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Weliveriya in the Limelight

On 12 March 2012 the Mail Online reported , “NATO troops in Afghanistan are on high alert after the Taliban vowed to avenge the deaths of 16 innocent civilians - including nine children and three women - who were shot and killed by a rogue U.S. soldier who opened fire after suffering a 'mental breakdown' early Sunday morning.

 The Army staff sergeant, stationed at a U.S. base in Kandahar, entered three Afghan family’s homes at 3am and began the vicious killing spree. Relatives of the dead said he then 'poured chemicals over their dead bodies and burned them.'

The shooter is an Army staff sergeant from Fort Lewis-McChord in Washington state, and was believed to have acted alone.”

On 27 March, 2011 Rollingstone Politics reported under the title, " The Kill Team:How US Soldiers in Afghanistan Murdered Innocent Civilians."

“Cpl. Jeremy Morlock and Pfc. Andrew Holmes, saw a young farmer who was working by himself among the spiky shoots. Off in the distance, a few other soldiers stood sentry. But the farmer was the only Afghan in sight. With no one around to witness, the timing was right. And just like that, they picked him for execution.

He was a smooth-faced kid, about 15 years old. Not much younger than they were: Morlock was 21, Holmes was 19. His name, they would later learn, was Gul Mudin, a common name in Afghanistan. He was wearing a little cap and a Western-style green jacket. He held nothing in his hand that could be interpreted as a weapon, not even a shovel. The expression on his face was welcoming. "He was not a threat," Morlock later confessed. ”

All that is without mentioning killing of children , men and women in Pakistan boarder villages with American drone attacks.

It is America with such a history  which speaks about its concern over Weliweriya incident. I t has been reported that, the U.S. State Department in a release to Indian media has said, that “We are concerned by recent violent incidents including shootings in Weliweriya, Sri Lanka," US State Department seems to have nothing better to do than having its eyes riveted to Sri Lanka.

It was a manifestation of the people  over pollution of water that had been turned out by those who are  waiting for an opportunity to make the best of any situation for their political gain that caused the tragic loss of lives. The American State Department would have been more wiser if it had requested the government how it could help to provide the people with fresh water, without making it a diplomatic issue to find fault with the government and interfere into  a matter which the government is dealing with satisfactorily despite the loss of lives. 

The people of Sri Lanka know very well that the Armed Forces would not be deployed if any situation could be brought under  control by the Police. It is only when the Police demands the Military intervention that the Armed Forces are moved in.  That the American State Department should know very well without being over concerned about such a situation happening in Sri Lanka.
In the Countries of the International Community these incidences are not uncommon, in France they call them “bavures” –blunders, only difference is that the US State Department does not express their “concern” and the Human rights activists do not interfere. But Sri Lanka will, unfortunately remain the concern of all interfering bums, whether it  does any thing good or make any errors. In European Countries there is a special security force that intervenes in manifestations and their actions are often criticised as disproportionate.

Sri Lanka Armed Force has a greater link with the people. The soldiers of our Armed forces are also our own children. They do not  flare out unconcerned of the security of the people.  They are an army experienced in providing protective  cover.  The Army when it is provoked by elements who are determined to  discredit the Army by throwing petrol bombs and stones, cannot remain without reacting. It is those provocateurs who are primarily responsible and should be blamed  for the death of the  three youth, and not the Army.

The  Army cannot be present at a scene of  disorder with the situation getting  beyond control, with their arms folded and suffer the petrol bomb attacks by disorderly elements.  That is what the CFA forced the Army to do when the LTTE terrorists were occupying the areas allocated to them under the CFA.  It is easy to find fault with the Armed Forces , but who were responsible to  have made the manifestations at Weliveriya go beyond police control.

It is only the Government and its allies that continue to keep the country’s development going and make the best of  even the worst situation despite occasional difficulties that it has to face. 
The Opposition parties in Sri Lanka are less National minded and make use of every  opportunity to discredit the government not because they love the people and the country better but because  they are hoping that  they could topple the government and force new Presidential and Parliamentary elections. 
The TNA may or may not win the Provincial Council elections , but even if they were to be elected, the people will not allow TNA to divide the country or have their own way in the North.

In the meantime Bar Association is also trying to make things difficult for the Government, taking up the Weliveriya issue as they are aware that there is  big money in Government bashing.  The unlimited funds in the hands of the Terrorist Front Organisations and foreign visits sponsored by the USA Statement department are tempting issues that the BASL would like to profit from.

Catholic Church  is as usual busy with its under hand activities. The water pollution in Weliveriya over which the people had manifested had been apparently settled in the presence of a Catholic Priest. 

The authorities concerned had come to an agreement in consultation with the parties concerned to test the water and provided fresh water until a permanent solution is found.  It was apparently after that a second manifestation had been organised.

UNP is as usual seeking political mileage without attempting to find a solution without allowing the matter to take an International proportion. 

The Government is also partly responsible to have allowed  such a situation to arise in Weliveriya.  The Government has gone a long way to provide the people with houses, roads, transport and  electricity , but providing fresh water to the people is as important.

The Government should know that the people should come first even at the cost of constructing lesser hotels, lesser golf links or not opening casinos to promote tourism , and  importing lesser number of Lamborghinis to please the rich few.  The respective public administrative authorities should be aware of their duties and should provide facilities for people’s health and comfort.

UNP calling for an International Investigation on the Weliveriya issue is most despicable.  Sri Lanka belongs to every one what ever political views one holds and keeping it away from foreign interference is the duty of every one.  What is happening in Sri Lanka is not any thing different from what happens elsewhere in the world.  It is not the fault of the Rajapakses. But there are far too many stake holders who would like to make Sri Lanka a failed State.

The unfortunate deaths in Weliveriya are very much regretted.  We are all responsible for such situations. For thirty long years we have sacrificed a large number of our youth to provide for us living today peace and security. Why should we now make situations difficult and solutions impossible ? 

We should help each other  to find solutions for the common benefit of all the people and the country.

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