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Hillary Clinton should not have discussed Sri Lanka’s internal affairs with a Chief Minister of an Indian State harbouring supporters of Sri Lanka Terrorists banned in USA.

League of Nation was set up immediately after the second world war to stop  military confrontation  of Nations against nations, and instead to provide a world forum where differences between nations could be  resolved in dialogue. 

Later on as more and more countries became Independent from colonial rule, the League of Nations was replaced by the UNO, still with the same noble intention to allow Nations to settle their  differences in dialogue in the forum of Nations where all  Nations met as equal members of the UNO.

But to-day despite the good intention of the “fathers” of the League of Nations, the rich and powerful Nations have bloated their  status of equality  in the UNO, taking over the responsibility to decide for   smaller and weaker Sovereign States as to how they should conduct their internal affairs, and determine their  continued existence as independent Sovereign Sates, stepping over the UNO and its Security Council as a forum of dialogue between Nations. 

The President of the USA George Bush waged war against  Iraq, President Barrack Obama let the USA Armed Forces  enter the Sovereign State of Pakistan to murder a terrorist leader without consulting the Government of Pakistan. 

President Nicolas Sarkozy, unilaterally recognized a group of  Libyans as the Provisional Government of Libya and waged war against the Sovereign State of Libya abusing the sanction of the UN Security Council  to control the air space of Libya, in s despicable “war” into which USA and UK joined in  using NATO forces to continue bombardments killing  unaccounted numbers of Civilians.

USA,UK,and France harass the Government of Sri Lanka  for having  rid itself of a ruthless terrorists that for thirty years hampered its development, murdered , and massacred  its people, gunned downed or blasted using suicide bombers its Ministers and Intellectuals. UNO has been taken over by these powerful Nations to stamp with authority their unilateral decisions to interfere, accuse and wage war against the poor  and defenseless Member States of the UNO, such as Sri Lanka.

In the mean time several Human Rights Organisations- Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Crisis Group issue directives directly to Sovereign State without consulting the governments of their countries or even taking prior sanction from the UNSC.  India, USA,UK, France send their Foreign Ministers, interfering into the activities of these governments , and give uncalled for instructions as to what a Government should do and not do. 

In this situation it is pertinent to pose the question as who is in control?  Does the UNO exist any more for the purpose for which it was initially established ?

It is understandable that Nations establish relations with one another to discuss there own problems and how they could act in coordination to settle their differences and discuss Trade, Culture , Security Measures and their own Political Secrets among themselves. 

But such meetings  should not be made an occasion to discuss matters relating to a third Nation in its absence, and issue directives or make uncalled for comments and observations other than by direct contact with that third Nation.  Such interference is an offence against the third Nation. 

If there are differences of opinion about the “ affairs” of the third Nation, they should be referred to the Security Council of the UNO through its Secretary General, if they do not wish to have direct contacts themselves with that third Nation.

In this regard Hillary Clinton the Secretary of State of USA, who visited India had made it the occasion to discuss internal matters relating to Sri Lanka not with the Central Government of India but with the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu who is a known supporter of  terrorism in Sri Lanka and harbours within the State, Politicians who openly assisted the terrorists of Sri Lanka, and continue to promote terrorism in Sri Lanka with the Tamil terrorist  supportive Sri Lanka expatriates. The Sri Lanka Terrorists were banned in USA and 36 other Western Nations.

The Government of Sri Lanka carried out a military operations against the terrorists  who had  taken control of territories in the North and East of the country, and eliminated them rescuing at the same time over 300,000 thousand Tamil Civilians, forced by the terrorists to leave their villages to serve them-the terrorists  as a human shield in their artillery fire against Sri Lanka Armed Forces. 

These 300,000 Tamil civilians were made IDPs by the terrorists by using force against them.  The Sri Lanka Government single handed without the help of any other Nation not only rescued the poor Tamil IDPs from the clutches of the terrorists but settled them temporarily in camps until the terrorists were wiped out and personal mines buried in the areas  where they were living before their “forced displacement” were removed to re-settle them in those areas.

Hillary Clinton US Sate Secretary speaking to Jayaram Jayalalitha the Chief Minister  had  said it was reported, “…..voiced concern over the plight of Internally Displaced Persons in Sri Lanka and said United States was looking at some innovative and creative ideas to break the impasse over the Sri Lankan Tamils issue.  She had further said   that, «  ….US was looking at enabling Sri Lankan Tamils in camps get back to their own homes. »

Reading that statement  any one who knows the ground situation in Sri Lanka would know that the US State Secretary had been talking through “her hat”.   If she was  really keen to know the situation she should have consulted the US Ambassador  Patricia Butenis in Sri Lanka. 

Because, on the same day (Wednesday, 20 July) that  Hillary Clinton displayed her ignorance to please Jayaram Jayalalitha by making that wild statement,  the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka Patricia Butenis issued to News the following Statement, “… thanks to the efforts of the Sri Lankan army and Sri Lankan and international demining organizations, large swaths of the north and east of the country are now cleared of mines…….The Ambassador said that once the remaining areas are also cleared of mines then the civilians who are yet to return home, two years after the war in Sri Lanka came to an end, can finally be resettled. »

It shows the arrogance, and  lack of  diplomacy of the US State Secretary not to have consulted the US Ambassador in Sri Lanka before meeting  Jayaram Jayalalitha to display her ignorance  to please Jayalalitha a terrorist loving  anti Sri Lanka Chief Minister .

Jayalalitha  in her turn boasted to Hillary Clinton  of her  bogus generosity to Sri Lanka Tamils  « While discussing the issue of Sri Lankan refugees in Tamil Nadu, Jayalalitha told Hillary they have been provided all facilities that were available to local citizens. »

But with regard to the Tamil in Sri Lanka and the  IDPs, from what I know Tamil Nadu State has not spent a « dime » for the welfare of the Tamil people of North and East of Sri Lanka, nor had it provided any assistance to the IDPs  during the most  difficult period  immediately after the elimination of terrorists.

On the contrary Tamil Nadu was helping and giving moral support to  the terrorists of Sri Lanka,  and Vaiko and Nadumaran Member of the Tamil Nadu  State government  said they would  even enter Sri Lanka to help the terrorists.

But Hillary Clinton does not know, that it was the Sinhala people in the South of Sri Lanka who sent food packets , clothes, soap, tooth brushes, medicine IDPs, when they were in need.

Sri Lanka since Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa  was elected President,  undertook many vast projects and planned and carried out them on its own.  The most daring  of the projects was the elimination of terrorism that had lasted 30 years and no one  believed that terrorism could be eliminated from Sri Lanka.

The Second  greatest project was the settlement of 300,000 IDPs displaced by the ruthless terrorists, first settling them in temporary camps and the demining of the areas held by the terrorists and resettling the IDPs in their original homes. 

The Government is taking measures to resettle 7,156 IDPs at the Kadirgamar relief village and 9,132 IDPs at the Ananda Kumaraswamy relief village in Vavuniya, by the end of the year.  It has already re settled 243,787 displaced persons in their respective villages.

The delay is due to the demining of the areas where the IDPs are to be resettled. “ The Sri Lanka Army has  said,  it has now entered a difficult stage in its demining program as troops begin to enter terrain with constrains.

Army spokesman Major General Ubaya Medawala said that the government has so far cleared 358,588 mines from a 3971 square kilometer area in the north.

The army spokesman said that only around 300 square kilometers of land remains to be cleared of mines and once that is complete the remaining war displaced can be resettled. ”
That is the position with regard to the   re-settlement of the remaining IDPs which seem to irk Obama Administration as voiced by the US State Secretary. 
The Government of Sri Lanka is well equipped “ with innovative ideas”. As it had eliminated the terrorists with out the help of US State Department and despite the difficulties caused by the US lead anti Sri Lanka lobby of Western Countries to stop the Government of Sri Lanka from eliminating the terrorists, the  Sri Lanka Government and the Armed Forces will also   bring the Tamil people of the North and East into the main  political stream of Sri Lanka and settle any existing ethnic problems.

Therefore the Sri Lanka Government  needs no “ innovative and creative ideas  to reconcile the communities and get Sri Lankan Tamils in IDP camps  back to their own homes. ” , from the State Department of USA

The best thing the Obama Administration could do to Sri Lanka is to leave Sri Lanka alone and refuse to listen to the pro terrorist Tamils of the diaspora living in America, because they contribute to President Obama’s presidential campaign. These pro-terrorist expatriate Tamils in America  know nothing of what is going on in Sri Lanka.

The Obama Administration should stop  accusing the President of Sri Lanka and its Armed Forces on the false information given to it by the pro terrorist expatriate Tamils living in America ,  and faked  Video clips  of UK Channel 4 presented  at their initiative.

Hillary Clinton the USA State Secretary  instead of speaking without having substantial information, could have made  a visit to Sri Lanka to see for herself the ground situation with regard to the IDPs, and the great development projects under taken by the government in the areas in the North and East where the IDPs have been resettled. 

With regard to accountability, the Obama administration should in the first instance  consider the terrible deaths and torture committed by its own Armed Forces, in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, torture and prisoner abuse in Abu Ghraib,  the torture Camps of Guantanamore , and the killing Civilians “for fun” by  the American Killer Team in Afghanistan.

Then having considered its own unaccounted “war crimes”, stop accusing the  Sri Lanka Armed Forces for war crimes calling for  accountability,  and allow Sri Lanka develop into a happy healthy multi-ethnic Nation, for which the Obama Administration should  assist in kind and not by leveling accusations.

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