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What secret pact the political hierarchy of the Sri Lanka government has with the Government of India to keep calling “ India is our friend ” ?

India had not been   a real friend of Sri Lanka .  This fact became evident with the coming of Mrs. Indra Ghandhi as the Prime Minister .  She  employed the RAW to initiate wide spread  sporadic  anti Sinhala activities by selected Tamil youth from the  North, which resulted in back lashes from the Sinhala in the south against the unfortunate Tamils in the south.  It was under Indra Gandhi that camps were set up in Tamil Nadu to train Prabhakaran and  other Tamil youth in terrorism.
These “riots” were utilised  to create the Sinhala Tamil dissension and provoke Tamil political leaders to  organise separate political parties for the Tamil Community, and make a hue and cry that the Sinhala majority is discriminating  against the  Tamils minority.  Though the Tamils  make out that the Sinhala majority  were responsible for the riots  there were the excesses by some Tamils.

In 1958 for instance it was  a Tamil mob that cut off  the breasts of a Sinhala woman and killed her in Panadura , which  resulted in the wide spread riot.  In 1983 it was the killing of 13 Sinhala policemen that started the backlash in the south. The latter was undoubtedly,  masterminded by the RAW to start off the terrorism by the already trained group of Tamil youth let loose in the North.

“India aided and abetted terrorism, and repeatedly violated Sri Lanka's sovereignty. Its High Commissioner during the period dictated terms to Sri Lanka.

While the Vadamarachchi operation was on, the Indian Envoy Mr. J.N. Dixit had met President Jayawardene and bluntly told him that India will not stand by idly and allow Jaffna to fall into the hands of the Army, and if the military operation continued, there could be unforeseen consequences. Asked to explain what these ‘unforeseen consequences' could be, Dixit had told Jayawardene that military aid may be given by India to the LTTE leading to the possible dismemberment of Sri Lanka.”

This in turn encouraged the Tamil political leaders of the Vellala Caste who always kept the low caste Tamils under their thumb assuring their leadership in the Tamil Community to spear head a moment calling for parity of status to both the Sinhala and the Tamil Communities. 

After the assassination of Indra Ghandhi  by her own body guards  Beant Singh and Satwant Singh on the 31st October, 1984  her son Rajiv Gandhi took office.  As he may have been advised of the intentions of her mother vis à vis Sri Lanka, he followed her policies with the intension of completing what her mother had started.

He went further, when Sri Lanka Armed Forces were about to finish off with terrorism he sent  the Indian Air Force to intervene and followed it with a peace accord, and sent an Indian Peace Keeping Force.  Along with it he imposed on Sri Lanka the 13 Amendment prepared by Indians to the Sri Lanka Constitution.  The Indian Peace Keeping Force completely failed in its effort   even to temporarily subdue the Sri Lanka terrorists, they finally left having accomplished nothing but aggravating the Communal problem and forcing on us a thirteenth amendment that has caused us innumerable problems.
Finally  Rajiv Gandhi too followed his mother’s fate, but in worst circumstances,  being blown up by a the  terrorists suicide bomber on the 21 May, 1991, an agent of the terrorists  who he had  thought was his duty to help. 

After Rajiv Gandhi , it was his Italian widow Sonia Gandhi nee Antonia Albina Maino who took the reins of the Indian Congress Party which led the UPA.  In May, 2004   Sonia Gandhi moved   Manmohan Singh  to be the  Prime Minister of India.  Having come into power Manmohan Singh,  as the Prime Minister of India with Sonia Gandhi watching from behind continues to spread the Gandhian venom on Sri Lanka. 

Through out the latter part of the  war against the terrorists, India pretended to be  a friend of Sri Lanka while  from behind tried every thing it could to help the terrorists win its war against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces.

 « It was when late Major General Janaka Perera was the Commander of Jaffna, that 40,000 soldiers were stranded in Jaffna at the mercy of a possible terrorist attack due to lack of transport. The Indian Government with whom the then President of Sri Lanka negotiated for ships to transport the stranded army refused to provide the requested means of transport. The army however, with the support provided by the Government of Pakistan halted the terrorist march towards Jaffna..”

When India refused to sell us weapons, they also warned us not to by weapons from China.
During the  latter part of the successful military operations against the terrorists India was more concerned about its political interest in Tamil Nadu, and sent Indian Government Ministers to Sri Lanka to negotiate a Cease Fire with the terrorists. 

When the terrorists started flying their  planes, India offered to Sri Lanka a second hand radar equipment operated by Indians which could not detect the low flying planes.  The Italian Sonia Gandhi nee Antonia Albina Maino,  undoubtedly influenced by the International Community demanded the Indian government not to sell offensive weapons to Sri Lanka.

As far as the Sri Lankans are concerned the Government of India had never shown a friendly concern over  the  atrocities  being committed by the terrorists in Sri Lanka against its Armed Forces or its people, or its Tamil people- about who India is very concerned now.   Even today the Indian Government offers aid to the North and East  leaving out the south.  Immediately after the elimination of the terrorists this supposed to be “friendly” India  hastened to open up Consulates in the North and South hoping to keep in check the influence of China.

Their project to construct 50,000 houses  for the IDPs are still a non-event.  But they are now talking of constructing 1000 houses in the North and  4000 for the Tamils of Indian  Origin in the estate sector.

The last thrust of the sward to Sri Lanka by India our  “pseudo friend” was at the last Human Rights Council session in Geneva.  China, Russia, Pakistan and Iran  would not even have dreamed of doing what India did at the Geneva Human Rights Council that unhappy day  the 22 March , 2012  we will never forget. "One has to weigh pros and cons. What we did was in line with our stand on Sri Lanka. We do not want to infringe on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka but concerns should be expressed so that Tamil people can get justice and lead a life of dignity," said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  If India was a real friend it could have abstained from voting . 

The excuse that Manmohan Singh gave was,  “India is inclined to vote in favour of the resolution." He had been warned that if India did not vote against Sri Lanka, his key ally, the DMK, would pull out of the government. It was reported that, “China has thrown its weight behind Sri Lanka, saying it is against any country putting pressure on others in the name of rights violations. The Chinese Foreign Ministry said Sri Lanka and its people were capable of dealing with their own affairs.” India and China of the two who is the friend of Sri Lanka ?

How could the President  or any Minister of the Government of Sri Lanka still go to India  calling it our “best” friend ?  Unless of course there is a secret pact between India and Sri Lanka the ordinary people are not aware of.

India receives the President of Sri Lanka or its Ministers giving them the right hand and at the same time receives the TNA  giving them the left hand. The Central Government of India has not the guts to put Karunanidhi or Jayalalitha in their place explaining to them the elements of political expediency.  Both Karunanidhi the poet lauriat pour Sri Lanka terrorists, and Jayalalitha  the third rate film actress  have not the brains to be real politicians. 

They have to be taught what politic is all about  and how  a sovereign state   should deal with other Sovereign States.  Central Government of India would not do that because TamilNadu is an excuse for them to  break up the unitary status  of Sri Lanka and  manipulate for its political and economic decline in all sorts of ways.  That is  what India always wanted to do openly since Indra Ghandhi became the Prime Minister of India, though our political leaders seem to have their own reason to keep on calling India  our friend.

Both the Central Government of  India and its  “headache” the TamilNadu speak for the well being of the Tamils in Sri Lanka, but they would not stop the Tamil Nadu fishermen from fishing in our waters causing hardship to Sri Lanka Tamil fishermen who are trying to live from the “catch” made meagre by the Tamil Nadu fishermen.  Even the TNA stealing the votes of these Tamil fishermen of the North do not seem to bother, as they are more concerned about political issues which is the last thing the Sri Lanka fishermen have to worry about.

India could have told the TNA long ago when Sampanthan and his goons  pay their  regular curtsies to India to complain about their problems with the Government of Sri Lanka, that they should start a dialogue with the President of Sri Lanka and come to terms  with him and his government rather than come on bended knees to Manmohan Singh who is not the Prime Minister Sri Lanka, and therefore  of TNA.

It is only now India is waking up to the reality of the foolishness of the TNA parliamentarians, and  has apparently decided to ask them to settle problems in Sri Lanka with the President and government of Sri Lanka.  It was reported that,   “The Indian government is to exert pressure on the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) to fully commit itself to the political process towards arriving at a viable solution. It is reliably learnt that New Delhi had intimated the necessity towards pushing the TNA towards supporting a viable political solution in Sri Lanka……..”

It was also reported that, “……..The TNA plans to take up the Jaffna High Security Zone issue with Indian leaders and request them to urge the Lankan government to dismantle the HSZs in the North. TNA Spokesman and Jaffna District MP Suresh Premachandran told The Island yesterday that his party had been invited to meetings with Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna and the issues to be taken up with New Delhi had not been decided on, but certainly the HSZs would be discussed. ”
Why should TNA a political party with parliamentarians in the Prliament of Sri Lanka crawl on all fours to meet Manmohan Singh to complain about the HSZ ?  Sri Lanka is not a Provincial State like Tamil Nadu of India. It is time that some type of action is taken to abolish the TNA as a political party.  TNA is the stumbling block for a positive reconciliation process and the establishment of a Communally united Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka should develop more cultural  ties with China,  and Pakistan  as  friends and neighbours than with India.  That is the only way to rid ourselves of the  patronising attitude of India and  to thwart India’s determination to perpetuate the Communal dissension in Sri Lanka and if possible contribute to partition Sri Lanka. 
India may be “a friend” of the political leaders of Sri Lanka, but the people of Sri Lanka will never accept India as a friend because India is simply not a friend of Sri Lanka.

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