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Is Chief Minister of NPC- C.V.Wigneswaran preparing the ground for another Racial Riot, with intention to call for foreign intervention?

Sri Lanka Yahapalanaya Government is doing every thing the way USA and the West want  it to do.  And our President Maithripala Sirisena is naïve to believe that his being praised  by the West, shaking hands with Western Leaders or posing for photographs with the President Barrack Obama and the American First Lady are marks of approval of Yahapalanaya Government by the Western Countries.

It may be so as there is no country in the world so shamelessly subjugating itself to the Western Political Leaders. There is also no respectable country in the world which writes the Constitution of the country with the minority partnership.  There is no country in the world  which  does everything to reconcile with the Tamil Community which contribute nothing for the protection, security or welfare of the country

The Tamils in Sri Lanka  do not want  to integrate into  the Sri Lankan Society.  They want to be separate from the rest of the people of Sri Lanka. The political and social problems Sri Lanka is faced with today is this refusal of the Tamils to be a part of the larger community of Sri Lankans.  Tamils do not want reconciliation , they want equal rights with the Sinhala and a separate Tamil Eelam in the North and East.  Why cannot the Yahapalanaya  crowd cannot understand it ?

The Tamils  do not want to be second class Citizens-as they say,  but want equal rights with the Sinhala people of the country.  But this Tamil Community seeking equal rights with the Sri Lanka has not contributed positively in any way for its protection and development.  They came to Sri Lanka as plunderers, marauders and invaders and even today remain separately taking the best of what they can from Sri Lanka, always demanding more and giving nothing in return for its welfare or security (except a handful of them).

A Nation is identified by its culture. The culture is invariably related to the religion or the belief system of that nation.  There are conquests, incursions or immigration into a nation state which introduces other cultures and belief system  by force in case of conquests, but the original culture of  the nation state by which it is recognised remains intact, even with the introduction of new cultures into its.  However, these  other cultures or belief systems introduced into the nation state  cannot remain completely isolated without being influenced  by certain aspects of other cultures and religions that have come  into its midst.

However the  main culture and the belief system of that nation state will remain protected,  accepted as its identifying culture. That would be its primary identity with other culture coexisting without putting into danger the original culture with which  the nation State is identified.  This is what happens with great nations of the world having a history of more than  thousand or more years.

Applying this to Sri Lanka it should be correctly  identified as a Sinhala Buddhist nation. The other cultures in the country like Christianity of the Western Culture which was forced into it,  Hindu and Islamic cultures  came into the country through incursions, and immigration. But all these cultures coexist within the Sinhala Buddhist Culture. The constitution accepts these cultures foreign to Sri Lanka ,laying down the methodology of their  functioning.  But the constitution cannot be adjusted to enable reconciliation with communities, because it is the communities that should adopt and accept the Constitution of the Nation State.

If that is how it is,  then it could be the Sabyathva Rajya, recently stated by Gunadasa Amarasekara in his new book.

Democracy is of course a foreign invention introduced to our country by the British. Once it has been accepted into the political system democracy  has to be correctly understood.  Once accepted and introduced it covers  all political activities of  the Nation State composed of the communities that make up the Nation with its original people of the culture with which Sri Lanka is identified.

But democracy cannot be a reason to change the Constitution to give special privileges to minority communities.  That would be a mutilation of democracy.  The Democratic system is to accept the voice of the majority, not to accept  views  and demands of the minority to put in danger the accepted  majority point of view, if not it would be anarchy.  Even in an election it is the one who gets the majority(highest) number of votes that wins the election.

But it is an aberration of this concept to accept the proposal suggested by TNA Parliamentarian Sumanthiran in a recent  Derana TV Programme  Aluth Paralimenthuvak, that a new constitution should be written removing the 9th Article with protects Buddhism as the foremost religion as it provides a special privilege  to the Sinhala Community, which is denied to other communities.

He argues that the Tamils had not been given their rightful place since independence, being treated as second class citizens. What else are they as pointed out earlier, they are a minority Community, but not second class citizens as they say.

TNA MP Sumanthiran further denies Mahavansa as a  historical record of the Sinhala (which was agreed  by a man who calls himself a specialist in History of Sri Lanka-a professor of history Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri, who said that Mahavansa as a historical record is controversial. These are University Professors who have passed their  exams on book knowledge unable to think beyond what they have learnt from books  written by western writers. That is one reason why there should be a radical change in the university education system in Sri Lanka).

According to C.V.Wignesvaran the Chief Minister of the Northern  Provincial Council,  North and East should be exclusively Tamil Provinces and the new Constitution should be a Federal constitution in which the rights of the Tamil people are expressly stated. That would be a far  cry  from Sabyathva Rajya- or democracy.

Strangely the Yahapalana leadership seems not  averse to these suggestions of the TNA. Undoubtedly the Yahapalanaya Goverrnment  has an agreement with the TNA to accept their version of democracy.

These TNA MPs  and Wignesvaren led Tamils who are not satisfied being a minority but would like to have equal rights with the Sinhala Buddhists should know a little more of the place the Sinhala Buddhists have in Sri Lanka since the inception of the Sinhala Buddhist culture.

The Sinhala became a Buddhist nations after the arrival of Venerable Arahath  Mahinda Maha thero . Then there were no Tamils or Muslims. The King Devenampiatissa offered whole of Sri Lanka to Buddha sasana in the Presence of the venerable Arahath Mahinda Maha thero.  Since then the Sinhala people protected this land from foreign invaders, giving their life and blood in the defence of Sri Lanka their country. Tamils came as invaders, plunderers, marauders. They were chased away by the valiant Sinhala Buddhists.

However, later on a Cholan   King Elara set up a kingdom in Anuradhapura from 202 BC to 161 BC. He reined for a long time as he had accepted to rein over the  people in a way appropriate to the teachings of the Buddha. He had developed compassion towards those he ruled extending the same compassion even to animals.

The Northern Province Chief Minister Wigneswaran organised a well attended  demonstration in Jaffna against settlement of Sinhala people in North and East. The report announcing the demonstration  read, “ Northern Province Chief Minister C.V.Wigneswarana has urged Tamil people to participate in a demonstration  scheduled in Jaffna tomorrow, to oppose the systematic settlement of Sinhalese people in the Tamil dominated regions and the erection of Buddhist statues in an area devoid of Buddhist Devotees. “

Didn’t this stupid man Wigneswaran a one time Judge think for a moment that these demonstrations, may be  a deliberate triggering off of racial riots? The Sinhala in the South  not taking these demonstrations lightly  may want to rise against the Tamils reawakening hatred that compelled riots of the past.  

The Yahapalanaya lulled into a false sense of security  removing  Army Camps in the north and east, distributing lands in the north  back to the Tamils hopes that it may help to reconcile with the Tamils.

The President Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe and the Yahapalanaya Government refuse to understand the reality that the Tamils refuse  reconciliation, because the Tamils want a Tamil Eelam- Tamil only provinces in the North and East and nothing less.  That is why they do not want Sinhala settled in the North and East and destroy Buddhist statues. Tamils are provoking the Sinhala Buddhists in the south  for a backlash,  with another racial riot. 

If there were to be a back lash, it would help the Tamil politicians in the North and the East to call for foreign intervention.  There are lot of trigger-happy Americans ready to descend at the first call. Amnesty International , Human Rights Watch  which did not speak a word when Libya, Iraq or Syria were bombed to heaps of rubble, will not fail to call for  the intervention of International community in Sri Lanka.

This is where the Yahapalanaya Government has brought Sri Lanka. The so called Western friends of Maithripala Sirisena who heaped him with commendations and appreciation  will not fail to intervene to defend the Tamils. They are already demanding the North and East be free of Army Camps.

In the mean time the election commissioner too is being very helpful( to Yahapalanaya), in case of another election that the Tamil votes will increase in the North and east. He says he will allow voting rights to the Tamils still remaining in refugee camps.  In the mean time the number of returnees from refugee camps in India has increased.  They will also be given their voting rights. All in all the Tamil votes to the Yahapalanaya Government may ensure their re election. It was the Tamil and Muslim votes that allowed Maithripala Sirisena an edge over the other Presidential Candidate Mahinda Rajapakse on the 8th January,2015.

If Sri Lanka is to be saved from falling into an unrecoverable abyss, the Sinhala Buddhists have to unite as one behind a leader who can save Sri Lankafrom looming disaster, and  from the grip of unhelpful friends and released to  real friends who will help develop Sri Lanka and protect it from political vultures of the West.

It is time that the Yahapalanaya Government wakes up from its lull into false sense of security and arrest the NPC Chief Minister Wigneswaran for inciting people to racial disharmony and riots. Yahapalanaya Government  should also stop further distribution of land in the North and East to Tamils and strengthen Security.  They should also arrest all those who were responsible for the destruction of Buddha Statues in the North, and threaten the Sinhala people already settled in the area.        

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