Thursday, 15 August 2013

What happened to the Proposed PSC on the 13 Amendment ?

There was quite an excitement some where in mid July about taking a decision on the removal or removing certain provisions of the 13Amendment to the Constitution. PSC was appointed with the Minister Nimal Siripala De Silva in the Chair.   Then  a decision  had been taken to call the views of the public on the issue.  The last date to receive the views of the public was  fixed for the 9th August, 2013. 

Since then nothing has been heard.  The elections for the Northern Provincial Council is to be held in September.  Therefore any decision with regard to the 13 Amendment has to be taken now.

In the meantime there had been many events that have shifted the interest away from the 13th  Amendment.  But it is more important that a decision is taken on the issue without further delay. The opposition are getting ready to create a political  upheaval allowing the public interest in the 13 Amendment to lapse.

There was recently an article in the Lanka Web by Chandrasena Pandithage warning the President of the dangers he is facing from many forces out to discredit the government and isolate the Country from the international scene, forcing the cancellation of the CHOGM, and to project Sri Lanka to the visiting UN High Commissioner of Human rights as a country violating the rights of the people, and   where there is no freedom of worship, and where there is Communal strife. Not forgetting the TNA’s all out effort to win the Northern Provincial Council Elections.

There is  a real danger to the life of the President and it is timely that he takes precautions as it is necessary that Sri Lanka has Mahinda Rajapakse as the President of Sri Lanka for some more time to come, along with his trusted Defence Secretary.  

There is a possible danger from CIA and the RAW.  CIA was able to change regimes with the presence in a country of only one of its Agents.  The President Premadasa was assassinated by a person who was very close to him and who had won his confidence. 

Therefore, it is wise that the President takes necessary safety measures.  The most dangerous period for the President  would be from now until the end of CHOGM.  The  smell of money makes even intelligent men fall to lowest levels.  The Tamil Diaspora has money to make people to do the dirtiest possible work.  We already see some intelligent people , intellectuals at that,  already carrying out propaganda for the TNA

UNP is in the mean time signing MoUs with other opposition parties to topple the Government.  UNP is a failed political Party and even though thousands will turn up for manifestations they organise, UNP and the Opposition will not be able to topple the government by turning the  masses against the government.  In the hey days of LSSP and  CP their meetings attracted the largest crowds, but at elections the people did not places their trust in them as much.

But all that should be left aside  and turn the government’s attention to what is more important. A decision to remove the 13 Amendment should be taken without further delay, without allowing other matters to take priority.


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