Sunday, 15 March 2009

Hon. John McKay PC, MP Scarborough-Guildwood

I have received today, 15 March, 2009, by e-mail a copy of a letter addressed to you by Vasseekara and Vadivetkaran. Probably two members of your electorate.

I appeal to you to please give 15 minutes of your valuable time to read what I have written below and reflect on it and set aside your political interests, and in the name of democracy, truth and Christian kindliness to evaluate the situation to do what you think is correct.

Firstly, please request Vaseekara and Vadivetkaran to contact the terrorist front organisation in Canada and request them to ask the LTTE terrorist group in Sri Lanka, to lay down their arms and surrender to the Sri Lanka Government forces, to save their own lives, the lives of those child soldiers, those civilians who have been given arms to fight along side them, those civilian Tamil population they are using as a human shield, and also to save the lives of those soldiers who are fighting to save their country from being divided and mutilated .

Secondly, ignore my appeal and help your Vaseekara, and Vadivetkaran, and help the terrorist in Sri Lanka to allow the suffering of the people to continue under an unwanted war, and divide Sri Lanka to set up their own fascist Racial Tamil Regime, and indirectly help undeterred terrorism in the World to continue.

I beg you to please read my presentation of the facts:

The appeal made to you by Vadivetkaran, is actually a distorted version of what is really going on in the North of Sri Lanka to-day. Therefore I am giving below what exactly is going on and explain why Vaseekara and Vadivetkaran have given you a distorted view of the situation in Sri Lanka.

In the North and East of Sri Lanka as you probably have heard were some territories controlled by a group of ruthless terrorists. The adjective “ruthless” was in fact used by the FBI in describing this group of terrorists in Sri Lanka.

Banning of the LTTE terrorist Group in 33 countries of the International Community:

Their cruelty to the masses and ethnic cleansing of the territories occupied by them, recruitment of children by force to be trained as soldiers and as suicide bombs, torturing the civil population and killing all moderate Tamil intellectuals, assassinating a Prime Minster of India, a President of Sri Lanka, two Ministers of Foreign Affairs of Sri Lanka, attempted assassination of an Army Commander, a President, and a Defence Secretary all of Sri Lanka, and murder of a retired Army Commander and his wife, assassination of number of other Army Officers, mass murders of civilians by targeting buses, trains and crowded market places in the south of Sri Lanka were investigated and as many as 33 countries of the International Community, banned this ruthless terrorist group calling itself the LTTE.

The Canadian Government too rightly banned this terrorist group, and made it illegal to support and collect funds for it.

Tamil diaspora in Canada and other Foreign Countries.

The Tamil diaspora now in Canada, left Sri Lanka about thirty years ago due to racial riots that irrupted in Sri Lanka, as a backlash after this very same terrorist LTTE massacred 13 Police Officers in the North, chopping off their hands to remove rings they were wearing. This riot was made an excuse by a larger majority of the Sri Lanka Tamils to enter Canada as political asylum seekers.

This riot that erupted in 1983, was a sentimental backlash, also utilised by some, for political gain and others to plunder, seize property or take vengeance over family feuds.

These racial riots never occurred again in Sri Lanka, despite the atrocities that were and are being committed by the terrorist LTTE in the north and south of Sri Lanka- even as recently as on the 10 March, 2009, when it detonated a suicide bomber targeting a Muslim Religious Festival, in which 15 civilians were killed and over 40 wounded.

More than 55 percent of the Tamil population live with the Sinhala , Muslim and other minority communities in South of Sri Lanka.

Several Sri Lanka governments for the last 25 years had been trying their best with the mediation of the Government of Netherland to settle whatever causes that led to terrorism by peace negotiations with the terrorists. One of the Governments even signed a Cease Fire Agreement.

Financial Support to terrorist by the Tamils of Canada

The Tamils of the diaspora in Canada along with the Tamils living in many other Capitals of European and American Cities collected donations for the terrorists to enable them to set up a separate Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka. Some of the Tamils of the diaspora volunteered to pay regular contributions to terrorist sponsored Collectors , while many others were forced to pay by way of extortion under threat of reprisal against their kith and kin still living Sri Lanka, if contributions are not paid.

According to specialised Jane’s Intelligence and Insight magazine, 200 to 300 million dollars
are collected annually from the Tamil diaspora, by the terrorist front organisations in the foreign countries.
In addition they tax the people in the areas under their control, extort money and material from rich Tamil businessmen. They engaged in drug sale and human trafficking. From this considerable income they had bought as many as ten cargo boats used mainly for transport of arms and heavy artillery.

Cease Fire Agreement that helped Terrorists to arm themselves

Within the three years under the Ceasefire Agreement this ruthless terrorist group collected a considerable arsenal of war material, including war planes , constructed seven air strips, made their own submersible boats, manufactured bombs and grenades, preparing to wage a final war against the government forces of Sri Lanka to separate a part of the territory to set up their own Tamil Homeland.

They constructed magnificent Bungalows with swimming pools for the terrorist leaders. They constructed most modern communication centres, air conditioned bunkers 30 to 50 feet under ground equipped with furniture and entertainment halls with equipments. They Constructed Prisons and torture chambers.

They had don nothing for the welfare of the civilian population in the territories under their control, evidence of which is now available to be verified after the territories under their control were recaptured by the Government Armed forces.

Refusal to negotiate and commencement of terrorism against government and retaliatory military operations.

The terrorists refused to negotiate for a peace settlement but demanded the setting up of a separate Tamil Eelam State, and to show their determination they targeted a bus by the explosion of a claymore bombe in which 87 people –men women and children were killed. And then they closed a sluice gate of a tank depriving thousands of farmers of water. It was only then that the government withdrew from the Cease Fire Agreement and used military operations to open the sluice gates. The terrorists opened fire at the government forces and the army continued retaliatory military operations.

The Government Forces were careful not to cause damage to human lives in the course of bombardments and artillery fire. The terrorists used all tactics to defeat the military operations, but the Government Forces were determined to end terrorism that had been there for three decades. The terrorists for the first time found that the Government Forces were a superior fighting force, and they were not equal to them despite the most modern military equipment they had acquired.

Terrorist’s global campaign against the Government of Sri Lanka.

The terrorists used their immense financial resources at their disposal to pay Global Media, Human Rights Activists, and even buy Attorney’s paying as much as 1000 Dollars per day to organise a campaign against the Sri Lanka Government Forces making it out that the Government Forces were violating the human rights of the Civilian Tamils.

As the Majority in Sri Lanka is Sinhala, and the Government therefore is Headed by a Sinhala President, the terrorists made it out to the International Community that the Sinhala Government is fighting a war against the Tamils. They even called it a genocide.

The terrorists are continuing their campaign using the Tamil diaspora to write letters to their Parliamentary Representatives, Human Rights Activists, Senators, and individuals. Vaseekara, and Vadivetkaran who have written to you are two of the pro terrorists Tamils living in Canada engaged by the terrorists Front Organisations in Canada to give you a distorted version of the situation in Sri Lanka to-day, which is a part of their anti Sri Lankan Government campaign.

Terrorists last ditch battle- the situation to-day:

The Sri Lanka Government carried out a successful military operation against the terrorist and recaptured much of the territory that was occupied by the terrorists. The terrorists are now restricted to a small area of about 37 They are unable to fight back the Government Forces, but they do not want to surrender.

In order to keep fighting until some Governments come to their aid to give them a new lease of life, they have put in motion an active campaign with the aid of their Front Organisations in the Countries like Canada. In addition, they keep by force the Tamil Civil population that was living in the area estimated to be about 60,000 to 70,000 as a human shield to stop the Government Armed Forces from shooting at them.

The Government Forces opened a no fire Zone in the area occupied by the terrorists, but the civilian Tamils who come into the no fire Zone to escape into the Government protected areas are fired at by the terrorists to put the blame on the Government Forces. If the Government Forces were to declare a cease fire now the terrorists will organise them selves to fight back the government forces.

Now is the only chance for the Government forces and the people of Sri Lanka to see a final end of the thirty years of suffering under terrorism. Therefore, the military operations have to continue without a cease fire, and we expect the good will of democrats and humanitarian the world over to support the Government to end terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Tamil Civil Population provided with food and medication.

People in the 37 area are however provided with food and medication, that include the terrorists in control of the area. There is no sign of malnutrition or suffering from hunger perceived in the people who take the risk of being shot at by the terrorists, and come into the government controlled areas.

There is no genocide in Sri Lanka.

The military operations are against the terrorists and not against the Tamil Civilians. If the International Community calls for a cease fire it is a most undemocratic interference into the internal affairs of a sovereign state.

What is expected from Canada and the International Community ?

The International Community , Canada and USA should demand the terrorists to surrender and lay down their arms to stop further death and destruction, to men and material. It is not the Government Forces to stop firing, it should be the terrorists who should stop terrorism immediately.

The Tamil diaspora in Canada is out of contact with reality of Sri Lanka which has no Communal problem. The Tamil problem is created by the terrorists and the Tamils of the diaspora and not by the Tamils living in Sri Lanka.

The Tamils of the diaspora like Vaseekara, and Vadivetkaran, should let the Government of Sri Lanka solve its problem, and they should appeal to the LTTE terrorists to surrender to the Government Forces.

May I humbly suggest to you Honourable John McKay, to please inform Vadivetkaran to ask their sponsers the terrorist Front Organisation in Canada to request the terrorists to surrender to the Government Forces without causing further suffering to the Tamil Civil Population kept as a human shield by them.

Thanking you, I remain respectfully yours,


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