Monday, 4 July 2011

A reply to Suresh Premachandran of the TNA

The TNA Mps were hatched from the eggs laid by terrorist suprimo Prabhakaran. They cackled for the terrorists from the beginning being the spokesmen of the terrorists. They represented the terrorists and not the ordinary Tamils. It was through that fear of the terrorists that the Tamil people in the North may have voted for the TNA.

Though they keep strutting about cooing to all and mighty anti Sri Lankans and terrorist diaspora, they cannot give lessons to the government of Sri Lanka as they are still not the popularly acclaimed representatives of the Tamil people.

What can we expect from Suresh Premachandran and the rest of the TNA cacklers who had even gone to demand Russia and China not to help Sri Lanka ? Do the Tamil people see in them patriots of Sri Lanka or just divisive elements still speaking with the voice of Prabhakaran to set up Prabhakaran’s Eelam State.

It is the Tamils like Suresh Premachandrans that the Sri Lankans detest, because they are not a unitary forces, but divisive elements. They are and will never be true patriots of Sri Lanka therefore the ordinary Tamil people must beware of them. A Tamil friend of mine said that all Tamils have in them this feeling of intense Tamilness, and that it is this feeling that make them keep themselves apart from the other communities. Therefore they would like to have their own Eelam State. It is this inner sentiment of the ordinary Tamil people the Suresh Premachandran and his TNA clique are trying to exploit.

Eventually the Tamil people may understand that after all the Sinhala people with their Buddhist culture are far more human and do not distinguish the difference between one community and the other, which is by the way is also the weakness of the Sinhala Buddhists.

It is that inane Buddhistness of the President Mahinda Rajapakse that has spurred his indefatigable effort to develop the North and East with out differentiating it from the rest of the country. It is his Buddhist cultural bringing up that make him act with equanimity taking all the people of Sri Lanka as his own people.

Could we expect Suresh Premachandran and his TNA Clique to show that standard of human love and affection to their own people, let alone the people of other Communities ? All they want is political power so that they could be the masters of the underpriviledged Tamil people who ask for ordinary right to education, health , housing and a respectable living standard like the rest of the people of Sri Lanka. They cannot eat political rights, and they cannot all be parliamentarians.

Prabhakaran wanted just a separate Eelam State, and refused all other approaches to settle the issue without the division of the country and he always backed out of those attempts making a farce of the so called “peace negotiations” mediated by Norwegians (who we now know are also war mongering hypocrites , who have finally joined the NATO Forces to bomb Libya).

In the same way the TNA Parliamentarians are also baking out of all reconciliation attempts of the government, as they are surely still with the LTTE terrorist rump of the diaspora.

Premachandran says that, "… we the TNA believe strongly that this PSC is a useless exercise by the government to delay presenting a solution to the Tamil people." And adds “when they look at the actions of the government the question arose as to whether the government was genuinely interested in solving the ethnic problem.”

They are incapable of evaluating good projects for the reconciliation and development of the country and an what are in effective bad projects. They have just a one track mind Eelam or no Eelam and therefore unimaginative to think out projects of development and bringing the Communities together, which is of a greater interest than the devolution of power to Tamil politician.

If they do not want to believe the genuine interest of the President Mahinda Rajapakse for the welfare of the country and his people it matters little whether they participate in the proposed PSC. Sri Lanka as well as the Tamil people can do without the TNA. Some of the Sinhala people already feel that the President is doing far too much for the development of the Tamil areas in the North and East.

Premachandran says, “ …."We are not talking about a separate state. We have been talking of the resolution of the Tamil problem and all that we ever ask for is "Self Rule for the Tamils ". What a lot of crap, they do not speak of separation but “Self Rule”. He must really be out of his nut to believe that the Sinhala people are fools to allow the government to hand out to them a self rule on a platter.

TNA were complaining some time back that the Soldiers disrupted one of their meetings in Jaffna. TNA should understand that the Sri Lanka Soldiers have every right to be vigilant specially about the TNA as it was these Soldiers that gave the Tamil people that freedom they are enjoying now for which the soldiers of the Armed forces have made greater sacrifice than the TNA MPs and the diaspora Tamils, who to date have not spent a cent in the construction projects or welfare of the Tamil people in the North or East.

The Sri Lanka Soldiers have a greater right -even more than that of the President himself to be vigilant and watch what the ungrateful Tamils like Premachandran are hatching behind the back of the Sinhala people. Because, if there were to be another terrorism it will be these soldiers who will give their lives to eliminate them and free our country even from the demon.

These Sinhala Soldiers will have to be stationed in greater numbers in the North and the East and the Tamil people will have to learn to live with them. It is the land they liberated from the ruthless terrorists, the terrorists who fathered Sambanthan, Premachandran and the rest.

Premachandran, the old Sampanthan and the rest of the TNA MPS should rather than trying to give lessons to the Government should get together for a greater effort of reconciliation of the communities bringing into it the LTTE terrorist diaspora with their ridiculous Government in exile or what ever, even with which they will never be accepted by the Tamil people of Sri Lanka despite the millions of dollars of their blood money they are spending to bring the President of Sri Lanka who has done more than any one for the welfare and the development of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka, before a tribunal.

Premachandran says that , “…Devolution is not something new to the World it has been proved to solve the problem in neighboring India, the United kingdom, Canada, Australia, Germany, Switzerland as well as many other countries.”

Sri Lanka is different from any of those countries he mentions, they give only lip service to democracy and freedom of the people while making themselves the “world police force and a Military Dictator ship” trying to destroy nations and people for their own political gain and political leadership of the world.

If they are given the chance they will bombard our country caring “two hoots” for the Tamil people or the others. For them we are different and we could be eliminated without compunction , which they are doing in Libya to Libyan people,saying they are protecting the Libyan people from Gaddafi.

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