Friday, 1 July 2011

Over looking NATO’s Killing Fields in Libya, UN warns Sri Lanka of action in absence of probe.

It is strange that an ineffective UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon , submissive to the “powerful” , who lacked imagination to seek for the UNO an independent path of excellence in dispute management of its Member States, is being propelled back into the seat of leadership for a second period.

The coming years promise yet another period of UNO’s descent into another insignificant period of existence as an Organization expected to maintain peace in the world , but incapable to negotiate to stop political confrontations between Member States, stop interference by the powerful Member States into the affairs of Sovereign Member States of developing countries, and incompetent to forestall the International Community aiding and abetting ,interposing their own Organizations- like the NATO to destabilize and destroy other Member Sovereign States on the pretext of aiding rebels forces to dispose of ruling governments , or governments not obedient to their dictates.

Sri Lanka, under ordinary circumstances following Ban Ki Moons unexpected move to appoint an investigation panel, following the dictates of the anti Sri Lanka Countries of the West and perhaps also to pressure from LTTE Tamil Diaspora, should have been the first to have opposed Ban Ki Moon’s re-election as the UN Secretary General. But however undeserving seems the support of the Government of Sri Lanka to Ban Ki Moon, we have to bow down as the ways of diplomacy is difficult to imagine.

However, true to UN’s unaccountable inefficacy is its Commissioner of Human Rights, a Tamil woman Navineetham Pillay, who favouring her “kind” -the terrorist sympathizing Tamil LTTE diaspora has thought it appropriate to « warn Sri Lanka not to take too long in probing war crimes allegations, saying failure to carry out a credible inquiry could lead to international action. », which she hopes would come with the Sanction of the UN Security Council, as it is happening in Libya.

As usual UNHCHR Navi Pillay, working under the stewardship of Ban Ki Moon , who sees only the human rights violations in Sri Lanka, removed from the Agenda, the Bharain’s case of torture and human rights violations which was included to be taken up at the last Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva on 4 June,2011, despite as reports say that , “….The Islamic Human Rights Commission held an emergency meeting at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to discuss the crisis in Bahrain. The rights group urged the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navi Pillay, to send a fact-finding mission to Bahrain to investigate abuses. ».

But she conveniently turned a deaf ear to the call of the Bharain’s rights group, and turns to Sri Lanka to makes a strong statement as if to satisfy her “pay masters”

She had said , that "…There is now a high level of expectations expressed by member states that Sri Lanka should seriously inquire into these allegations of prisoner executions and assaults. But this should not be an open-ended process," . She had stressed that a previous Sri Lankan internal inquiry "failed to complete its task, never published its report and never led to a single prosecution.", and warned, "If that should be the case again, there is an intention for the international community to take further action. I certainly believe that the Human Rights Council should actively consider this matter."

These are very strong words indeed. It must be giving her a great pleasure of importance to command the Government of Sri Lanka in these terms expecting it to accept them without a whimper.

What really is wrong with Navineetham Pillay, and the other Western interferers ? Are they blind and deaf or are they in another planet, not to see or hear of the on going unpitying massacres taking place in Libya and warn NATO to stop immediately its war crimes in Libya ?

In Sri Lanka an efficient Government with a well organized action plan had divided the tasks of the elimination of the thirty year old terrorists menace, and carrying out at the same time infrastructure development projects between the Armed forces and the civil administration. Its Armed Forces successfully eliminated the ruthless terrorism, while many infrastructure projects were successfully carried out in the South and in the areas liberated from the terrorists in the North by the civil administration.

In the mean time, considerable effort is underway, for the reconciliation of the different communities and settle the internally displaced people in the North and the East. The Armed Forces now relieved from their military functions are deployed to carry out both technical and agricultural development projects .

The Government has despite its large human, material and financial losses made considerable progress in creation of employment and economic developments bringing the country from a developing status to a middle income country status showing a 8 percent economic growth. Sri Lanka is now one of the fast developing countries in the world.

But when the country awakened after a thirty years of suffering under a ruthless terrorism that kept the country backward and under developed , and began to advance with its progressive development projects, another “terrorism” , in the form of a UN Secretary Generals Investigation Panel accusing Sri Lanka for crimes in the process of elimination of terrorism, Navi Pillay’s warnings and threats, and constant “barking” of the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International et al to revive the terrorism in Sri Lanka with the help of the terrorist front Organizations of the Sri Lanka LTTE diaspora, is barring its progress.

This threat of “ international terrorism of sorts “ coming from the West threatening to take Sri Lanka- the only country that was able to free itself of a terrorism that had eaten into its “flesh” – before a war tribunal, accused for war crimes in the course of the elimination of terrorism and threatening it with dire consequences , “ if such inquiries are not carried out, and warning of the intention of the international community to take further action, is indeed a case of flogging a dead horse.

It is past history that the UNHCHR and the rest of the International Community are trying to rake up while countless number of Civilians are being killed every day in Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan by the very people forcing Sri Lanka to leave aside its development projects and reconciliation efforts, to inquire into its past which it has finished with.

Instead of wasting her time with Sri Lanka and its past, UNHCHR Navi Pillai should now investigate into what is happening in Libya today. Libya is the present “killing Field of the NATO Forces.” . The UNSecurity Council only sanctioned the control of air space over Libya. But the Americans, French, UK, and Canadian armed forces not only continue relentless bombardments, but UK, France and Italy have sent military liaison officers to support the rebel army on the ground in Libya.

Two days ago France even dropped arms to rebels “ making it the first country to announce that it has armed rebel forces”. What are the Members of the UN Security Council waiting for without stopping further massacres in Libya in an unsanctioned war by the NATO Forces ?

John.F. Burns reports in International Herald Tribune of the 22nd June,2011 that two senior officers of the British Forces have warned Cameron “ that the British Forces will come under heavy strain if the air operations continue indefinitely”, to which Cameron had quipped “ you do the fighting and I’ll do the talking.”

The report reads, “.. Originally envisaged as lasting weeks rather than months , the air campaign is now into its forth month. It has seen NATO conduct nearly 12,000 air missions over Libya about one third of them involving strikes by bombs or missiles…”

Further on in the report it is stated “…in recent days by two NATO strikes that, for the first time since NATO took over command of the air operations from the United States on March, 31, appeared to have caused significant number of civilian casualties. The first of those strikes , in the early hours of Sunday, struck what Libyan Officials said was an apartment building in Tripoli, killing nine people, including women and children. NATO issued a statement acknowledging that “ one weapon” intended for a military missile site had missed its target as a result of “ a weapons system failure” and regretting the civilian loss of life.”

Well United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, do’nt you think, that you have got your priorities wrong in trying to repeatedly flog Sri Lanka for a successful military operation that eliminated terrorism two years ago threatening to take its Armed Forces to a military tribunal for war crimes , while you ignore the massacre of civilians almost every day in Libya ?

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