Monday, 2 March 2009

The Tamil Diaspora should forget the past, forgive the perpetrators of 1983, and help the government to re-build our Nation.

The Tamil diaspora is the greatest loser in the defeat of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

They contributed financially to make a group of terrorists a considerable military force. In their effort to build the terrorists forces the Tamil diaspora dared not question the terrorists how they were going to make use of all those millions of dollars falling in to their terrorist Bank Accounts.

The Tamil diaspora made their generous contributions to the terrorists through their hatred towards the Sinhala and their desire to divide Sri Lanka, to teach a lesson to the Sinhala Majority. They hoped to a have separate Tamil Eelam State built with all modern facilities for the Tamil Diaspora to either come and settle down or spend their annul vacations.

But what they did not know was that Prabhakran who was a terrorist did not have the intelligence or the faintest idea to make use of the annual income of 300 millions of dollars to build and organise the areas under his terrorist control with planned villages and towns, where the villagers’ poverty had been reduced and every villager had a house and shelter, with running water, electricity , and improved sanitation. . They did not build townships with shops, markets, schools, pharmacies and all such modern amenities.

Prabhakaran did not build roads, though he used the existing roads to place road blocks with manned entrances, to collect taxes from people using the roads.

Prabhakaran could have contributed welfare services to the Tamil civilian population as the Government of Sri Lanka continued to provide the areas under terrorist control Schools with teachers paid by the government, Hospitals with doctors paid by the government, and medical facilities, food, fertilisers, and irrigation systems.

The terrorists had only to build houses for the people, roads, and provide them with running water. They could have done that for the people if they did not divert so much of the income they got from the Tamil diaspora to build an armed force to terrorise the government and the people.

But Prabhakaran had organised all repressive and repulsive measures to control the people such as a police force, Courts, prisons and torture chambers, bomb manufacturing work shops, and workshops to construct submersible suicide boats. They had built large Training School for Black Tigers. They built seven air strips, They had acquired Air planes to carry out suicide missions. They built suicide boats. They had bought 10 ships, and spent lot of money to modernise their armed forces. They had constructed satellite TV Stations spending large sums of money.

They had also built mansions for themselves to live in comfort, with swimming pools. They had build restaurants and hotels to accommodate the Western visitors. They had constructed underground bunkers for their own safety, not for the safety of the people.

But Prbhakaran and his ruthless group of terrorists did not look after the people in the areas under their control. Even today it is the Tamil Civilian population who had been neglected by the terrorists, and lived in miserable conditions under them who are now being used as a human shield to protect Prabhakaran and his terrorist followers.

If Prabhakaran had looked after the civilian population building houses for them and providing all facilities to make them live comfortably the Tamil Civil population would have willingly helped to protect him and his terrorist followers. But today the ordinary Tamil civil population who were completely neglected by the terrorists when they were the stake holders in the areas under their control, forsake them running away into the government controlled areas.

But still the Tamil diaspora blinded by their hatred towards the Sinhala majority has not opened their eyes to the reality of the situation of the Tamil Civilians, as they are more egoistically looking forward to the setting up of an EElam State, to teach the Sinhala Majority a lesson for what they think the Sinhala majority did in “ July,83”. The terrorists and their activities have been thoroughly exposed by the armed forces by what they have discovered in the areas that were under terrorist control until now.

The Tamil diaspora has not still made them selves aware of what a hideous man it had employed trusting him with millions of dollars annually to build their Tamil Homeland. Prabhakaran had not even looked after the Tamil civilian population living with him giving them at least a reasonable living condition. In that situation how could he have prepared a respectable Homeland for the Tamils of the diaspora ?

The Tamil diaspora, which accuses the government for “genocide”, paying large sums of money to already rich Attorneys like Bruce Fein, and many more ,World journals and human rights activists to accuse the Government in world forums, to bring disrepute to the Government and the Armed Forces, should at least now take a little time to evaluate the situation to understand how they had been duped by a terrorist, with the promise of a Homeland !!

Is the Tamil diaspora justified in carrying on this hate campaign against the Sinhala Community and the Government of Sri Lanka. ? Is it not far better for the Tamil diaspora to
stop further effort to divide the motherland and accept it as a whole and help the government of Sri Lanka to make this motherland of ours a place where all communities could live together in peace and harmony ?

The Government too has learnt lessons from this terrible episode of terror that took away a good lot of our people Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim, and damaged our land and material .

The time has come for each one of us take stock of things and build our country together so that never again will evil come amidst us to divide and tear us apart. The International Community has no love for developing countries. Their interest in our countries is to the extent to which we are useful to them. They do not look at our problems in the same way they look at their own problems.

Our motherland is too small to be divided between the Sinhala, Tamil and the Muslim. Therefore our country should not be divided according to ethnicity. We are a multiethnic society that had existed for thousands of years and it is not now that we should divide ourselves according to our Communities. The mistake that we had done in the past should be rectified so that never again will their be terrorism in this county to wrench away any part of it.

All Provinces of our country should have a mixture ,of the three communities, so that no one Province is identified as Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim. That is far better than political devolution of power, which would again emphasise our difference.

The Tamil diaspora should forget the “ 1983” . That was an unfortunate episode in the history of our country. Instead of remembering it to renew hatred to perpetrators, it should be forgotten and perpetrators forgiven to see our future more clearly and shape it in a way useful to all of us the Sinhala, Tamil, the Muslim, and all the rest.

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