Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Ban Tamil National Alliance

 TNA is neither  acting in the interest of Sri Lanka, nor that of the Tamils who voted for TNA. The TNA Parliamentarians  have their own Agenda and they are exploiting the poor Tamil people by whipping up their sentimental attachment towards   their own Tamilness , making promises of a separate Tamil identity. That is all what they give to the Tamil people in return for their votes .

Sampanthan and his  TNA cohorts are not interested in the welfare of the Tamil people as it is evident from what they had been doing from the day they were elected  as Parliamentarians. Their only preoccupation had been the  devolution of power for the Tamils in the North and East,  make loud noises about an ethnic problem, and  calling the Government for “ an accountability” for the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists. 

They went  to Canada, America, London, Australia, Netherlands, and India peddling their separatist demands without doing an iota of work for the Tamils.  All that is  being done for the welfare and development of the Tamil Community in the North and East, is through the indefatigable efforts of the President Mahinda Rajapakse , his government and the Sinhala people of the South.

The time has come for the President and the Sri Lanka Government to say NO to TNA and  ban them as a political party.  All the  efforts of the TNA MPs had been to incite the Tamil people against the government, ask for Police Powers to enhance their political power base in the North and East.

They have completely neglected matters of importance to the Tamil people  in their daily existence, such as to live in peace and security,  bring up their families, and  prepare the future of their children.

In this situation allowing the TNA to continue to go on  keeping alive the demand of  the terrorist Prabhakaran’s demand for  a separate Tamil Homeland will only have disastrous consequences.

The Government should take  immediate action now,  before irreparable damage would be done by the TNA , to the unity of the Communities, development projects, and international relations. The true face of TNA should be revealed to the public.  TNA has no right to continue to deceive the Tamil people of the North and East.

Sampanthan’s criticism of the report of the LLRC, had been highlighted  in an articel «  TNA wants Accountability Mechanism for Sri Lanka » in The Hindu website.  Sampanthan had said that the Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission report “categorically fails to effectively and meaningfully deal with issues of accountability”.  These  statements of  Sampanthan and others of the TNA had to be seen in the light of other issues to understand the tactical role the TNA is playing to deceive the government and the people of Sri Lanka inviting the attention of the terrorist front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora.
Australian Herald Sun reporter Keith Moor stated in a report, that the Austrralian courts had recently  released to be of good behaviour three hard core terrorists, Viniyagamoorthy, Arumugan Rajeevan and Sivarajan.  They had admitted to have been with the terrorists and in their camps and cultivated a very close relationship  with the terrorist leadership.
These three will be potential “ sleeping terrorist” hibernating until the moment come to wake up.  Could we exonerate TNA  from being the active terrorist hub in Sri Lanka that keeps alive the hope of a multitude of “sleeping terrorist” around the world  to wake up when the time is appropriate to start another round of terrorism, this time well planned with each group with its own speciality ? 
TNA is like Praphakaran marking time engaging  the President in discussion at which it makes  impossible demands, then breaks off blaming the President.  And then  recommences another round of discussion.  They will continue their  manoeuvering until they get the signals from the Terrorist groups among the diaspora Tamils, to  start whatever  they are in the process of planning.  They have the means and a live  network  of potential terrorists.
The Nation  reported as a news item that the Military intelligence had uncovered a plan to resurrect the LTTE through an attempt to register an organisation  for displaced Tamil  persons in Vanni.  For this purpose the plan aims  to recruit the rehabilitated LTTE Cadres who were in the terrorist military units.  The plan is to operate under the  three groups of Nediwayan, Rudracumaran and Emmanuel brought together for a planned insurgence.

The  Government  may  be satisfied with  the rehabilitation of former LTTE combatants and educating them and providing them with training in various professional fields to enable them to reintegrate into the civil society, and that the plan will work as expected. 

How can the government be assured that those rehabilitated  former  terrorist cadres have changed their sentimental attachments to the cause they fought, when TNA and the diaspora Tamils are secretly whipping up their  racial sentiments and trying to  win them back into their way of thinking to fight for a separate Tamil Homeland, and join  with them  when the time is ready to rise against the government and the Sinhala people in another round of terrorism ?

If the TNA is allowed to go on with their tactic of criticising every attempt of the government to reconcile the communities , by even running down the LLRC while commending  the Darusman report, the rehabilitated terrorist combatants may begin to think twice and may follow the TNA. 

That will help the strategy of TNA to set up the discontented Tamil youth ( see Lakbima article  on Marini de Livera) , along side the rehabilitated terrorist combatants  against the Government .  In addition they will be able to get the pro terrorists Tamil diaspora as well to come disguised as NGOs and the so the ground is prepared for another round of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

If there is another insurgency being planned the TNA  will undoubtedly play a pivotal role  in such a movement.  The TNA is at the moment trying to awaken  a Sri Lanka Tamil Nationalism inciting the Tamil people may be preparing them for a revolt against the Government of Sri Lanka. Mano Ganeshan  has also begun to make noises.

Now let us see what TNA MP Sumanthiran said to Jatila Karawita in an interview .  TNA now copying the Western anti Sri Lanka groups is trying to forget the  30 years of murders , assassinations, massacres that had been caused by the ruthless terrorists under its  Thalaivar Prabhakaran.,  and says « the LLRC Report has ‘dramatically failed to address the accountability issues pertaining to the final phase of the North-East ethnic conflict between the government security forces and the LTTE. »
There is much more “ accountability “ to be done by the TNA MPs as they aided and abetted the terrorists been appointed by Prabhakaran and having been the spokesmen of the terrorists for several decades, and not just for the « final phase of the North-East ethnic conflict between the government security forces and the LTTE terrorists »  The TNA is as much responsible  as the terrorists for all those murders, assassinations and massacres.
This traitor Sumanthiran says , “….while his party would issue a detailed response to the LLRC Report in time to come, only an independent inquiry which is not biased towards either the government or the LTTE would reveal the truth concerning alleged war crimes being committed during the final phase of the war. »
What does he mean ?  What he means is that an International probe should be made to know exactly what transpired at the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists. What can an international inquiry reveal other than what the LLRC had found by a vast investigation  speaking to those who were the « players,»  involved, meeting people who had gone through the ordeal of suffering under the terrorists, understanding the  cultural back ground of the people involved ,  who understand the suffering ,through loss and fear.  There is nothing more for an International Investigators to find. 
But the fact is Sumanthiran and the TNA traitors lack trust and undertanding of Sri Lankas’ own Institutions and honesty and justice of the elders of the country.  TNA are outsiders and will always remain so. TNA will  never be patriots of Sri Lanka, but separatrists  waiting for a chance to  break up the unitary state of Sri Lanka.
Sumanthiran says , « Our concerns are entirely for the people of the North-East, and we will continue to look after their best interests. » 
That is why they are a set of traitors. Members of the  Parliament of Sri Lanka following a democratic system of government , should not be interested only in those who voted to elect them as their representatives, but they  should work in cooperation with other partners that make up the country, and  through the Parliament, contribute to the welfare and well being of all the people. 
If they (TNA) want to be outsiders in the Parliament , they  will confiscate their right to  participate in the affairs of the country, and it is better that they  resign from their bogus responsibility for the Tamil people.  The Tamil people will be better looked after by the Majority Community than the power crazy Tamil Parlialmentarians ,who have failed to contribute in any way for the wellbeing of the Tamil people that voted for them other than talking big, calling for investigations of the military operations that killed their Thalaivar.
TNA cannot think independently.  They lack simple political intelligence. They want            outsiders to prompt them what to do.  It is therefore evident that they are working as they did under Prapbhakaran  on his instructions. Their  pattern of  political activity is prompted from  out side, the terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora, and the anti Sri Lanka Western Countries.  The latest word they have burrowed from their new Masters is  “Accountability”. 
Accountability for  what ?
 In Sri Lanka there was a  ruthless group of terrorists   murdering  the Tamil intellectuals, assassinating politicians, military and civil leaders, and massacring innocent villagers, an innocent civilians, using claymore bombs, and suicide bombers becoming an unchallenged force determined to divide the country at whatever cost.  When the  Government of Sri Lanka failed in all its attempts to come to a peace settlement with the terrorists, the continued terror of the terrorists forced the Government Armed forces to begin its military operations.
 It is with  that as the background the critics and  those  who accuse the Armed forces of Sri Lanka for war crimes should look at the final  phase of the military operations against the terrorists.  There is “ no accountability” necessary as the Military operation was a necessary evil that had to be carried out at whatever cost to eliminate terrorism for good.  And that was the only way to rid terrorism from Sri Lanka, and the Sri Lanka Armed forces did what was necessary.
We cannot have within our own Parliament a group working not for the voters who elected them, nor for Sri Lanka and its people of all communities, but   carrying on  with a “war” plan against the people of Sri Lanka  taking directives from  groups out side Sri Lanka.  Therefore the TNA has no place as a political party in Sri Lanka and therefore it should be banned. Perhaps under the Terrorism act “for indirectly inciting a section of the people to create unrest in the country , with a view to organize an insurrection.”
TNA’s continued aggressive attitude , quite unconcerned about the development projects undertaken in the North and East by the government , and not sharing in these projects, neglecting the people who voted for them, but carrying on an aggressive political campaign detrimental to the country and the efforts of reconciliation and the unity of the communities, should be condemned. It  bodes dangers  to the future of Sri Lanka unless the TNA is stopped from carrying out further damage to the country an  mislead the Tamil people and the youth.
In this respect  a reporter of Lakbima , Elmo Leonard  writes  on, “ Thousands of ex-LTTE soldiers still unemployed.”.  His report is on statements made to him by a Human Rights Activist and Trainer Marini de Livera.  She says :
 “ Unaccounted numbers of rehabilitated Tamil LTTE soldiers --- both male and female go unemployed in Sri Lanka’s north and east…….. Most of these young men and women had received weapons training. All they now want is a source of livelihood. If another armed Tamil movement begins, the hungry, rehabilitated Tamil youth will have no option but to join in militancy  …..» It is a mistake to send ex-combatants back to their villages and towns of origin without ensuring them a mode of livelihood. »

There is a  saying that an idle mind is devils workshop.  It is in the light of the situation described that the continued agitations  of the TNA should be viewed.  TNA is a bad influence to the Tamil youth  of the North and East who could be mislead through hardship and whipped up Tamil nationalism.  All the effort the Government is making to reconcile the people and find work and improve the condition of living of the people  will be in vain if it leaves Tamil National Alliance to sow the seeds of hatred and racism.  Therefore, the alternative to stop this  erosion of Communal Unity is to ban TNA.


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