we see it now after terrorism, when the government is going ahead with a highly appreciable process of development, thanks to countries like China, Japan,India, Iran, Korea etc.

We still find the diplomats from America, Germany, Canada and Britain accusing our government , armed forces, refusing visas of entry into their countries to our government officials or Parliamentarians, and making awards to journalists and all those individuals working against our people and the government.

America had always been a reactionary force having done nothing to promote the under privileged sections even of their own population, to rise from their situation. The American Indians whose rights they usurped to build a Nation of their own have been decimated and dispersed so that they can never unite to fight for their rights and privileges.

And yet Robert o’Blake example of a retrograde Individual, a shameless seeker of a non existent National pride, dares warn Sri Lanka that it could be hauled before a war crimes tribunal for killing of many thousands of civilians in the final months of its war with the Tamil rebels. This individual Robert O’Blake a shame on the new Obama Administration, had always been a terrorists sympathiser and still continues to call the terrorists of Sri Lanka “the rebels”.

Robert Blake is a pretentious representative of the racist American Republicans. He is still smarting from the refusal of the President and the Government of Sri Lanka to take his advice to resort to a political solution for the terrorists problem rather than a military one.

It is the American administrators like him that is making it difficult for the President Barrack Obama to carry out a different Administrative policy from those of the aggressive white dominated American Administrations of the past.

When President Barrack Obama was elected , every one expected an American policy change. But unfortunately nothing remarkable either in the American Foreign Policies or home policies has still taken place. It is fundamentally because the Obama Administration is still working with the individuals like Robert O’Blake who are following the former policies of the Republican and Bush Administration.

The Secretary of the State Department may have had more experience as she claimed than Barrack Obama but she was unable to evaluate people who were to work for an America for which Barrack Obama had promised new hope.

All the political hotspots in which America is involved with to-day are of America’s own making. Iraq , Afghanistan, and now the countries of the Middle East which are in a political turmoil. It has not been able to settle any problem with Cuba, Korea, Iran or even with Pakistan. But it keeps on accumulating more.

It was reported in the International Herald Tribune how America is using the Internet to make an example of the uprising of the people in the Middle East to create such an uprising in China by demanding people in China to gather at a certain street every day at the same time to discuss political matters.

In Sri Lanka there is no real problem into which the American Administration should now “ barge” into warning about “hauling it before a war crime tribunal.” Sri Lanka had got rid of a thirty year long terrorism and is trying to build the country and bring the Nation together in its own way.

But Robert O’Blake does not want Sri Lanka to enjoy the peace it has atlas gained after many years of suffering and great many sacrifices.

One cannot understand why America and the West want to haul Sri Lanka before a war crime tribunal just for what took place at the last phase of the military operations against terrorism, over looking what ruthless terror had continued for thirty long years before that and for which the terrorists ( whom Robert Blake calls”rebels”) were totally responsible ?

It was at the last phase of the second World War in 1945 that America dropped the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and the people are still suffering from the effect of it.

Was there any one who carried a White flag ? Did the American Generals who ordered the dropping of the bombs pay heed to any humanitarian call of mercy ? Who should be hauled before a military crime tribunal ? Is it still Sri Lanka or the United States of America ?

The old American tactics of creating unrest in countries to eventually make regime changes we had seen in Iran during the time of Mossadeque , Nicaragua, Guatamala, Vietnam, Panama, Chile seem to have been re vitalised once again in different ways. Is that the new hope for the world Barrack Obama promised when he was elected the 44th President of United States of America ?

Sri Lanka has not only got rid of a long harrowing experience of a ruthless terrorism that lasted thirty long years , but it has also re-settled 300,000 IDPs. It has resettled the IDPs in their old homes and the areas devastated by terrorism have been re-constructed and re-organised.

It’s old” veterans” the Armed Forces have been re-employed posting them into new development programmes. And those disabled, the families of those who had died in action are being taken care of. None of them are without homes.

But Robert O”Blake could you say the same thing of your Veterans who fought for the USA in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere ?

Obviously , you cannot, because , on the 8 March,2011, on Diane Rhine Radio talk show, professor Joseph Collins of American University, Washington D.C, USA said that, "There are 107,000 homeless war veterans, as per today's count in USA. They sleep under Bridges and shopping malls etc…..”. Do we have any Sri Lankan war veterans begging in the streets? No , We have none, for they have been well provided, they are respected and they are our heroes.

Robert Blake if you still have any self-respect left in you, it is better that you drop following the Tamil diaspora and keep warning Sri Lanka that it would be hauled before a war crime tribunal and turn your mind to do some thing more valuable and positive for those people who are “still living “ and are trying to forget the past sufferings to create a new world where every one could live happily.

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