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Tamil National Alliance should be disbanded , and its members Prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism in Sri Lanka

TNA as a political party  came into being as a brain child of  the terrorist leader Prabhakaran.  The  MPs of the TNA  were the voice of the terrorist in the Parliament of Sri Lanka.

After attending the Parliamentary session  the MPs of the  TNA led by Sambanthan went to Kilinochchi to place before their terrorists masters a report of the  proceeding of the Parliament, and to be instructed what action they should take to promote terrorism as a representative group of the Tamil people of the North and East.

In other words through out the terrorism since they were « appointed » by the terrorists Prabhakaran to be the voice of the terrorists, they were working for the terrorists to achieve their objective of setting up a  Tamil Eelam State.   The TNA therefore represented the terrorists  and not the Tamil people of the North and East.
The TNA is still  the proxi group of the terrorist front organisations of the expatriate Tamils. TNA’s  allegiance is to the Tamils in India and not to Sri Lanka.  This is evident from their frequent visits to India, probably to meet the terrorist rump who may have settled down some where in India or Tamil Nadu.  Vaiko, Nadumaran and Ramados are sworn terrorists, who were even planning to come to Sri Lanka to fight alongside the terrorists. 

The TNA’s connection to these Tamil Nadu rabid political maniacs like Vaiko is evident from the latest demand they made to stay the death penalty passed on the murderers of Rajiv Gandhi.

What right has the TNA as Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka to interfere in to matters related to  the  Government of India ?  What right have the TNA to plead for the lives of the three terrorists who have been proved to have participated in the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, if the TNA MPs are not sympathizers of  terrorism and still working for the terrorist agenda ?

If they wish to make such a demand  on humanitarian ground, they should have appealed to the President of Sri Lanka requesting him to intervene.  Even the Tamil Nadu  political leaders  appealed  to the Central Government to intervene on their behalf,  in Sri Lanka.

The TNA spokesman Suresh Premachandran – a foolish man who talks out of turn, is really getting « too big for his shoes ».  He seems to think that being elected by the Tamil People of the North and East at the recent Local Government elections gives TNA the right to act as a Provisional Government with the right to  correspond directly with the Prime Minister of India on behalf of terrorists who have been sentenced to be hanged for the murder of  Rajiv Gandhi the then Prime Minister of India.

The MPs of the TNA  who are appealing on behalf of  terrorists  who had murdered an Indian Prime Minister, cannot be considered  patriotic Sri Lankans, because they continue to promote the cause of terrorism, defending the terrorist murderers sentenced to death by an Indian Court of Law. 
TNA’s intervention on behalf  of the murderers of Rajiv Gandhi is deplorable.  Premachandran says, that   « … his colleague S. Sritharan had already written to India’s President on the matter. There is growing opposition against the implementation of the capital punishment on these three persons. Therefore, it is unlikely that they will be hanged,”

This interference into a matter concerning  the Government of India, which makes it evident that objective of the TNA is to work along side the Tamil Nadu politicians to continue to promote the setting up of a separate Tamil Eelam.  They aided and abetted the terrorists in Sri Lanka, and still  continue to promote the terrorist Agenda of Prabhakaran. 

Therefore the TNA  has no right to continue as a political party to represent the Tamil People of the North and East as long as they do not give  an assurance that they will not get themselves involved in any activity which has the slightest  semblance or even a distant connection to terrorism.   Their getting the vote of the Tamil people in the Northern provinces is no guarantee they are  true representatives of the Sri Lanka Tamil people who voted for them as their ulterior motive is to promote  separatism, which is perhaps not that of the Tamil people who voted for them..

The TNA should have been disbanded  immediately after the elimination of  terrorists, and  its MPs prosecuted for aiding and abetting terrorism.  The Government of Sri Lanka did a mistake in allowing them to continue as Members of the Sri Lanka Parliament after May,2009.

Suresh Premachandra ‘s boastful speech after the  Local Government elections in North and East, sounds more like Vaiko the Tamil Nadu terrorist.  He instead of calling for reconciliation between the Communities in the North and East and the South, adamantly confirms a separatist program for the  North and East.  North and East despite the TNA obtaining a privileged support from the Tamils in the provinces, cannot and should not be treated differently from the rest of the provinces in Sri Lanka.

Suresh Premachandran says  that police and land powers are extremely necessary  for lasting peace, justice, democracy and Northern development.  He seems to use words and phrases without seeming to understand  the least about the importance and relevance.

Police and Land powers should strictly be the preserve of the Central Government.  Giving those powers to TNA in the North and East will be like  making the «  foxes look after a poultry farm ».

The TNA MP  Suresh Premachandra  had said, with regard to President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s stance that police and land powers are non-negotiable, that these two subjects were extremely necessary for lasting peace, justice, democracy and northern development.  He had  added that,  “If the government continues to be adamant on police and land powers I do not see the need to continue the current dialogue,”

One cannot see why the delegation of police and land power is so necessary  for the  local governments in the North and the East for lasting peace, justice and Nothern development, as the North and East have already seen a tremendous development process with the construction of hospitals, railway lines, Commercuial shipping harbours, fishing harbours, salterns,  facilities for large scale farming, schools, housing schemes, water projects, oil drilling and the construction of garment factories. 

All that is necessary now for  the local goverments  in the areas  would be to educate the people in peace and cooperation with the rest of the communities in the country, develop social and cultural activities and maintain facilities that have already been provided by the government.

Premachandran takes the Sri Lankans  for fools. What Premachandran asks for amounts to facilities to  organise a Government of the North and East, and coordinate with Tamil Nadu.   If Suresh Premachandra and his TNA MPs are not  satisfied with the  rights which have  been allocated to all Provincial Councils and demand more rights for the North and east, and if they cannot cooperate with the government, he should know that  the country will be better off without them.

The ethnic problem if there is such a thing, has to be attended to differently  taking into the fold the whole of the people, the TNA could help the government in that process. There are no rules  and regulations to settle ethnic problems , it is some thing that should come from the heart of the people setting a side prejudices and suspicion of those  who belong to other Communities.

Premachandran  being an anti government  racist  dares to demands that the President should pay heed to the request of the United Nations, Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch and the international community, by setting up a Credible Local Mechanism to investigate allegations of war crimes. 

This foolish man-Suresh Premachandra, is really  an outsider to Sri Lanka.  He seems unaware that the Government had appointed a LLRC  consisting of honourable persons  highly experienced and qualified to make an independent and a responsible investigation  in to all that happened during the terrorist war and also of  war crimes if there had been any.

If the TNA cannot trust the persons and Institutions of Sri Lanka., they should resign from being Members of the Sri Lanka Parliament.  The Tamil people of the North and East could very well be looked after by the Government as it had been doing so far without the TNA Parliamentarians  who have still not  been intelligent enough to change their attitude to Sri Lanka after the elimination of terrorism.

This foolish man Suresh Premachandra has further stated  unable to think correctly with his pea nut of a brain that,  “If this  is not done, no one can prevent Sri Lanka being called a ‘Pariah State’ in the eyes of the international community and organizations,”  

Premachandran calls the appointment of a Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) to work out proposals to resolve the national question apart from it being a time-wasting exercise, arriving at an acceptable solution will be impossible with Sinhalese extremists like the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) and the Jathika Hela Urumaya (JHU) in parliament,”

Janatha Vimukthi Premuna which unfortunately  now contains a politically lost rabble rousers, they had done more to their motherland after giving up their terrorist tendencies and  came in to the main political stream  and were never traitors to their motherland unlike Premachandran and his TNA MPs who are utter racists neither  patriotic nor lovers of Sri Lanka as their motherland.

Jathik Hela Urumaya is a political party  that had fearlessly stood up  in the defence of Sri Lanka, through out terrorism and after the elimination of terrorism works for the  development of various projects for the development of whole of Sri Lanka and for the welfare of all Sri Lankans without distinction.  The same cannot be said of the racists TNA..
It is Suresh Premachandran and his TNA MPs who are doubtful politicians whose  political allegiance is to their  “Tamilness “, depending on the support of the TamilNadu despite the vote they got from the Tamil people of the North and East. 

TNA cannot be trusted to defend Sri Lanka in any world forum or in the case of a foreign  « intervention ».  They will always remain racists and selfish egoists working for their own agenda of separatism, even joining hands with any foreign power  to make a success of their plotting  to achieve their secret objective of a separate Eelam State.

In a separate statement after the Local Government elections Suresh Premachandran had said that, « This election was concluded at an important time where the United Nations and the international community are pressuring the government over claims that they committed war crimes and that a fair investigation is necessary……In an effort to escape this difficulty, the Government worked hard to win these Local Government elections and demonstrate that the Tamil people are on its side. »

It is a fact that if the Government had won the Local Government elections , it would have been proof of  a success of government’s reconciliation effort, and Sri Lanka could have kept away the foreign interventionists.  But Government failed in that effort perhaps because it failed to select the correct persons to represent the Governmnet.  With all respect to the Minister Douglas Devananda  it has to be said that he was perhaps  not the correct man to win over the people of the North and East.

Premachandran  further states in that statement that, « The Tamil people have – by ensuring the victory of the TNA – accepted and supported the recommendations of the UN [Panel’s report], which state that the government’s war crimes and human rights abuses require an impartial international investigation.

The TNA asks that this verdict of the Tamil people be respected and that the government accept and allow an international investigation. The TNA requests that the international community continues to pressure the government to provide a political solution that allows the Tamil people to live in their homeland with dignity and freedom. »

How can this man who seems to support the UN Panel report and calling for an international investigation could be accepted as a Member of the Sri Lanka Parliament ? He and his TNA MPs are there to put the Tamil people against the Sinhala and bring in Foreign powers to separate  Sri Lanka which is the Agenda of the Terrorist Prabhakaran,  which theTNA uphold along with the expatriate Tamil terrorist Front Organisations.

The TNA  therefore has no right to exist as a political party of Sri Lanka and it should be disbanded, and legal action taken against Suresh Premachandran and the TNA MPs under the Terrorism Act,  for perpetrating terrorism in Sri Lanka, perhaps not with guns but by a concerted effort of  brain washing the Tamil people for separation from the rest of the Communities in Sri Lanka.

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