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An ordeal of a patriot seeking to see TNA sinking in to a “ legal Nandikadal”

From  Wattegama where  I stay It is a long way to Colombo.  On the 28 June, 2012, an important day for all patriots of Sri Lanka, I got up early in the morning and left home at 3 am  to take the bus to Kandy from where I was to take the Inter City train in which I had reserved a seat to Colombo and back. 

The bus was delayed and I had to wait standing at the lonely bus stand looking scarey in the dark chilly morning  for 40 minutes before the bus arrived already backed with  early morning travelers going about their routine affairs unaware what was to take place in Colombo Supreme Court on this important day. 

I had to stand another one hour  or so  before I came to Kandy and walked up to the Railway Station.   The train to Colombo was scheduled for 6.10 am and that was waiting for more than an hour before the counter was opened for the issue of tickets.  At last I sat down in a rather comfortable seat in a refurbished old  colonial railway carriage. The train left the station at 6.10 am whistling  with determination to take its passengers to Colombo Fort in time.

The train was not chug chugging as usual.  I felt it jumping over the rails clanking its old iron plates connecting one carriage to another  making us jump on our seats. The train was really in a hurry, I thought it was keen to take me to Colombo to see Sampathan and his TNA cohorts sinking into another Nandikadal  this time “shot” by  a Sinhala patriot at the Colombo Supreme Court.

I arrived safe and sound  to Colombo Fort Station  and from their to the Supreme Court at Hultsdorf by a  Three Wheeler,  the driver of which had not heard about the case against the TNA, but said who ever is doing it, it is a very good  idea because the TNA has to be taught a lesson.

I was carrying  my inseparable back pack and requested entrance to the court house. “Which case ?”  the stoutish police woman  asked me barring the entrance to the Supreme Court. I told her  it is the case of Jayantha Liyanage of Sinhala Jathika Uraumaya verses the Tamil National Alliance  to be heard in room No.502. “You cannot take your bag ; nor your telephone ”she said, “ leave it some where and come back.”

I asked the security officer at the entrance and he said emphatically that in no way he or any one in the court complex would accept to keep any thing. A smiling young  woman soldier on duty spoke to me and asked me to keep it in a boutique outside the Court complex and ask them  to givde you a  token to reclaim it. I thanked her profusely and went to an Internet Café where they very willingly accepted to keep the bag and gave me a token  to reclaim the bag and my telephone later.

Now free of my bag, I approached the stoutish police woman at the entrance to  the Supreme court and she allowed me to go in.  I met another man looking for the  room number 502. I joined him in the search and the lift took us to the 5th floor and  in the corridor near the room number 502 we found a few more patriots like us waiting.  There were a few priests, a man from Germany and few others who had seen Shenali Waduge’s invitation to attend court and had dutifully came to see what was going on.

The “ Golden key”  case was in progress and the room was already full.  The police officer on duty asked us to  wait in the corridor.  He said when the case in which we are interested would start we will be allowed to enter according to the number of seats vacated in the room 502.

I was with one Wicky Wickramaratne of the Sinhalaya Surekima Sangamaya.  He introduced me to  Venerable Akmeemana Dayaratana thero the President of the  Sinhala Ravaya Jatika Sangamaya.  I was very happy to meet him in person.  He was the one who initiated the moment against the Muslim Mosque built on the temple land in  Dambulla.  I remember defending him in an article to Lanka Web. There were many who commented finding fault with me for defending a “ a thug in yellow robes”, “ criminals in a  sacred yellow robe”, but the priest I met is far from being a “ thug or a criminal in yellow robes” . 

He is a gentle priest with strong feelings against those who are organizing themselves to weaken the Buddha Sasana.   He says that he is not against the Muslims , the Tamil or the Catholics, but what he is against is  deliberate falsehood and manipulating facts to impose their religion to the detriment of Buddhism.   He says that other religious leaders are profiting from the tolerance and meek acceptance by the Buddhists of  any of their false assertions to down grade Buddhism .  It is time he thinks that the Buddhists have to be assertive to protect their religion and their county sanctified by the visits of the compassionate Buddha..

He says that a priest is like any other citizen. The difference is that he has donned a yellow robe and follows the teachings of the Buddha .  But he cannot be deprived of his right to be a patriot and a defender of the Buddha Sasana, when the  very existence of Sri Lanka as a Unitary State is being challenged by a group of foolish men.  

That right of defense of the motherland  cannot be left only for the politicians or the lay people , a priest should also be ready to lead the Buddhists where injustice against Buddhism and Buddhists  is being perpetrated.  The TNA MPs have taken the upper hand, because the Sinhala people have not come forward in large numbers  to condemn them and make manifestations against their demands which are the  same as those made by the terrorists, to obtain which they had been waging a war of terror for  thirty years.

Another priest who had come to be present at the case filed against the TNA was Venerable Madille Pannaloka thero he is the Secretary of the Sinhala Ravaya Jatika Sangamaya.  He told me that the Buddhist Priests are coming to the fore front as the Buddhists have become lethargic leaving every thing in the hands of the politicians. 

There are things that the politicians are unable to do in the present context of excessive interference by the International Community into the internal affairs of Sri Lanka.  The Government acts diplomatically without harming international relations. But in the long run that diplomatic approach may go against the very existence of Sri Lanka as a unitary state, and affect negatively the 2600 years old Buddhism –which is the foremost religion of the world today.

He said as an example that the Government has done a remarkable work in the resettlement of the displaced Tamil civilian population after the elimination of terrorism, but the government has failed to resettle the Sinhala people who had been living in Jaffna prior to terrorism, who were forcibly ousted by the terrorists.   India has undertaken to construct houses for the displaced Tamil people, but no body has come forward to help the displaced Sinhala people to settle them in their former homes in  Jaffna.

Repeated requests for their resettlement have been ignored, therefore the Sinhala Ravaya Jatika Sangamaya of which he is the Secretary has  acquired  land in Jaffna and commenced constructing houses for the nearly 24000 displaced Sinhala people. These people cannot reclaim their own properties as all their documents of ownership were burnt when the terrorists set fire to their homes, bakeries and shops. Sinhala Ravaya Jatika Sangamaya has already built Ten houses for them and much more  remain to be done.

These   are Buddhist priests who are doing a service without waiting for governments or people to come forward to help. They are no “thugs” wearing the sacred yellow robe. They are Buddhist Monks and patriots , helping the Buddhist people but they are not against the Tamils or the Muslims. 

They come forward to denounce when some wrong is being done  no matter whether  it is against the Muslims, Catholics, Hindus or Buddhists.  They need our support because what they are doing is remarkable, we should not come to hasty conclusions because we do not personally agree or disagree with some of their actions. Two other priest whom I met at the Supreme court on that famous day the 28the June, 2012 and worth mentioning are Venerable  Mahameethava  Pannaratana thero and Venerable Yakkalamulle Pavara thero.

It was an occasion to meet people who care about what is going on in our country and ready to defend it in any way they can.  We went on discussing until the police officer on duty asked the priests, if they want to they could take the three vacant seats in room No.502 where  Jayantha Liyanage was to present his case against the TNA.

After the case Jayantha Liyanage came out of the room number 502 with a lawyer.  He said that the case was presented and he had asked permission to make certain amendments to the application.  Therefore the court postponed the case for the 14 September,2012.  One of the TNA defendant was  represented by an Attorney.  Jayantha said that he had a sound case against the TNA and the copy of the Constitution of the ITAK clearly states as  its objective, the creation of a Tamil Eelam and a separate Muslim State.  He mentioned that he is being helped by Anoma Silva, Kithsiri Athulathmudali and Shenali Waduge.

Jayantha Liyanage an Engineer by profession who hails from Kurunegala, is a soft spoken man in his fifties, and appears capable of continuing the  task he has undertaken to the finish.  The Buddhist Priests asked why no publicity had been given and  why not make a statement to the press. He said that he is from Kurunegala and therefore he was unable to contact  the media people in Colombo, that was the reason why wide publicity had not been given to the case. He was however prepared to make a statement to the press if it is possible.  The Buddhist Priests present got busy and arranged  a press conference at the Buddhist Cultural Centre at the Bouddhaloka Mawata for 3 o’clock that afternoon.

I had reserved a seat in the 3, 35pm Inter City Train for my return journey and could not participate in the press conference. But no news paper carried Liyanage’s statement to the press.  But I heard later that he had stated that he does  not want to give the case a religious colouring , making it a purely a layman’s case against the TNA separatists.

In my thinking it is difficult to separate Sinhala Buddhists be they laymen or Buddhist monks from  any activity taken against  the separatist Tamils of the TNA or the Expatriate pro terrorist Tamils in foreign countries.  We must  all unite against the TNA.  It is only then the fight against TNA will be meaningful and end their belligerence and separatist activities like  that of Prabhakaran that ended in Nadikadal.  Our fight is to keep our country as a united whole  and make it the motherland of every one without allowing  any part of it to be controlled by one Community.

Shenali Waduge says, “ what’s now needed is for several more FRs to be filed against the TNA on the same line as how Jayantha has done it..if there are 10 or such cases filed then it becomes a powerful case... now Mr. Stanley Perera can do the same ...and all this will then be taken together in September which CJ on the bench..

…… that TNA is on the back foot it is time to attack...on all fronts.. just how the war theatre occurred.”

I came back in the Inter City Train which clanked its steel plates and hurried dangerously on the rails making us jump on our seats, while  making children happy and gleeful.  That was the end of the ordeal that I went through that day. I was tired but the hope that we may soon be able to make Sampanthan and his cohorts  shut up for good made me feel happy.

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