Monday, 9 January 2012

President Barrack Obama’s problems come from his own Administration.

President Barack Obama has problems with his own staff , the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton stepped out of protocol to visit a Chief Ministers of India  Jayalalitha of TamilNadu a very immature politician without any concept about foreign relations, to discuss the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka a Sovereign State in the region, instead of  officially meeting  the  President of Sri Lanka  himself, to discuss any matters USA wants to clarify.

President Barrack Obama also has a problem with his  Assistant  Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert Orris Blake, who interferes into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka making statements as if he is the President of USA. He cultivated friendship with terrorists, and after their elimination with the front Oraganisations  of the Sri Lanka terrorists, and Individuals who are working against the Government of Sri Lanka, in a new USA foreign policy in Asia which the President of USA is unlikely to be aware of, which is being shaped by Robert Orris Blake  who comes from the Bush Administration.

President Barrack Obama has problems with Victoria Nuland , who made statements to the press about the  report of the LLRC of Sri Lanka, not having even taken the time to read the report to say that it does not answer all allegations. In fact the LLRC which prepared the said report had gone beyond its mandate not only to investigate the period of terrorism and the last phase of the  military operations to eliminate terrorists, but  also   to suggest action to be taken to establish   peace and unity of the Communities which are the matters for the government to decide.

The LLRC report is  in  another words a complete report that leaves out nothing of importance and if still the US States Department interferes into it, it  would be detrimental to the  interest of the USA  in  building  good relations with Sovereign States of what ever size and quality.

Nuland had however said, « ……. it is better for Sri Lankans to take these issues themselves and address them fully. That remains our position, so now we want to see if the Sri Lankan Government will lead their country in the next step to ensure that there is full implementation of the recommendations that we have and filling in of the gaps. So let’s see what they are willing to do going forward »

USA cannot stand as a world policeman investigating into the activities of Sovereign States like Sri Lanka.  USA should give up its prejudice against developing countries and leave them alone to develop their countries at their own pace. 

No country wants to imitate USA , as human rights wise  USA’s record is much to be desired.  USA should therefore give up its pretention of high morality, and establish good relations with all developing nations, which is a much  better way of  correcting what ever USA thinks is blameworthy in the activities undertaken by these Sovereign States.

President Barrack Obama  has a problem with  Michael H.Posner, Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labour  at the US Department of State., who is over reaching his responsibilities, to give into unreliable International Agencies receiving funds from terrorist front Organisations like the Amnesty International  to intervene into the Internal Affairs of Sri Lanka, without investigating  the correctness of the information provided by the AI, unaware of the good governance of the Government of Sri Lanka and its efforts for the reconciliation of its different Communities, establishing its own Commissions to investigate its own faults and errors, that no country in the world  has done so far.

The problem in acting on reports and appeals of Organisations like the Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch,   International Crisis Group and the rest,  is  that they are funded by anti Sri Lanka terrorist Front Orgnisations and the informations on which these groups  create dissention and political problems within countries like Sri Lanka  are disseminated  by the Foreign based pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora who have not set foot on Sri Lanka and therefore on false information.  Therefore, Michael. H. Posner  is acting without identifying the informants and evaluating the truth of the statements.

It is very high handed on the part of Michael.H.Posner to  suggest an international accountability mechanism in Sri Lanka over alleged Human rights when the Government of Sri Lanka has taken necessary action on its own in appointing a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission  the report of which has already been issued, perhaps unknown to Posner though a copy of it is with the US States Department.

It is all the more abusive, to suggest an International Accountability Mechanism in Sri Lanka, when in fact there is no such Mechanism in USA for the multifarious  human rights violations committed by the USA Army in, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan,  Libya, allegations of prisoner abuse by US troops in Abu Ghraib,  Allegations of human rights violations at US Military base Guantanamo Bay, secretly entering  the Sovereign State of Pakistan to assassinate an unarmed terrorist, and on the Twelve American soldiers who were charged over a secret "kill team" that allegedly blew up and shot Afghan civilians at random and collected their fingers as trophies, and other such crimes. (

President Barrack Obama has problems with all these  “US Officials” trying to take cover pointing at non existing human rights violations in Sri Lanka , to avoid having an International  Committee prying into USA’s own lack of accountability of the crimes committed by USA Army.  USA Army has the worst skeletons of shame hidden in their cupboards than Sri Lanka.

It is interesting to probe into  the statements made by Michael.H.Posner who seems to have taken more than he can bite.  I will also post this in the White House Website, to inform the President Barrack Obama that these officials who are attacking Sri Lanka when there is lot more to do to win over the American Voters to support the President for his second term election, are doing worst damage to the image of  the President Barrack Obama in foreign countries like Sri Lanka, which has a large expatriate community in USA. 

If the Obama Administrators are favouring the “Tamils for Obama” which is a Sri Lanka terrorist Front Organisation of a terrorist group banned in USA, hoping to get their  votes, the Obama election Campaign Organizers should not forget that there are more  Sri Lankan Americans who oppose the terrorist Front Tamil Diaspora Organisations,  possibility of whose votes to President Obama should also be taken into account. 

Therefore, it is more beneficial  to Obama Election Campaign to drop the pro-terrorist Tamil Diaspora with their “blood money” to pay for Obama election campaign, than to  stop  demanding International probes into the affairs of the Sri Lanka Government which eliminated a ruthless terrorist group and is making a difficult effort to reconcile different communities in the country.

President Barrack Obama has a problem with Patricia A. Butenis  the Ambassador for USA in Sri Lanka, who apparently cannot take a decision of her own being subservient to Robert Orris Blake the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs, hand picked by Hillary Clinton.

Patricia Butenis if she is a farsighted Diplomat in Sri Lanka a country  very important, if not for its size and men and women of ability who forge the country ahead into development and progress, for its strategic geographical situation. The continuous attacks against the Government of Sri Lanka by the  USA State Department, and threatening  it with International probes, and threatening to  take it before a tribunal for war crimes , only pushes Sri Lanka to search friends with unconditional attachment, like China and Russia.

Ambassador Patricia Butenis if she could have taken a decision without consulting  Robert Orris Blake, she may surely have advised the Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that to see Jayalalitha in TamilNadu and discuss Sri Lanka with her  was not a wise move, and  Butenis would have instead arranged a meeting with Hillary Clinton and the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapakse.  That would have been a better move and Hillary Clinton would have had a better occasion  to evaluate the problems of Sri Lanka without being shadowed by the Sri Lanka Terrorist friendly Robert Orris Blake.

Ambassador Patricia Butenis would have also advised the President in his resent visit to India to include Sri Lanka for a short stop to meet the President of Sri Lanka which would have been an occasion for him to see a country blooming with  fragrance of development, after eliminating with its own effort a ruthless group of terrorist that created 30 years of suffering for the people of all ethnicities in Sri Lanka.

That would have been a change for the President Barrack Obama and His State Secretary Hillary Clinton to see positive side of things in Sri Lanka than always  harp on the negatives.

Michael H. Posner  who seems to be far behind times speaking hastily on a Amnesty International report sponsored by the Sri Lanka terrorists’s Front Organisations in USA and Europe, without investigating into developments that had taken place in Sri Lanka which the Amnesty International is either not aware of or ignores for obvious reasons working to earn the contributions from the  terrorist Front Organisations.  Posner had said:

“We expressed the need for Sri Lanka to quickly and credibly address allegations of violations of international humanitarian law and international human rights law that occurred during the war, regardless of which side committed them. We have highlighted the need for Sri Lanka to take concrete steps, such as providing to family members an account of those missing and detained as well as promptly issuing death certificates for those killed in the conflict. We will continue to urge the government of Sri Lanka to work constructively on these issues with the United Nations and the international community”

Sri Lanka knows exactly what it has to do for the reconciliation of the different Communities and take the country forward into development. American Assistant State Secretary Robert Orris Blake  speaking for America harped on,  that there was no military solution for the terrorist problem in Sri Lanka, and therefore Sri Lanka should come to a peace settlement. That Robert Orris Blake repeated  ad infinitum despite the fact that he was  aware that the Terrorist leader Prabhakaran  deliberately scuttled the peace negotiations, forcing the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to a military offensive as he- Prabhakaran was sure that he had an advantage over the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in a military showdown.

Therefore, there is no accountability to be rendered to any one in the elimination of terrorists,  its 30 years of suffering under terrorism, or the final phase of military operation in which the terrorists were eliminated for good.  Further more Sri Lanka Armed Forces without any foreign aid fought to rid the country of a ruthless group of terrorists. 

The terrorists were in Sri Lanka and the Sri Lanka Armed force did not have to go outside its territory to eliminate terrorism. The Sri Lanka Armed Force was carrying out its duty to protect its country and its people from a group of terrorists who made the people suffer for thirty long years.  If in the elimination of the terrorists there were civilian deaths it was inevitable and certainly in no way deliberate, as the NATO Armies which bombed  Libya, and the American and Allied Western Armed forces which bombed Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya would say.

Therefore the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed forces are not accountable to the rightful duties they carried out to protects their motherland. On the other  hand the America and its Allied forces who were hunting terrorists outside their countries and killing civilians in their bombardments in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Libya are accountable to the world for the atrocities committed against the civilians of those countries.

The President Barrack Obama has a problem with his Secretary of State, and her hand picked Assistant Secretaries, as they seem to carry on a campaign not favourable to the President.  The world  did not expect the new 44th President  of USA to trod on the traversed path of former war mongering , aggressive Presidents . 

But the world  expected the 44th President of America to be peace loving, ready to compromise, and use political dialogue and discussions,  instead of aggressive show of military power, and pompous talk.  But all that has been set aside by those he had appointed as Administrators.  They seem to be out to make him a failure than a popular President tracing a new path showing a new approach to problem that come from within or from out side.

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