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Terrorists carrying white flags if there had been any, were still treacherous terrorists- white flags a ruse- Geneva convention does not extend to

The Tamil Diaspora which aided and abetted terrorism should not be allowed to use their blood money to buy American or Australian Lawyers to make a travesty of the Law by accusing the Sri Lanka government armed forces, the President or Sri Lanka diplomats for the “supposed” killing of white flag carrying terrorists. The Geneva Convention of 1949 did not foresee the menace of terrorism, though it has provided for “rebels”. And rebels are different from terrorist.

The rebels attack only the armed forces of a government, government institutions and government installations. They will not kidnap children to force them into the rebellion. The rebels do not antagonise the people but seek their help and support for their cause.

Therefore, no court of law worthy of its name , which would define terrorism going on the evidence of ruthless assassinations, massacres, and method of terror that had been used and going by those Nations who on evidence before them have banned a group of persons as terrorist will seek to absolve them of their crimes even if some of them carrying white flags had been shot by the Armed Forces of a democratic government.

But on the other hand all those who aids and abets terrorists in their terrorist activities and continue to perpetuate terrorism after it has ended by accusing those who eliminated terrorism are legally liable for the crimes committed by the terrorists, and are responsible for those who had suffered from terrorism.

Therefore it is not those who eliminated terrorism that should be accused for war crimes, but those terrorist front organisations of the Tamil diaspora who morally and financially contributed support for the crimes committed by the terrorists. They- the Tamil diaspora now active accusing the Democratic Government of Sri Lanka and it’s Armed Forces, should also be condemned in law to pay compensation for those who suffered under terrorism.

Terrorism is a scourge that has to be eliminated completely so that their would not be a remnant from which it could come back to life again. Terrorism is a danger to a Nation that suffers from it. The other Nations that do not suffer from it will fail to understand the depth of suffering caused to that nation affected by terrorism.

The causes that give rise to terrorism cannot be completely removed . They may often be in the nature of social “ailments”, such as racial, economic or religious discriminations. Those will continue to exist in different ways as long as the humanism exits with its attachments, aversions and delusions.

But those who use those incidences of “discrimination” to take up arms and cause terror putting into danger the lives of people, causing social and material destruction in different ways are a greater danger as they could destabilise a whole people, societies and a nation. Therefore it is they who should be eliminated completely and absolutely. Even their tombstones, houses and related objects should not be kept to remind of the scourge of terrorism lest it may rise up again. We saw recently how the ashes of the burnt body of Prabhakaran’s mother was used to enflame the sentiments of the Tamil people. One can therefore imagine how it would have been if the three terroristrs who were supposed to have come with white flags would have been allowed to live.

The West, the way they make awards and give medals to all those journalists, politicians and terrorist supporters, would have made heroes of the “ white-flag trio” to revive the terrorism which for them would have been the revival of “freedom fighting rebels”

Hitler wanted to eliminate Jews, but Jews will always be there, but it is the human maniacs like Hitlers that should not be there, and eliminated from where ever they come. Al Qaeda wants to destroy non believers of a fundamentalist God head. But the non believers will always be there, but it is the fanatics that cause human misery that should be eliminated.

Majorities and minorities will always be there in a country with their dissentions and disagreements but it is those who take to terrorism to solve the problems of minorities and majorities that should be eliminated.

Therefore, the white flag episode that the Tamil diaspora has revived to keep the terrorism alive ” too has to be stopped, and for that all peace loving people who are against any form of terrorism in the so called democratic West should rise up against these attempts to revive terrorism.

Bruce Fein is an Attorney, he should know despite the lucrative “briefs “ , that terrorism should not be revived in any form, ( perhaps he was also one of those who believed terrorists did not exist and they were only “freedom fighters”). In Europe, there are those who try to revive Nationalism of the extreme right denying that Hitler’s holocaust ever existed and that it was only a myth.

But if Bruce Fein is a man of principles, he would advice his “clients” that it is they who are liable to be prosecuted for the crimes committed by the terrorists for having aided and abetted them before their elimination and keeping terrorism alive now hoping one day to recommence terrorism to set up Prabhakaran’s dream of a Tamil Homeland.

Now let us see how this White Flag episode has been made an issue to discredit a government that eliminated the scourge of ruthless terrorism which for thirty years ate into the visceral of a nation .

The representatives of the governments of the West who were entertained by the cunning terrorists when ever they visited the terrorist controlled Kilinochchi, treated them as “rebels “ seeking emancipation from a repressive government. Finally when the government eliminated terrorism to allow the people at last to live free without fear of terrorism after thirty years of suffering, the West treated the government and its Armed Forces as “war criminals” as they had accepted the terrorists as “rebels” or “ freedom fighters ”.

For thirty years Sri Lanka suffered under unimaginable ruthless terrorism. The terrorists killed who they want, when they want, and where ever they want. The Government of Sri Lanka, manipulated by a Norwegian Mediating Mission, had been forced into signing a Cease Fire Agreement with the Terrorists, and remained helpless in the face of systematic assassination of Presidents, Ministers, Government Officials, Military Officers, Policemen and massacres of innumerable numbers of civilians –men women and children of all Communities . The terrorists assassinated among thousands of others, an incumbent President (Ranasinghe Premadasa), a Foreign Minister (Lakshman Kadirgamar), an Opposition Leader (Gamini Dissanayake), attempted to assassinate a President ( Chandrika Kumaratunga), assassinated an Indian leader (Rajiv Gandhi), assassinated the TULF leader A. Amirthalingam, and a dissenting Tamil Politician Dr. Neelan Tiruchelvam––

They were very cunning and entertained foreign visitors with exemplary hospitality ( reserving their ruthlessness to the government and to the people ), such that they failed to understand or refused to understand why the Government which was dominantly Sinhala treated them with such dislike.

The Western visitors to terrorist controlled Kilinochchi who were unable to understand the political, cultural and social complexities of the different countries of the world other than their own, readily gulped lock, stock and barrel the stories the terrorists who while entertaining them right royally to lobsters and crabs washed down with cold beer , related about the discrimination they as the Tamil minority had to suffer under the Sinhala majority governments who denied them their civil and political liberties, health and education facilities and did not recognise their language and religion.

Hence these Western visitors including Japanese delegate Yasushi Akashi thought the Tamil youth led by Prabhakaran were “ not terrorists” as the Sinhala majority calls them but freedom fighters seeking to find their rightful place away from the dominating Sinhala majority. Chicago Congressman Danny Davis was one who believes that the Tamil Community was kept as slaves by the Sinhala majority and that Prabhakaran and his followers were mere freedom fighters wrongly accused as “terrorists

The NGO’s who had “infested” the terrorist controlled areas in Sri Lanka in great numbers, took up the cause of the terrorists ( their rebels) in their countries in USA, UK etc. starting Human Rights Organisations, bringing in the Amnesty International, ICRC and the Western Media, BBC, Boston Times , Herald Tribune etc. and began their business of helping the Sri Lanka “ Freedom fighters” to set up a separate Eelam State away from the Sinhala Majority.

Simaltaneously, they began a campaign of “violation of human rights “ against the Tamil minority by the Sinhala Majority Government bringing into it the UNHRC. In the mean time the Tamil Diaspora in different foreign countries USA, UK, Canada, Australia and Netherlands, who were gathering funds to finance the terrorism in Sri Lanka , had enough funds to spare to keep the Western Human Rights activist NGOs employed full time to give publicity to their cause.

They were also helped locally by an unfriendly anti government press more significantly the Sunday Leader led by an editor belonging to an Evangelist Church late Lasantha Wickramaratne. His wife Sonali Samarasinghe damaged further the image of Sri Lanka in the West, accusing the Government of Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse as responsible for the assassination of her husband.

The case of the assassination of Lasantha Wickramaratne was taken up by the International Federation of Journalists to accuse the government for the repression of media freedom in Sri Lanka. The Commander of the Armed Forces Sarath Fonseka was accused as a putative killer of the late Editor of the Sunday Leader .

These events falling one after the other helped the American NGOs who were Organising Human Rights Activists to rope in American Senators, and even Judges, and UK and Canadian Ministers and MPs to take up the cause of the their “ freedom fighters”.

In the mean time the ruthless terrorists while showing their “ rebel face” to the West massacred our own people mercilessly, blasting claymore bombs in busses, trains , crowded market places. They targeted Ministers and other government officials with human suicide bombs. They raided isolated villages, and farms and hacked to death men, women and children. All this terror was perpetrated while the Western human right activists painted them as poor discriminated Tamil minority “rebels” fighting the evil Sinhala majority for their political and civil liberties.

But the Tamils like Veerasingham Anandasangaree the UNESCO laureate-the winner of Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance and Non-Violence, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu and others who knew of the suffering of the Tamil people under Prabhakaran’s terrorism did not speak up to change the Western misconception of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Hence when the President of Sri Lanka Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse who was elected into office in 2005 came with the determination to rid the country of terrorism, that had then lasted nearly 25 years causing immense suffering to the people and stopped any development to the country, he found that Sri Lanka was left on its own with a few friendly Nations like China, Russia, Pakistan, and Israel along side it to fight the terrorists to the end.

India which had suffered the loss of one of its very promising Prime Ministers Rajive Gandhi to a human suicide bomb of the Sri Lanka terrorists was a reluctant friend neither close nor distant, despite the fact that India knew that it was in its own interest to rid of terrorism in “next door” Sri Lanka.

With the Western Governments’ inconsistency with the Sri Lanka’s terrorist reality, it was not surprising that the West was reluctant to accept Sri Lanka’s military solution to terrorism. They therefore insisted on a political solution which was taken up by the local Tamil politicians and the opposition political parties led by UNP who were peddling the Western line.

But as there was no political solution possible with the terrorists who were opposed to a negotiated peace settlement despite the President’s sincere effort to pursue peace negotiations , the President Mahinda Rajapakse was left with no alternative but with the backing of his government to launch a military operation which finally eliminated terrorism for good from Sri Lanka in May, 2009.

But the West influenced by the large Tamil diaspora, rich with the funds it had collected for the terrorists in Sri Lanka, and a significant voting population in different constituencies in their countries, decided to claim that the military operation against the Sri Lanka terrorists was a war crime. Hence, they still continue to harass the Sri Lanka Government, its President its Ambassadors, and its Armed Forces with threat of legal proceedings for war crimes.

Added to this was the unfortunate circumstances that the Commander of the Army during the Military operations against the terrorists turned against the President and the Government for still unknown reasons either manipulated or through fear of revelation of unknown “secrets” the Commander of Armed Forces may have committed during his office, decided to contest the President Mahinda Rajapakse at the Presidential Election for his second term of Office as President.

The assassination of Lasantha Wickramaratne attributed to the Commander of the Armed Forces was made an occasion by the unscrupulous Editor Frederica Jansz of the late Lasantha Wickramaratne’s paper the Sunday leader to take revenge from Sarath Fonseka during his Presidential election campaign to question him at an interview as to who gave the order to shoot three terrorists who came with white flags to surrender to the army.

In that interview Frederica Jansz alleged that the Presidential candidate Sarath Fonseka had said that he had heard that the order to shoot the three white flag carrying terrorists was given by the Defence Secretary to a Brigadier in the field. This statement was published in the Sunday Leader, but the Sarath Fonseka immediately denied making such a statement , but unfortunately the damage had already been done.

This was food for the Western anti Sri Lanka front to litterally suck the blood out of the President and Government of Sri Lanka. The Late Lasantha Wickramaratne , his wife Sonali Samarasinghe and Fredirica Janzs with their calumnious Sunday Leader made a wildfire of the already burning embers left in the West with the elimination of terrorists of Sri Lanka. These three are the worst traitors of our country after the brutal terrorists- that ate into the very bones of our country, and its people with the thirty years of their terrorism.

In the mean time accusations of the Government of Sri Lanka continue to come from various terrorist front groups, and the latest from some Australia based pro-terrorist groups requesting the International Criminal Court in Geneva to investigate one of our very respected diplomats Dr. Palitha Kohana for his part in the murder of the white flag carrying terrorists.

The three flag carrying terrorists, which is very likely a concocted story to discredit the armed forces, may have been killed as carrying white flags do not exonerate them from the crimes for which they were responsible as terrorists. And if such shootings had taken place , it was not the responsibility of the President of Sri Lanka, the Defence Secretary, the Diplomats, the Brigadiers cited or the Armed forces.

The “licence” for the elimination of all terrorists whatever flags they were said to have been carrying or not was given by the people of Sri Lanka. The President Mahinda Rajapakse was elected at a democratic Presidential election on his election manifesto in which he had promised the people to eliminate terrorism from Sri Lanka.

The people who had already suffered for over 25 years under a ruthless terrorism was living in fear not knowing where the terrorist will blast their next bomb and was willing to do any thing to see an end to the terrorism that had been unleashed by Prabhakaran and his terrorist cohorts.

And when Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse presented his election manifesto at the Presidential elections majority of the voters elected him to eliminate the terrorists “some how”. The President thus kept to his promise and eliminated terrorism for good. The people cared less how the terrorism would end , they merely wanted an end to it.

Hence if any body is responsible for the elimination of the sum total of terrorists, it was the people, the Sinhala, the Tamil, the Muslim and the others who voted to elect Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse as the President to carry out his manifesto in which he had promised to eliminate terrorism. Therefore if the Tamil diaspora wants to accuse any one for the “murders” it should be the millions of voters they have to cite to the International Criminal Court.

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