Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Is it not to antagonise the Forces against Sri Lanka that we should not remove 13A ?

In removing 13 A , “ We are playing into the hands of the forces that are conspiring against the country…” says Tissa Vitharana of LSSP.

If  Tissa Vitharana means  the International Community, why should we be frightened of it?  International Community has been and continues to be the most undemocratic , reactionary, and  discriminatory  foreign power working against developing countries.  The International Community has committed more war crimes, and  violation of human rights, than Sri Lanka  and no body has so far submitted a resolution at the UNHRC asking its  accountability for war crimes.

Let’s see a short list  of their nefarious activities.  Can any intelligent person understand why USA continues a trade embargo  against Cuba  since October 1960 , codified into Law in 1992 ?  It is not acceptable in the  21st century. What wrong has  Cuba done against America or the civilized world ? Cuban revolution drove away Batista an egocentric dictator who made Cuba the play ground of the rich Americans  mafia, setting up casinos, gambling houses and prostitution.  Cuba organised its own system of government, without following the pseudo western democracy ?  Should Cuba be prosecuted for that by an American trade embargos ?

USA accuses Iran and North Korea for  their nuclear programmes, but Cuba has nothing of the kind.  This is nothing other than its discriminative methods invented for regime change in developing countries not following its system. The International Community wants to draw these countries away from the influence of China and Russia,  keeping them financially and politically under its control grouped as dependent  satellite States.

International Community led by France treated  a group of  disgruntled Libyans in Bengazy, as rebels and helped them giving, arms and ammunitions and sending military advisers for an armed rebellion  against Colonel Gaddafi in Libya.  It used NATO to bomb Libya obtaining   the Sanction of the UN Security Council  falsely pretending  that  it  would  only survey the air space over Libya. 

USA and UK fooled the UNO about Iraq, lying to it that Iraq was having weapons  of mass destruction, and went to war in Iraq and assassinated Saddam Husain. USA   let their special security forces, the Navy  SEALs to trespass into  the Sovereign State of Pakistan to assassinate an unarmed Osama Bin Laden.  The war  against the Government of Syria had been ”sponsored” by USA and the International Community, arming  a group of rebellious  Syrians making out of them armed rebels against the regime.

USA withdrew its budgetary contribution to UNESCO because the General Conference of UNESCO  accepted Palestine as a member State.   Is that not  undemocratic, inhuman , and  a violation of the human rights of a people who had been displaced from their lands to  be  asked to be recognised as a  Nation ?  Is it correct to sanction an International Institution like UNESCO for accepting the decision of its General Assembly to accept Palestine as a member State ?

In Sri Lanka too the International Community led by the nose by Robert Blake, David Milliband, Bernard Kouchner , and Hillary Clinton, wanted to contact the terrorists  when they were being cornered in the  no-fire zone by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, undoubtedly to recognise them as a rebel group,  arm them and backed by NATO allow the terrorists to capture power to  Balkanise  Sri Lanka .  It was  what it  did in Libya, handing  over power to a group of rebels to eventually assassinate Gaddafi.

What ever Sri Lanka does will not be appreciated by the International Community as long as  it is detrimental to its own  interest.  It will blame the Government of Sri Lanka  for what ever positive action it takes with good intentions for the betterment of its people   When Sri Lanka announced that it had resettled the remaining IDPs, the American Embassy    made a statement , “We remain concerned about the rushed resettlement of the final internally displaced persons (IDPs) to close the Menik Farm camp,"

If Sri Lanka continues to do things to please India and the International Community, it will fail in its  endeavour to reconcile the Communities and build a nation out of them and bring them peace and prosperity.

Therefore , we cannot do things with  “pleasing the International Community”,  in mind.   The Government of Sri Lanka has to take actions which is  necessary for our people and our country as a whole.  Those opposition political parties  that accuse Sri Lanka of an ethnic problem , and discrimination of the government against the Tamil people are concerned with their own future as politicians, and are using the Tamil people as a means to attain  their own political objectives.

TNA is the present “phantom” of the terrorists and they do exactly what Prabhakaran the terrorist did .  Prabhakaran was not interested in his Tamil people.  He was interested in setting up a Tamil Eelam to satisfy his own ego. He  originally “brain washed “ and trained by India became its “ Frankenstein” let loose in Sri Lanka. 

Prabhakaran was using Solheim of  Norway  as an intermediary to arrange negotiations for peace talks with the Government representatives.  Prabhakaran was  arranging these  negotiations to be held outside Sri Lanka to give the negotiations  the maximum publicity. He  knew that he was not going to settle any thing through  negotiations and he had plans to scuttle each one of these peace negotiations.  He was determined to have the Tamil Eelam his way; not through negotiations, but through terror.

It is exactly what  the TNA is doing.  TNA is using Manmohan Singh and  India for the purpose, as Prabhakaran used Solheim and Norway.  Sampanthan and his TNA cronies know very well that they do not want  to work democratically along with the Government.  They have their own idea how to scuttle negotiations and use India as a spring board to bring discredit to Sri Lanka.

TNA will fool the International Community, just like Prabhakaran the terrorist.  TNA will get various human rights activists on to their side to force them to get the Sri Lanka  government to create the Tamil Eelam . The idea is to get the SLArmed Forces to leave the North and East, and stop any one from the Sinhala and Muslim Communities settle down in the North and East.  They want to fuse the North and East into one Province  and have their Tamil Ealam with only the Tamil speaking people. Their terrorist Thalaivar  Prabhakaran failed to do this. But TNA wants to do it  their way.

As Solheim of Norway helped Prabhakaran the terrorist, Manmohan Singh of India is helping Terrorist proxy  Sampnathan and TNA.  As much as Solheim of Norway was  at the same  time working with the International Community; Manmohan Singh of India is also with the International Community.

How long will it take the Government of Sri Lank  to understand this ?

But Sri  Lanka continues to pay homage to India and gives more and more  means to infiltrate into  Sri Lanka, politically, economically and socially.  India has set  up its Consular Offices in the North  and the South. The latest is that,  “..Under the Slave Island Area Redevelopment Project the UDA will provide 8 acres of land bordering former Education Department site, Malay Street, Justice Akbar Street, and Railway line on a 99-year lease to the Indian company. …… TATA is entrusted to build 456 decent housing units with all facilities for the current residents in alternative lands in the same area within two years.”

It is in the interest of Sri Lanka to stop further influence of India in Sri Lanka and  instead build stronger ties with China and Russia.

Observing the number of countries and NGOs who are seeking to accuse Sri Lanka from- White Van kidnapping  to elimination of terrorism  at the next UNHuman Rights Council one wonders whether Sri Lanka would not have been better off suffering under ruthless terrorism instead of having got rid of terrorism under most difficult circumstances with the sacrifice of a generation of youth.

Sri Lanka carried out military operations to eliminate terrorism  through necessity and neither the Government of Sri Lanka nor the Sri Lanka Armed Forces wanted to deliberately injure or  cause death to Tamil Civilians.  If their were any deaths in that military operation it was because it was  forced upon the SL Armed Forces by the ruthless terrorists, it was definitely not a deliberate violation of the rights of the Tamil Civilians by the SL Armed Forces for which nobody could  on hear say give it a false interpretations to accuse the Armed Forces.

But the deaths of Civilians by the American Armed forces and by the NATO bombardments  were far greater. But unlike the Armed forces in  Sri Lanka,  in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan , and Libya,  America and its NATO allies were fighting an unnecessary war.  Every time the UNHRC meets in Geneva Sri Lanka is in the front line of attack.  It appears that it is being deliberately done by the International Community to take the attention away from its  own  war crimes, and violation of human rights.

It is time Sri Lanka and other countries that  are being targeted by the International Community for  violation of human rights and war crimes, turn tables on the International Community by presenting a resolution at the UNHR Council in Geneva against the International Community calling it  to account for the Civilian deaths , violation of Human Rights and war crimes in different parts of the world.

All their war crimes, and violation of Human rights are well documented and we need not get the UK Channel 4 to make a special film like they did to falsely accuse Sri Lanka Armed Forces “ deliberate shooting blindfolded  Sri Lanka terrorists”.  There are many war crimes committed by the Armed forces of the International Community , such as  in Afghanistan   the  deliberate shooting of civilians by American Soldiers and  taking fingers of the dead as mementos. 

There are numerous other cases  such as:
( i)  torture  of Iraqi prisoners  in    Abu Grhaib,
(ii)  use of Napalm in Vietnam.
(iii) the US  Navy SEALs entering Pakistan  and assassinating unarmed Osama Bin Laden.  (iv) Deaths of civilians by NATO bombardments in Libya.
(v)Civilian deaths from bombardment by US Drones in the boarder villages of Pakistan.
These are only a few of them. We can prepare a resolution against the International Community against its  war crimes and violation s of human rights of Nations and Individuals running to several pages.

All  these war crimes committed by the International Community which have not been so far questioned by any international forum cannot however be  covered-up   by pointing a finger of accusation at Sri Lanka. 

Therefore we need not be frightened of the International Community  in doing in our country what is necessary for our people who are the Sri Lankan Tamils, the  Sri Lankan Sinhala and  the Sri Lankan Muslims. 

In our country we  need not have the permission of India, or the International Community to set up our Military Camps where we want. 

Nor can India or the International Community question us whether we are going to keep the 13 amendment to our Constitution, or remove it if our people  want it removed.

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