Monday, 9 March 2009

Why should Sri Lanka allow Indian Forces to establish a field hospital at Pulmoddai ?

It was shocking news, I am sure to many, that the Indian Forces are establishing a field Hospital at Palmoddai.

The public would be interested to know who authorised this. It is a stepping in of the Indian Forces to the shores of Sri Lanka which has to be stopped forthwith. May be the government had accepted it for diplomatic reasons, but then the fact that it is sponsored by the Military Force of India, makes it an unsafe move specially now when the terrorism is almost on the verge of being swept out.

A field hospital by an India humanitarian organisation with civilian Medical personnel would have been an acceptable proposition but not a field hospital by the
Indian Army manned by Military personnel.

Some body would have been out his mid to have accepted this very unusual demand by the Government of India which had refused military aid to Sri Lanka in its fight against terrorism. India not only refused to give us military aid, but also demanded that we should not buy military equipment from China and Pakistan, if I remember correct.

When over 40,000 Sri Lankan troops in the Jaffna peninsula were cut off from the mainland, trapped, and feared that they would be overrun by the terrorists, the President Chandrika Kumaratunga negotiated with the Indian government for ships to evacuate troops from the peninsula due to the lack of transport ships in the Navy, but the “hypocrite” Indian government then refused to provide ships.

It was Pakistan who came to our help. Pakistan not only gave us multy barrel rocket launchers, but also air lifted them to Jaffna, with which the army launched a successful counter offensive that halted the LTTE advance.

It is this India that is now proposing to establish a field hospital in Pulmoddai. The Government of Sri Lanka should have the “guts” to say no to this despicable arrangement. India is not a friendly state. The government of Sri Lanka should of course keep friendly relations with the Government of India, but should be wary about the dealings with the Indian Armed Forces. The Indian RAW must already be having its agents every where in the North and East of Sri Lanka carrying out its destructive manoeuvres.

The military personnel manning the proposed field hospital may be RAW agents perhaps trying to give a hand to the terrorists to escape or give them a helping hand to reverse the situation in Mulativu.

It is time that our Parliamentarians take up this unexpected development in Pulmoddai and get the Government to open its eye to the seriousness of the situation . We do not want Indian army doctors and personnel to take care of our people in the North and East.

If the Indian Government wants to, they may supply the government with the medicine but not the personnel to go with them. There is likely to be more than 70 persons attached to this hospital, and that is almost a platoon. The Indian Army may station one of her Battle Ships in the high seas with large numbers of troops to be flown in even for the “capture” of the territory around Pulmoddai !!!

This sounds very suspicious after an announce of some interested individuals who were proposing to carry out a rescue operation with the help of the US Army personnel to take away the Tamil Civilians trapped in Mulativu.

What is important is to get the International Community to demand the terrorists to release the Tamil civilians and take action to stop the Tamils of the diaspora in various European, Canadian and American cities from continuing manifestations in favour of the terrorists.

If the “field hospital” is a pretext to take Prabhakaran alive as a prisoner , it is their problem, but it should not be done to the disadvantage of the military operations of the Government Forces of Sri Lanka.

India, surely has an ulterior motive in this “field hospital” episode, and the Government should stop it before it turns in to a fiasco of some sort of the military operations.

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