Thursday, 22 August 2013

Navi Pillai should come to Sri Lanka with an open mind unencumbered with prejudices.

If Navi Pillai is on a fact finding mission to Sri Lanka, she should set aside her prejudices and come with an open mind.  Then and then only will she see for herself  how Sri Lanka exists  as a country with three Communities making up her population. 

But if she is coming to see to what extent she could justify her prejudices against the Government of Sri Lanka and the Sinhala people of  the majority Community, then it is better she stays back and learns about Sri Lanka from its enemies-the Tamil Diaspora, American  Sate Department, the NGOs, Amnesty International, and other anti Sri Lankan human rights  activists.  Because with her mind full of such prejudices the facts of reality of Sri Lanka will not sink into her mind.

The Government of Sri Lanka has invited her to see for herself to what extent the Government of Sri Lanka has provided facilities to improve the condition of living of the  Tamil people in the North and East after the elimination of terrorism.  She will be able to see that  the facilities provided to North and East  are far more than those that have been provided to the South. 

She will also be able to  evaluate for herself  whether in the infrastructure development, and the provision of  facilities of health, education, water and other  public services, there is discrimination against the Tamils of the North and East in relation to the people in the South.

But all this will be possible if Navi Pillai is wise and intelligent  to see through those many anti-government forces who will infiltrate into her presence to murmur into her ears calumnious misinformation that will distort her vision of reality.

For instance the Tamil National Alliance in the  mere fact of they being  members of a political party of high Caste Tamils are depending on the low caste Tamil majority in Jaffna who with their mental acceptance of the Tamils of high caste as their superiors by divine right of Hindu Caste System,  may vote for them to represent them in the Provincial Council.

In that mental assurance, though up to now the TNA MPs have not contributed in anyway or planned any future projects for the development of  the North,  they have been travelling to different countries of the world where there are pro-terrorist Tamil diaspora organisations, seeking their help to form in Sri Lanka a Tamil Eelam State.

The TNA other than its ambition to set up a separate Eelam State has  no practical plan to contribute to the development of Sri Lanka as a United Nation of Sri Lankans, leaving aside the ethnic differences of the Communities in Sri Lanka. 

The TNA speaks of LLRC only to show that  the Government of Sri Lanka is not for reconciliation, not withstanding that all  proposals the TNA is coming forward with are separatist to keep the Tamil Community  away from the Sinhala Community, which is  opposed to reconciliation TNA complains the Government is not complying with.

If Navi Pillai would listen to the TNA delegation which is scheduled to meet her, intelligently with an open mind, without being swayed  one way or the other as it is expected of her, she will perceive  their  separatist Agenda for the Tamils of the North of Sri Lanka. 
The TNA ‘s primary  demand is the demilitarisation of the North, and the release of the members of the Tamil Terrorist group now under detention.

What is the motive behind this demand ?

The North without the presence of the military, and the release of the former members of the Tamil Terrorist  group would create an ideal situation to  organisation a militant Tamil group who will awaken the terrorist “sleepers”, who are awaiting the proper time to awaken to recommence terrorism if necessary to separate the North for a Tamil Eelam State. 

They will demand  the Military to be confined to the barracks during the NPC polls, and reduce the number of forces present in the North.  

What is behind this demand ? 

With the Armed Forces Confined to Barracks and the  numbers reduced, the TNA could create a situation where the Tamil  people of the North could be made to vote for the candidates of TNA under duress. 

The people could be moved in groups under the control of militant Tamils perhaps recruited from amoung those sympathetic to terrorism, to create a fear psychosis amoung the Tamil people which will deny them  voting  for the Candidates of their choice, but to the Candidates suggested by the Militants of the TNA. 

The people in such an eventuality may not have any one to turn, with the military confined to the barracks, not able to rush to different place where trouble are being reported due to  the lack of enough soldiers as the number of Armed Forces are reduced.

It was in the North that terrorism became possible, because there were Tamils with the mentality of those in the TNA.  There is only a military solution to terrorism.

If there is ever a possibility for  terrorism to arise, it will  again  be in the North, as the Tamil political leaders such as those in the TNA would only encourage such an evolution rather than  curb it. It is therefore for that reason a strong  all time Military presence is essential in the North and East than any where else in Sri Lanka.

The other issues the TNA delegation will demand Navi Pillai to take up would be the plight of the Tamil political prisoners, war crimes, and disappearances.  These are matters that are controversial and without proof, which  every one against the Sri Lanka Armed Forces for the elimination of terrorism continues to question in different forums.

But Navaneetham Pillai should not waste her time in Sri Lanka  going through  what she had already familiarised herself in the Geneva Human Rights Council Sessions. 

Navi Pillay if she is smart would see in this demonstration of the TNA Delegation to portray  the Government of Sri Lanka as discriminating against the Tamils in the North, is that TNA is meeting her not to discuss its  proposals for the development of the North for the benefit of the Tamil people and how they propose to effect the reconciliation of the Communities.  But the TNA Delegation is meeting her  to indirectly demand her support as a “Tamil” for her  to propose the presence of a Foreign Mission  to facilitate their plan to separate North from the rest of the country, and turn it into a separate Tamil Eelam State.

It is important that Navi Pillai should not restrict her visit to Jaffna.  She should visit the Southern parts of Sri Lanka and meet the Tamil people living there, and see the Tamil business establishments.  She should also meet the Tamil public servants and the Tamil employees  in the private Sector working in the South. She should see how families of different communities live side by side in Colombo and other Towns.  She should visit a few Sinhala families as well those among the rich and the poor.

This is important as Navi Pillai is aware how the black people including Indians in South Africa  were separated from the whites and put into  ghettos.  In  America  and in European countries people are still housed in  separate areas mostly away from the whites. 

In Sri Lanka  there are no such ghettos where the Tamils are housed separated from the Sinhala and Sinhala have special residential areas.  In Sri Lanka all communities live together in the towns except that in the country side there are  Muslim villages, Tamil villages and Sinhala villages close to each other without any sense of segregation.

These are the matters that should concern Navi Pillai to  understand  how things are different in the south , where members of different Communities exist as friendly neighbours  along side each other.
Because  as she is intelligent she may question why the same mixture of Communities should not be there in the North.  Such mixture of Communities will  enhance the understanding , friendly inter-communication, and reconciliation to form a union of communities instead of the  absurdity of separation.

That is the only way to reconcile the Communities and seal the formation of a nation of people with the common purpose of developing Sri Lanka the motherland of every one of them without differentiating one community from the other for reasons of ethnicity, religion or language.
Navi Pillai should be made to understand that necessity and for that greater purpose to leave aside those allegations the TNA is highlighting, such as the plight of the Tamil political prisoners, war crimes, and disappearances, in order  to keep the Communities separated and help the formation of a separate Eelam State for the Tamils.

What is of greater necessity for the welfare of the Tamil people ? Is it Separation  from the  other Communities or uniting with the other Communities to form one with them all ?
If Navi Pilla who is herself a Tamil is for the welfare of the Tamil people  of Sri Lanka she should not give in to TNA, but agree to the  second option of the Tamil Community uniting with the other communities of Sri Lanka to form one Nation of Sri Lankans.

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