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Hillary Clinton ‘s visit to Tamil Nadu , was it an unintelligent Diplomatic move or was there an ulterior motive.

Hillary Clinton’s  visit to Tamilnadu, undoubtedly has an undertone of ulterior motives, but how sinister they are, have to be examined before they surface into the open.  Of course the US State Secretary’s itinerary had been prepared by none other than the Sri Lankan  terrorist-lover Robert Blake, the US Assistant Secretary in Asia.  If Blake puts his hand into a thing even remotely related to Sri Lanka it would be to pander his friends of the terrorist front Organizations of the Expatriate Tamils in USA.

There were many Indian States with women Chief Ministers in India which Hillary Clinton could have visited, but despite that why did she (or Blake) include Tamilnadu for a powwow with no good politician like Jayalalitha.  It was indeed to prepare the ground for sinister plans  of the US State Department perhaps  underway to further destabilize Sri Lanka and break it up as the latest modus operandi of the West to re-establish its waning leadership in the world.

Economic “embargos” being the US State  Department’s oldest and favourite  speciality , Jayalaitha had been titillated by Hillary Clinton’s visit as she thinks it marks support for her resolution in the state Assembly demanding that Delhi should impose an economic embargo on Sri Lanka.

TamilNadu had always supported the terrorists and an  Eelam State  as imagined by   the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  Therefore there is nothing new in Jayalalitha’s anti Sri Lanka stand calling, now enormously emboldened by her  new  role of the Chief Minister , an economic  embargo on Sri Lanka.

But what is surprising is  Hillary Clinton’s run to hug Jayalalitha , which cannot be entirely  due to  her being coaxed by Robert Blake  and to acquiesce  with Jayalalitha on the accusation of  Sri Lanka for violation of human rights and atrocities committed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.  

It cannot be, because  of the simple reason that for  violation of human rights and atrocities committed in war  no Armed Force of any  other country in the world can beat the record  of the Armed Forces of USA, in the “theatres of war” in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

But there is some thing deep down in this sudden break from diplomatic prerogatives to visit  Jayalalitha in Tamilnadu, who has no political acumen  in dealing with other Sovereign States., though when you come to think about it neither  does Hillary Clinton seems to have that political acumen. 

Perhaps Hillary Clinton  or rather,  Robert Blake has used Hillary Clinton as a cats paw to play on the naiveté of Jayalalitha, to  rope her in on to their (USA and CIA), side to achieve two objectives.

The Central Government of India is willing to accede to all ”whims and fancies “ of any Chief Minister of Tamilnadu in order to preserve the unitary state of India.

Jayalalitha as the  Chief Minister is more capable  in her position to make the Central government dance to her tune, with the threat of a break away to form an independent Tamil Nadu State. She is overwhelmingly jubilant now, as she  has become the new saviour of the Tamils the world over, acquiring unexpected importance  by a personal visit to her of none other than the US Secretary of State.

The  expatriate Tamil Community in foreign countries  hail her as the « Indra Gandhi » of the Tamils, capable of giving the Sri Lanka Tamils a Tamil Eelam as Indra Ghandhi liberated Bangladesh. The expatriate Tamils have lost confidence in Karunanidhi, and the terrorist lover like Vaiko even approaches Jayalalitha to request her to demand clemency for the  murderers of Rajiv Gandhi condemned to death.

Thus Hillary Clinton has sowed the seeds of dissension between the Central Government and Jayalalitha the State Minister of Tamil Nadu,  by her personal visit to meet her, with Robert Blake adding more venom.
Robert Blake had said after the meeting, referring to Sri Lanka,  “I think the government needs to make some progress also on the human rights piece of it. That includes things like ending these emergency regulations that have been in place for a long time, disarming some of the paramilitaries that continue to be responsible for human rights violations, and then more broadly, just improving the overall human rights situation, particularly addressing things like media freedom, ……This of course is of great interest to the Tamils in Tamil Nadu, and I think that was reflected in the interest that the chief minister showed,"
Jayalalitha had  taken the opportunity to request  Hillary Clinton  to make more U.S. investments in the automobile sector in Tamil Nadu, Solar energy, road infrastructure development, development of vocational training institutes,  and upgrading the  Industrial Training Institutes.
Ms. Clinton had informed the Chief Minister that the Overseas Private Investment Corporation of the U.S. had many opportunities for investments in Tamil Nadu. She expressed her desire for a State-to-State program between Tamil Nadu and the States in U.S. for various industrial and economic programs.

Thus insuring a certain economic independence to Tamilnadu,  Jayalalitha’s hands have been strengthened by the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to make her demands from the Central Government against  Sri Lanka more forceful.

Having made Jayalalitha a lever to  eventually break up India, Hillary Clinton will also be  fulfilling the demand of her friends-the terrorist Front Organizations of Tamil Expatriates in  USA, by supporting Jayalalitha’s demand for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka.

That being the ulterior motive of the Visit of the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to Tamil Nadu, on the advice of the Sri Lanka terrorist lover Robert Blake ,  it could perhaps be assumed that the Central Government of India may become more condescending to the demands of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu.

An intelligent diplomatic move would have been  for the US State Secretary Hillary Clinton to visit Sri Lanka to see for herself, whether from what the Government of Sri Lanka has done in the North and East  for the welfare of the Tamil people who suffered under terrorism for 30 years,  she could imagine, that this same government using its Armed Forces  could have deliberately committed any thing that could be called atrocious against  these Tamil civilians  who the Sri Lanka Armed Forces rescued from the terrorists during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.




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