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Why did Tamils of North and East voted for Terrorist proxy TNA, and Has White West a Divine Mission on Earth ?

The saddest day after the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka was the day  after the local government election  of the 23 July,2011, when the election  results of the  North and East of  Sri Lanka were announced.

When I wrote  two days before the election, that the Local Government elections of the North and East which would certainly be favourable to the Government, would finally settle  the incessant  interference of the  West to destabilise Sri Lanka  and accuse the Government Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes, a reader commented, «  No disrespect, but this is only wishful thinking. Just wait 2 days and you will see in the election result. »

The commentator  was correct, the Tamils of the North and East were not generous, but  were furious that terrorism had ended. It is sad , but the reality is that those who suffer get used to it as a way of existence, and fearing  the opposite of it prefer to continue  suffering without making an effort to surmount misery.

 What can  the TNA give the Tamils in North and East more than what the President Mahinda Rajapakse has already  given to them for their  comfort and wellbeing? 

A political devolution ?  Is that  what is most essential for the Tamils in the North and East ? or has the TNA got their priorities wrong ?

When the news of the end of terrorism was announced in the South the Sinhala people took to the streets to rejoice.  They were at last free , free of the fear of  exploding claymore bombs, and terrorist suicide bombers.  They could at last begin to live normal peaceful lives. They showed their gratitude to the President and the Armed Forces for giving them  this freedom from 30 years of  stress and fear.

But there was no such jubilant expression of freedom from the Tamils of the North and East after the elimination of terrorism.  But on the contrary instead of showing their  gratitude to the President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka there was criticism  of the President and his government , and  repeated demand to remove the  High Security Zones and complaints of the presence of the soldiers ( they had by now forgotten that it was these soldiers that rescued  hundreds of thousands of them from the grip of the terrorists)

In the case of the Tamils in the North and East voting to a party which is known to be a terrorist proxy demonstrate that they,  as Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu says,  despite the “…….. time and energy invested by the leading lights of the regime, the results must surely be seen as a repudiation of what they stand for and what they have done ». 

Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu say  that , « …These results need serious analysis by all political parties as an indication of the trajectory of politics to come . »  . Rather than making such an analysis as « an indication of the trajectory of politics to come », it should be made an occasion to understand  why this lack of gratitude, for a government that had removed the most disastrous evil terrorists, who had  for  thirty long years had made their lives  a torturous existence..

Gratitude is a characteristic of the Sinhala people derived from their Buddhist culture. The Buddha was an ordinary man –a Prince and his philosophy a human philosophy, which teaches the value of a human life.  As much as Buddhism teaches pervading of universal love to all living beings, it also teaches the importance of  compassion for the suffering of others. Hence to those who intervene to help the Sinhala people in their  moments of suffering, with a word of comfort or means to reduce  their suffering, they  show their gratitude.
But these qualities are absent in the Hindu culture, the Tamils are Hindus, worshipers of  God figures, which are not human but have only characteristics such as Ganesha remover of obstacles, Saraswathy  goddess of 

Wisdom, Brahma the Creator, Vishnu the preserver, Krishna the destroyer and so on.

Their form of worship is reciting of prayers, inflicting  pain and suffering on themselves through penances for the atonement of their sins.  Hence you find normal happy Hindu Tamils having no apparent ailment or any other form of suffering, inflict suffering on  themselves by hanging in a bullock cart  through hooks pierced into the skins of their  back taken all the way to Kataragama , rolling on craggy roads over stones and thorns , pierce the tongue with pointed instruments , and walking barefoot on red hot charcoal . 

They do all that through fear of god seeking atonement for their wrong doings.  Therefore gratitude is not a part of their religious culture, but fear and atonement of sins, distrust for those outside their race and religion, keeping the company of their likes seems to be their embedded Hindu characteristics.

Suffering for them is a sacred ritual.  Hence suffering under the iron boots of terrorists  must have been for the Tamils of the North and East a sacred privilege.  They had  even made Prabhakaran the terrorist their “thalaivar” a deity of their pantheon of Gods.  He was their sun God.

Therefore, elimination of terrorism was not to the liking of the Tamils of the North and East.  It  may have been  considered by them a sacrilege committed by the President of Sri Lanka and the Armed Forces.  Therefore, there is  no surprise they voted for the TNA Candidates at the Local  Government elections in preferences to the candidates of the UPFA- party responsible for the elimination of  the Sun God Prabhakaran.  They  therefore voted for the terrorists phantoms the TNA.

If these Tamils of the North and East who voted  TNA at the Local Government elections of the 23rd July,2011, were to have been  provided  a way out of their suffering  under the terrorists and installed in an environment of non suffering, they would have  still continued to  regret the past suffering under the terrorist as some “sacred divine favour” that had been forcefully taken away from them.  It was not to be as the President and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  through their compassion eliminated  the terrorists, for the greater good of the Country and all its people.

Their suffering under terrorists may have been  according to the Hindu religious culture they had inherited, “ a form of “holy suffering”.  They had deified  Prabhakaran the terrorist leader and his elimination at Nandikadal was a sacrilege committed by the President Mahinda Rajapakse and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, therefore they want to take revenge from the President.  That accounts for the overwhelming  victory of the TNA Candidates.

They are  all in it,  in the Hindu Culture, the big and the ordinary Tamils, those Tamils of the TNA, Navi Pillai, Radhika Coomaraswamy, D.B.S.Jeyaraj, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu, Pearl Thevanayagam, Sri Lanka Guardian , expatriate Tamil Community, they are all the worshippers of deified terrorist Prabhakaran.  They are therefore united to discredit Sri Lanka and get the Western anti Sri Lanka Countries to drag the President and the Sri Lanka Armed Forces before a tribunal accused for war crimes.

The TNA after its victory in the Local Government Elections had announced that, « … it would be impossible to reach a political solution and bring about lasting peace, justice and democracy in the North without the devolution of police and land powers. »

Their victory is no surprise due to the reasons detailed above, but they are going a little far  asking for police and land powers.   The TNA will not be able to give to the « ungrateful » Tamil  people in the North and East who voted for them, one hundredth of what the President Mahinda Rajapakse  and his Government have already given to these Tamil people, even if the «  police and land powers » were to be given to them.

The terrorist proxy TNA are not patriots, they are not there for unity , progress and development of the country, what they want is political power to “ lord” over the poor Tamil people dividing them according to their castes and keeping them under their thumbs. 

The poor Tamil people of the North and the East who have been brain washed  first by the terrorist for thirty long years and now by the TNA politicians do not care for political power, what they would ask if they could speak on their own is peace , education facilities for their children,  communicate  with  the government authorities in their own language, medical facilities, and better living conditions.

What the TNA,  according to its spokesman  Suresh Premachandra is happy about is that the victory had given them a stronger position to negotiate with the government at the ongoing talks. Suresh Premachandra boasts, « It’s unfortunate that the government has failed to understand fully and correctly the real  problems facing the Tamil community and their aspirations. I wonder whether the government even realises the impact of the TNA’s electoral victory. »

Here Premachandran speaks about the aspirations of the TNA and not those of the Tamil people of the North and East.  The Tamil people have been given what they aspire, after thirty years of  their suffering by the President of Sri Lanka and his government.  The President and the Government Armed Forces have been given freedom from fear of terrorism.  They have been given homes in the villages from which they were forcibly displaced by the terrorists.

Their villages which were mined by the terrorists have been made safe by removal of the mines by the President and his Government.  Their children have been found schools and they are attending schools provided by the Government of Sri Lanka.  They have been provided with facilities to carry out their profession as fishermen, farmers, traders , businessmen, government servants etc.

What more can the TNA give them ?   The Tamil people are in Sri Lanka in the North and the East, but the TNA is going all over India, speaking about the plight of the Tamil people, asking for Indian help, when the President of Sri Lanka and his government are organizing to make these Tamil people have better living conditions, have better transport facilities, access to fresh water, and electricity.

Yet another  Tamil pandit, Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu  also says, “Surely the message of the election result in the north and east is that economic development or the promise thereof, cannot be divorced or substituted for political rights. There is a deficit not just in terms of democracy and accountability, but also in terms of sincere commitment with respect to a political settlement. »

Was that really the message of the poor Tamil people of the North and East ?  What are these political rights  that cannot be divorced from economic development? Is it that they want a separate Homeland ?  Can Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu instead of being vague say what exactly are these important political rights the people of the North and East demand  that cannot be divorced from economic development ?
It appears Pakiasothy Saravanamuttu’s analysis of the election results of the North and East « … as an indication of the trajectory of politics to come  »  is lopsided.

If it is a separate Homeland, that may of course be what the TNA wants but not the poor Tamil man in the Street, or the poor farmer in the field wants.  It is enough talking of a Tamil Homeland which had been going on for over thirty years. And to rescue the people from  this demand of an impossible homeland concept floated by Prabhakaran the terrorist, many young lives have been sacrificed and many valuable people have given their lives.

We cannot repeat this process all over again.  The TNA should understand that even the 13th Amendment is not valuable any longer. It is no more worth even the paper on which it was written. It was included in to the Constitution  for reason of exigence to facilitate  the Indian Peace Keeping Force to settle the question of terrorism in Sri Lanka.
Since terrorism has now been eliminated, the 13th Amendment is not valid any more.  It should be removed from the constitution once and for all and North and East of Sri Lanka should have the same Local Government Administration as in the South.

Sri Lanka can no more be divided  according to Communities, even if the TNA  has got an overwhelming victory.  It is time for the members of the TNA to become patriotic politicians of Sri Lanka.

Why are the White West so keen to “ punish” Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorists ?

Having analysed the reasons  for   the Tamils in the North and East to  repudiate  the Government Candidates at the Local Government elections  for “ what they stand for and what they have done”,    let us turn to the White West to understand  as to why they take umbrage making absurd accusation of  atrocities and war crimes, supposed according to them to have been committed, by  the President of Sri Lanka and the  Government Armed Forces in  the elimination of terrorism. 

The White West too are God worshippers.  They seek atonement  for their sins by prayers and appealing to the  “ Grace of God ”.  Therefore, they too do not understand real human feelings  and human actions and therefore they are unable to relate to them as human beings.  They unlike the Tamils do not understand suffering.  The White West  acts as if they have had a divine revelation, that they have been sent to this world to put things right, put some order to man made chaos.

The White West therefore thinks of themselves  as divine messengers, like the ones the God sent to Sodom and Gomorrah . The White West presumes that it cannot be accused for  wrongs  for which  it  could accuse  and punish the other humans-the scum of the earth. 

For instance human rights violation, and atrocities committed by the armies of the White West in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are  for it  righteous acts , which are in the course of the performance of its tasks according to its  Divine Call.

The Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, UN, UK Channel 4, Catholic Church  and all that caboodle assume that they  are performing divine tasks.  The death of civilians in the performance of these tasks are collateral and the other humans have no right to question them.

That is how things are seen in finer and deeper analysis of the ways of the Tamils in the North and East without gratitude to providers of comfort and facilities, voting for the phantoms of the past terrorism the TNA, and why the White West takes umbrage against Sri Lanka  for eliminating terrorism ,which  caused untold suffering to the people for 30 long years.

Despite all that the Sinhala people along with friendly Communities in the South  will continue to show their compassion to the misled Tamils in the North and East as they are after all their own people, sharing their own motherland, and  will face the White West as best as they  can.

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