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Lakshman Kiriella and Somawansa Amarasinghe should both keep their mouths shut.

 We have enough of media men, local NGOs , leaders of trade unions, America and other  foreign interferers  to mess up development, progress,   peace and  security of Sri Lanka without adding to it the failed politicians of the UNP and the JVP such as- Lakshman Jayakody and Somawansa Amarasinghe to name just two of them. 

 They are failed politicians because they did not contributed to the elimination of terrorists,  to the infrastructure  development of the country, to bring together a nation that was divided through terrorism, or in the creation of a strong  nation of people who could face the onslaught of  America and its allies to push Sri Lanka back towards underdevelopment, fragmentation of the communal fabric , social unrest and the possible revival of the now defunct terrorism.

 UNP had been in the political scene from the beginning of  Independence but it began its downward descent since 1956.  The UNP leadership today  is not even a shadow of its predecessors.  Every thing they touched had been  a failure , their attempt to settle terrorism ended up in disaster with the signing of the CFA.

 They have one language- the language of doom.  JVP started worse. They had started the most ignominious rebellion in which thousands of youth were  murdered, and more were made to be  murdered in reprisal by a more cruel government of the UNP.  That was when a terrorist war was raging in the north.

 Strangely though Somawansa of JVP responsible for those murders dare speak today of the President of Sri Lanka as a dictator despite the fact that the President Rajapakse never murdered his countrymen but brought peace above all to a country that suffered for years in the north with terrorism and in the south with the rebels of the JVP.

 And to a President who eliminated terrorism with his determination, with the correct stimulus to a neglected armed force and correct political leadership, Lakshman Kiriella of the UNP offers advice to implement the recommendation of the LLRC.  Lakshman Kiriella seems to have dropped with the last rain not to know, like the American State Department that the  Government of  Mahinda Rajapakse  is matured enough with the experience it has gathered to implement the recommendations of the LLRC  the President himself appointed without any one else’s aid and assistance.

 It is sad to note that neither the UNP nor the JVP has been wise to learn from the 30 years of terrorism and the three years of  wise planning and determination that resulted in the elimination of terrorism and the thirty years of the suffering of the people under terrorism, to understand that the  Country is now under the correct leadership of a president who is taking it towards peace and progress.
Barack Obama in his book  The Audacity of Hope, says that, at a reception  he asked a Washington hand who had served in and around the Capital for close to 50 years, “what he thought accounted for the difference in atmosphere between then and now.” Then he had said,   “  It’s generational……..Back then ,  almost everybody with any power in Washington had served in  World War II. We might’ve fought like cats and dogs on issues.  A lot of us came from different backgrounds, different neighbourhoods, different political philosophies . But with the war, we all had something in common.  That shared experience  developed a certain  trust and respect.  It helped to work through our differences and get things done.”

 That “shared experience” which developed a certain trust and respect,  in the context of Sri Lanka should be the 30years of  suffering of a nation under terrorism.   But yet the UNP and JVP continue to think that compelling the government of the President Mahinda Rajapakse to fall from power is the means to win over the people and seize political power for themselves.

 Knowing well that deviating the devotion of the people to Mahinda Rajapakse towards the UNP or JVP seems an impossible task they carry on a relentless campaign against the President Rajapakse, his brothers , and his government concocting all types of scandals which  some people with English education,  social ranks may believe, but the ordinary mass of the people will never accept.  And they know that it is the  ordinary mass of people which count at the end.

 The UNP  divided into groups condemn various aspect of the Government of Sri Lanka, while  Lakshman Kiriella criticises governments human rights aspect Harsha de Silva criticisess the economic policies of the government, Jayalath Jayawardhana cost of living etc.  Their criticism of the government takes vindictive  tones, and does not help the people to understand the real issues the government is confronted with vis à vis the International Community.

 In their desire to make the government  unpopular and to topple the government through an uprising of the people against the government, makes them blind to the best method to follow to win the people over to their side to defeat the  Government at the next elections and take over political power into their own hands.  If the UNP and the JVP are wise they would stop the wild criticism of the government which is contrary to the constructive criticism  demanded by a Parliamentary opposition under a democratic system.

 They should on the other hand  cooperate with the government  which has rid the country of  terrorism and follows the correct path for progress and development. They should help the government  to surmount difficulties forced upon it by the International community. It is then that  the people will see the UNP in a different light and may when the time comes to change the government  vote the UNP or the JVP  to replace the government with the confidence that they will carry out the progressive policies followed by the Mahinda Rajapakse Government.  Otherwise both UNP and JVP will remain in the political wilderness for many years to come.

 One cannot understand their political strategy to think they could change the government , carrying on manifestations at the drop of a coin.

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Christie Says:
Indian imperialists were involved in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) long before 1948. Jaffna Youth Congress was formed around early 20th century (may be 1020s). The first Socialist collective in the island nation and it was instigated by Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, the world’s most celebrated Indian colonial parasite.
SWRD was financed by India and Indian colonial parasites in the island nation. These are the events that lead to the demise of the non Indians of the island nation. I want readers to think about what I say with an open mind.
Long before the end of the British Empire Indians like Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Jawahalal Nehru and Chandra Bose recognized what India is going to get after the end of the British Empire.
India is heavily involved in the former British dominions and have been very successful. Look at Uganda, when Idi Anmin stood up to the Indian colonists he was castrated by Indian imperialists. Mauritius is technically a part of India and the plight of local Creoles are what the non Indians in Sri Lanka will get.
Those who contributes to this site and live in the West should speak to these people to understand their plight at home.
Fiji is in trouble and it is another Indian job like UNHRC resolution against Ceylon.
VN:F [1.9.15_1155]

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