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Sunday Leader journalist Uvindu Kurukulasuriya’s Rajapakse dynasty probe, and qualification saga.

Sunday Leader is more an anti  National Sri Lankan news sheet , notoriously  scandalizing the President and the Government of Sri Lanka stooging to the anti Sri Lankan West.  It is one news paper of its kind known for its distasteful journalism aired as investigative journalism which had damaged the image of Sri Lanka  in the world by false reporting. 

Its editor Lasantha Wickramathunga was hoisted as an investigating journalist, and an Editorial prepared by the journalists of the paper after his murder was published as written by him before his murder.  Strangely though it was his second wife Sonali Samarasinghe who  reaped the benefits after his murder, becoming the star of the Free Media Moment, receiving on behalf of her assassinated husband a UNESCO World Press Freedom  award  won onto her side the anti Sri Lanka  Governments, human Rights activists and the Free Media moment.

These media rags like Sunday Leader  had been attacking the President Mahinda Rajapakse  ever since he gave the leadership to the Armed Forces and eliminated terrorism

Uvindu Kurukulasuriya, in his attempt at belittling the President Rajapakse following the principle objective of Sunday Leader which has  no sense of respect to  persons or to the people of the country,  brings in the name of the late Minister  Jeyaraj Fernandopulle in the absence of any one else to corroborate his stupid  assertion of the inability of the President to even write an article . 

Late Jeyaraj Fernandopulle  was a very dear friend of the President Mahinda Rajapakse and one very much doubts whether  he was so chummy with Kurukulasuriya  to ridicule with him, the President  his friend.  It is no better than the white flag story with which the Sunday Leader  brought dishonour to a country, a government and its Armed Forces that sacrificed more than Kurukulasuriya and his shameful journal the Sunday Leader could imagine.  In passing this Kurukulasuriya twists his phrases to castes doubt even about the way the President Passed his Law exams.

Wikileaks and American Ambassadors may write what ever they want in their cables, and it is not for us to accept all what had been written in Wikileaks and publish them to vilify a President loved by the people for what he is.  It is only a journalist with no sense of morality who will pick on them to slander  and denigrate the President of Sri Lanka.  These are the people who look up and spit caring less where the spit would fall.

It is a middleclass mentality to talk about qualifications, and respect and honour a person for his qualifications.  Even  if the President Mahinda Rajapakse has no qualifications what so ever, has not he  by his determination  and exceptional love and devotion to his motherland and his country men, done what no one  else with more qualifications  had failed to do. He even without any knowledge of mathematics, had the wisdom to put in place people of  knowledge, experience and ability  who knew how to  add, subtract , divide and multiply figures to bring Sri Lanka from the status of a developing country to a country  moving towards a Middle Income Country.

I do not think that the President Mahinda Rajapakse would deny his Country  Lawyer status, as for the Sinhala people it is an honour to have a President who has risen from them as an ordinary man of the village.  Kurukulusuriya with his town mentality will rundown  and disparage a village man as a “godaya”, but a real Sinhala man will never run down some one for being a “godaya”.  It is not for nothing that it had been said that a Sinhala farmer is fit enough to be a king once you wash off his mud.

Kuruhkulasuriya says that the US Ambassador  Jeffrey J.Lunstead  had described    Mahinda Rajapakse as just a country lawyer, but what is the 44th President Barack Obama, other than a country lawyer himself coming from Illinois who was working for the poor black communities in Chicago.  But nobody speaks of that past of President Barack Obama in any derogatory terms.

Kurukulasiriya of the Sunday Leader’s investigative journalism is to find what ever he could lay his eyes on,  to use them to slander, derogate , vilify and disparage the  President Mahinda Rajapakse. One wanders what the President could have done to be detested by  Kurukulasuriya and the Sunday Leader.  The President surely did not have a hand in the murder of  Lasantha Wickramathunga.  And all those conversations the President  is supposed to have had with Lasantha have not been substantiated. 

You cannot believe any thing , any  one says about a person.  At the beginning of the investigation with regard to the assassination of Lasantha Wickramathunga, even Sonali Samarasinghe was suspected as having had some thing to do with  Lasantha’s assassination.  So do you think Krurkulasuriya you have to believe everything people say ?

Wikileaks only go to prove what a set of hypocrites we get as Ambassadors from foreign countries.  They do not come here to help us to develop our country, or praise us for our goodness.  Their job is to find out the weakness of the countries in which they are stationed and use any information they get to create dissention within the country which would in some way be useful to them to prop up a puppet government of their own stooges if the necessity arises.  The Western Countries assassinated Colonel Gaddafi and set up a puppet government.  Are their Wikileak cables informing of the qualification of the persons they propped up to Govern Libya after the assassination of Gaddafi ?

America had highly qualified mathematicians, economists, Bankers, and highly knowledgeable  Bankers, and business men, but their economy is   in shamble, so are the economies of Greece, Italy , France and UK.  But  Sri Lanka has out done those countries with highly qualified people to govern and manage the economies.  Mahinda Chintanaya  has been a marvelous working document  to develop the country and  bring progress into a country that a few years ago was in ruins, without any hope of immediate progress and development.

Did Kurukulasuriya take into account these facts when he thought of copying the cables of Wikileaks to prepare his investigative journalist masterpiece to derogate , condemn and vilify the President of Sri Lanka .

When you speak of qualifications, University Professors take the front seat.  They are the top among all the rest of the citizens. We have Doctor Nimal Ranjith Devasiri, who unlike the President of Sri Lanka passed his Advance Level and went  through a University education to become a Professor,    Head of the Department of History in the University of Colombo, and the President of The Federation of University Teachers’ Association (FUTA).  But with all those qualifications what is he doing ?  He is trying to drag Sri Lanka back into a hell hole, because the government is not paying a 20 per cent increase of Salary to the University Professors.

What has he contributed to the Country ? Had he risked his life for the freedom of Sri Lanka held  in the clutches of a group of ruthless terrorists?   When thousands of Sri Lanka Soldiers who were not getting  even the tenth of his salary sacrificed their lives to deliver their  mother country from the terrorists, what was this Dr.Ranjith Devasiri doing ? 

Now that every thing is hunky-dory  Ranjith Devasiri a highly qualified President of FUTA wants his “pound of flesh”- 20 percent of salary increase.  Is that what you expect Uvindu Kurukulasuriya from e highly qualified intellectuals, academicians who wants more without wanting to sacrifice any thing for the progress of the country and the wellbeing of the people ?

Does Kurukulasuriya knows that in the west there are lot of  books  being published now about the poverty of the old China, how there was even cannibalism as people could not have enough to eat, just to denigrate China and diminish the importance of the Chinas formidable economic growth that had put the West into shade. 

The West forgets that it was the west that contributed to the  poverty of China with the infamous Opium Wars.  Even  the life in the Western countries had not always been “rosy”  before the Industrial revolution and conquest of the New World and putting into destructive use  the Gunpowder  brought from China., to conquer countries and establish Western domination in the world.

With the knowledge gathered from living in the village, experience gained in organizing the village life our President Mahinda Rajapakse  with determination, and the ambition to change the face of  his poor country and provide peace and prosperity to the people of Sri Lanka, has done  more than what the so called qualified Statesmen , politicians and world economists have failed to do in their  rich and modern countries.

The young political geniuses of the JVP are also supposed to be qualified  men, Leader of UNP and people like Jayalath Jayawardhana are qualified politicians, but what have they contributed to the development and progress of Sri Lanka.  They are still discrediting the President and the Government of Sri Lanka without any idea as to how to develop this country.

It is not Robert Blake, Jeffrey Lunstead, or Patricia Butenis with their secret cables that is going to make Sri Lanka a better place for the people of the country.  Their Secret Cables are good for Kurukulasuriya to earn his living vilifying the President of Sri Lanka and for the Sunday Leader perhaps to have a few more copies of the paper sold, but they cannot change the minds of the  ordinary people of Sri Lanka to reject their love and affection to their dear President Mahinda Rajapakse because he did not passed  his advance level examinations.

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