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HRW International Justice Director Richard Dicker is looking at Sri Lanka from the wrong side of his binoculars.

(Is there a Universal Periodic Review for USA and the International Community  ?)

International Justice Director at New York based Human Rights Watch  Richard Dicker had said, “While war raged in Sri Lanka, Russia and China’s strong support of the government in Colombo thwarted almost all efforts to even discuss the known horrors committed during the war by both sides,”

This Richard Dicker unfortunately speaks with blinkers on.  He looks from his comfortable room in a stately building in New York through the wrong side of the binoculars only at Sri Lanka.   He does not see clearly what had happened in Sri Lanka three years ago nor what is happening in Sri Lanka now.  He only knows that America wanted to see the end of Russia after its dissolution in December 1991, and end of China  after Tiananmen Square protests in 1989.  To his surprise both Russia and China has risen above America in Global influence.  What he sees in the  blurred  image of Sri Lanka is his own stupid imagination playing pranks with his vision.

Richard Dicker you are an outmoded man looking at far away countries through the wrong side of binoculars  and digging into their past, without looking with your naked eyes what is going on around you in America.  The Daily Mail reported on the 5th October, that the American anti war Code Pink Campaign   manifested against killing of civilians in Pakistan in the bombardment by American drones. “Medea Benjamin, one of the group’s founders said yesterday: ‘We are here to say, on behalf of those Americans with a conscience, that we apologize to the people of Pakistan for the killing and suffering (caused by the drones).’
America and its Agents like Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Amnesty International, only see the negative side of developing countries, and depend not on  facts but on what those anti government persons, Agents and Organisations say about  these countries. HRW depends to a great extent on  the representatives of the   Anti Sri Lanka pro terrorist organisations in America and other Western Countries.  Hence Richard Dickers’ views about Sri Lanka are lopsided.

China and Russia should present to the UNHR Council in Geneva a Universal  Periodic Review on America and the International Community on their  mass murders in Libya, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

It is fortunate that the world has China and Russia to counter the reactionary forces of America with its Agents  like, Richard Dicker, Louise Arbour, Navi Pillai and the rest.

There are  quite a number of  foreign government representatives who begin to see that Sri Lanka is not a monster that it is made out to be by people like Richard Dicker, but a forward looking Nation trying its best to reconcile its Communities to march forward towards the goal of peace and progress.

What happened in Sri Lanka at the last phase of its military operations against a ruthless terrorist group is what happens at the last phase of any “war” but  even then that end in Sri Lanka cannot be compared to what happened in wars conducted by the  western world.

But Dicker trying to come to conclusions from what he had heard and read in reports   written by people who were unaware of ground realities of  what took place in Sri Lanka  sees only a distorted  picture of the events. Dicker speaks from his inane prejudice against China and Russia as Governments that help only counties like Sri Lanka carrying on “ inhuman wars”. 

He does not see that China and Russia could be just and realistic and help developing countries rise above their suffering caused by terrorism, and  intervention of foreign enemy countries to help disgruntled citizens to start armed rebellions against the lawful regimes. China has also helped America to raise its head from the financial morass  into which it was sinking.

Inhuman wars are committed elsewhere Dicker,  not in Sri Lanka.  In order to see  where inhuman wars are being committed Dicker should turn his binoculars looking through it from the correct side, at Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.  Then he will see that the Human Rights Watch is  and had been accusing the wrong country for war crimes.  The Sri Lanka Armed Forces carried out military operations against its own “home made” terrorists.  Sri Lanka did not go outside to other countries to kill terrorists and say that the deaths of civilians were collateral damage.

The Government of Sri Lanka Air Forces practiced precision bombing targeting specific objects  and avoided killing civilians.

America in their wars against terrorism has gone to foreign countries and they are killing not so many terrorists but Civilians  who are not Americans but poor  Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans, and in the past the Vietnamiens.  Are those killings not crimes in your evaluation wise Mr. Richard Dicker ? 

Now speaking frankly Richard Dicker who should be taken to a tribunal for war crimes, is it America or Sri Lanka ? 

While there is no eye witness or any other  evidence of war crimes committed against  the Tamil  Civilians in the last phase of the Sri Lanka military operations against the terrorists, the crimes committed by America, its allies  along with NATO forces are well documented and there is no difficulty in finding proof, and  even eye witnesses of their crimes.

It is America and its Allies with NATO Armed Forces that kill and  maim  civilians using drones.  If Richard Dicker wants to refresh his mind, he should read the following excerpt from a  recent  report by   Ben Emmerson, the UN special rapporteur on counter-terror operations.  “ He has  told an audience at Harvard law school this week that a sub-section of the international organization will begin focusing next year on the Obama administration’s extrajudicial killings of suspected insurgents and the innocent civilians all too often executed in the process.
Speaking before a room of students Thursday afternoon in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Emmerson told the crowd that he will be launching an investigation unit within the special procedures of the [UN] Human Rights Council to inquire into individual drone attacks.”  ( )

In the mean time The Washington Post has revealed that the US government has compiled a database called the 'disposition matrix' to "augment" the existing "kill lists", which will focus on suspects beyond the reach of American drones.

Well Richard Dickers , you are far behind “news”, and accusing wrong people on unfounded “crimes”, allowing real “criminals” to go unchecked.

We do not want any UN Monitoring Mission in Sri Lanka, you should ask such Missions  opened in Mali, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, Libya (a little too late though), and Syria to control the human rights violations and war crimes being committed by the American Army  and the  Armies of its allies.

Is  Richard Dicker  aware of thousands  of Christians burnt alive by the Muslims in Nigeria ? Why do not you propose a UN Mission in Nigeria and open invzestigations for war crimes ?
These are matters that have to be attended to if you represent a really honest organisation looking after the human rights of the people. In Sri Lanka there is no more war against terrorism. It is three years ago that terrorism has been eliminated in Sri Lanka and now the country is developing and the people are living in  peace and their social and economic progress is being taken care of by the Government.

If there is a problem in Sri Lanka it is with the interfering of the Tamil National Alliance, a local political party seeking to divide Sri Lanka, the so called pro terrorist Tamil diaspora abroad-Global Tamil Forum, the Human Rights Watch, International Crisis Group, Amnesty International, and few Western Governments who interfere in to Sri Lanka craving to have the votes of the pro terrorist Tamil expatriates settled down in their countries.

If there had been death of civilians in the last phase of the military offensive against the terrorists, it had not been deliberate  and no court of law with intelligent independent judges  would  hold Sri Lanka Armed Forces guilty of war crimes, for that.

The terrorists,  Richard Dicker for thirty long years committed innumerable violations of human rights and  war crime. They were no “ choir boys” to respect life, they killed every thing that moved in the last pitched live or die  battle to save their lives. There was no Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International or the Crisis Group to intervene with the terrorists to stop their brutalities.

It is only “brainless” fools who will accuse the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka , for brutality against the innocent Tamil civilians , if they take time to understand  what it is to evacuated  300000 Tamil Civilians  kept as human shields by the  terrorists, in the din of screaming people running in terror , crying children,  and  shooting  from heavy machine guns by the terrorists and small arms by the armed forces.  The Sri Lanka Armed Forces used small arms to avoid killing Civilians running away from the terrorists.

It is  imperative that Richard Dicker who is for  justice  against human rights, should understand that it is not  China or Russia which will put developing countries into financial difficulty like America had done to Cuba with a trade embargo for more than 15 years or  issue sanctions against sale of oil to Iran, which cause financial, difficulties to developing countries like Sri Lanka.

Dicker should also know that  no one can  dictate to Sri Lanka where it should deploy its armed Forces within Sri Lanka.  Sri Lanka has the right to open military bases any where in Sri Lanka to protect its people.  It knows better because it is the people of Sri Lanka that went through 30 years of suffering from brutal  terrorism that  began in the North and East.

But by what right USA  has 179 US Military bases out side USA. (

These   are the matters that should concern the Human Rights Watch if they are a genuine Group of people really concerned with the human rights of the people.  They have no right to single out Sri Lanka for violation of human rights when violation of human rights in the worst form are committed  by America, and the International Community with its NATO Armed Forces. 

Mr. Richard Dicker you have jumped on to the  wrong side of the fence to accuse Sri Lanka for war crimes, when you should really occupy America and the State Department of United States of America to see what it had been doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Vietnam and now in Syria.

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