Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Case has been filed against the TNA


One man stood up against all odds to challenge the legal right of the TNA to claim to represent the Tamil people with an Agenda to set up a separate Eelam state despite its sham call for a Separate State within a united Sri Lanka. 

There was another –Stanley Perera who did not want to go about it alone, but wanted some sort of assent of the Government  before filing a FR case.  But the supposed to be the best Lawyers he contacted in Sri Lanka, discouraged him  giving various excuses with regard to the out come of the case.

Nevertheless his efforts to contact some one close to the President to take their views ended in disappointment. One Minister formerly of the JVP, did not have the courtesy to offer him a seat when he went to see him, and dismissed him with a vague excuse of having to attend a meeting. 

Stanley Perera disappointed with all this went back to where he came from, realising that there is some where within the government  a  notion that it is better leave TNA go on playing with its pet idea of an Eelam, rather than get them to respect the constitution and remain Parliamentarians or leave the Parliament to carry on with their monkey tricks outside.

It is soon after that Mr.Jayantha  Liyanage came forward representing the Sinhala Jathika Premuna to take the challenge to take to courts the TNA which stands against unity between the communities and against  all attempts to unite the Communities, and goes round poisoning the minds of the Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka taking instructions from the pro-terrorist Tamil Expatriates abroad.

Mr. Jayantha Liyanage too as I understand has had his share of difficulties.  Nevertheless,  as a true patriot desirous of settling scores with an enemy of his motherland, decided to fight it out alone. Therefore, with the consent of the Sinhala Jatika Peramuna,  Jayantha Liyanage  despite all the risks involved has come forward to appear before the Supreme Court presenting his case against the TNA, as he says “…  we did not see any other way to bring the separatist issue into an open discussion”

Jayantha Liyanage had some one pretending to be able to finance a case, who finally let him down  trying to collect donations for an FR case he himself wanted to file.  Now Jayantha Liyanage is on his own, he has not appealed for contributions  but  has managed with available means.

He is determined to go ahead with the case.  He is not sure what the reaction of the government would be, but that is not his concern for the moment as he thinks that it is very important  to rid the country of a stumbling block to unity of all  Communities and above all to  stop the separatist TNA  from all its effort to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Eelam State.

Few others who wanted to file cases similar to that of Jayantha Liyanage  has found difficulties finding lawyers to come forward on a voluntary basis.  Unfortunately there are
various organisations who want to  fight against the separatism of the TNA, but are apparently not  willing  to unite behind Jayantha and the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna, and organise their own conferences without even informing the Sinhala Jathika Urumaya, which unfortunately would testify to a division amoung the Sinhala patriots, and  play into the hands of the separatists.

It is time that all patriots support the Sinhala Jathika Urumaya, to rid Sri Lanka of the last remnant of terrorism the TNA. If there is no such unity there cannot be a “Savi Dana Ekamuthuwa” 

Jayantha Liyanage cordially invites, the Savi Dana Ekamuthuwa,  and such other Associations to join hands  with him to make a success of the fight against TNA, and create a public opinion against Separatism and the efforts of the TNA to set up a separate Tamil State.

Jayantha Liyanage says, “ …. we the SJP,  are doing what ever little we can afford ….”  He informs that the case has been filed with the Supreme Court and it is to be heard on the 14th September,2012.

Jayantha says further  that , “   we of the SJP can do things relative to the resources we have. Our main disability is that we do not have a  good vehicles to go about and organize conferences. If we have that and sufficient finances , we  will be in a better  position to give publicity to our “effort” and create a public opinion against TNA.  Until then we simply have to wait for some one………to  turn  attention towards us and the effort we are making for the cause of our motherland,”

I make this article an appeal to the patriots to come forward to help the cause Jayantha has undertaken against the TNA, burying any  political or Communal differences.  If these various Sinhala movements have political ambitions, and do not want to jeopardise that by supporting  Sinhala Jathika Peramuna  it  would be a conflict of priorities not   understand what is important at the moment.

It is not political ambition that is at stake, it is the unity of a people and the attempt of the terrorist rump represented by TNA attempting to divide Sri Lanka to set up a separate Eelam State. 

Once we eliminate that remaining terrorist canker the TNA, we can go our different ways to fulfil our separate political ambitions.  But until then we should all stand together against the TNA.  All patriots of whatever political parties they belong to, have a right and a patriotic obligation to come forward to help the man  Jayantha Liyanage, who has at last challenged the right of the TNA to exist as a Political Party.
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