Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A Case has been filed against TNA- Additional information.

After the article  “ A Case has been filed against the TNA” was published in the Lanka web and copied to an email Forum with Google, a question was raised as to the transparency of accounting for the contributions sent to the Account of the  Sinhala Jathika Peramuna on behalf of its secretary Jayantha Liyanage. 

Some of the forum  members expressed their willingness to contribute provided an assurance could be given as to how far Jayantha Liyanage could assure  transparency of contributions received on account of the case against the TNA.

I have been working solely in the interest of the Lankaweb to keep its readers informed of  what is happening vis à vis  the legal action against TNA to proscribe it as it openly contravenes the Constitution of  Sri Lanka.  The contributors and commentators in the LankaWeb had  taken a long time interest in denouncing the activities of the separatist TNA and it is  therefore why I took it on myself to keep  them informed.

I met Jayantha Liyanage personally and  keep in contact with him through emails to get the latest information about the case against the TNA and also to be careful not to publish any thing Jayantha  may consider detrimental to the on going case.

With regard to the transparency of the accounting procedure of the contributions made to the account of the Sinhala Jathika Peramuna of which Jayantha Liyanage is the Secretary, to be used for the case against the TNA,  Jayantha Liyanage  writes as follows;

  Please forward this to all those who have doubts about our transparency.

Ours is a political party and we have to maintain proper accounts and auditing has to be done from time to time and we have to send all those details as well as details of our office bearers  personal wealth to the election commissioner. Otherwise we cannot function as a political party. The law is tough for political parties.

According to our constitution, the Treasurer and the General Secretary have to sign when money is withdrawn and accounts have  to be approved by the central committee members ( office bearers) during the meetings. 

I will send receipts to every one who contributes as  and when  we receive the contributions and in due course. 

Best Regards!
Jayantha Liyanage.”

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