Tuesday, 10 March 2009

How dare the Tamils of the diaspora, or any one else compare the Government Welfare Centres in Vanni, to Concentration Camps ?

The Human Righgts watch and ICRC making statements supportive of the terrorists are responsible for giving a life line to the terrorists who had today killed 70 of our soldiers and 200 of the misled youth terrorist . Why cannot these “all knowing” wise gangs of the ICRC and the Humans rights watch, condemn out right the terrorists ( who they dare not call terrorists) and ask them to surrender to the government forces and allow the civilians to escape into the government controlled areas and safety ?
I listened to Ms.Anna Niestat of the human rights watch at a TV debated between two Canadian Tamils of the diaspora, representing the LTTE terrorists, and a Sinhala and a Tamil Canadians representing the Government point of view. It was heartening to see a Sinhala (Yapa) and a Tamil (Benedict) speaking against the terrorists.
Ms. Niestat was brought into give her point of view as a representative of the Human Rights Watch. She has nothing new to say other than playing the same old record of shooting of civilians in the no fire Zone and keeping the IDPs in temporary camps fortified and guarded by gun carrying soldiers. And repeating the falsehood of a hospital bombarded by the Government Air Force.

She knows next to nothing, about any thing else. She does not seem to know the terrorists, nor the civilians. She does not seem to know the history and the culture of either the Tamils nor the Sinhala. During the debate one of the pro terrorists Tamils (David) said that the Sinhala people do not respect the culture of the Tamils.

When the moderator asked Ms.Niestat of the HRW what she has to say about the destruction of the Tamil culture by the Sinhala, she made a grimace and said she does not know any thing about that aspect of the conflict but she is there to speak of the violation of human rights, and added that while the debate is going on there are many civilians being killed in Wanni.

The pro-terrorist Tamil (David) participating in the debate was ignorant of the history and culture of the Sri Lankans be it the Tamils or the Sinhala, which he attempted to defend. He attempted to condemn the Sinhala for having a flag with nothing to represented the Tamils.

(Children from three Communities holding the Sri Lanka Flag)

When Asoka Yapa said that the Tamils are represented on the flag with the orange strip on the side, David jumped to protest saying that it is very small compared to the Lion taking most of the place. Yapa replied that only 8 percent of the Tamils could not claim half of the flag to represent them.

The Human rights watch gets their half baked information from the Tamils of the diaspora who seem themselves to have only a limited knowledge. It is like the blind, leading the blind.

Ms.Niestat’s contention is that the IDPs escaping from a dangerous situation is herded into strongly guarded camps denying them the freedom to move about.

( Children of IDPs' in Vanni Welfare Centres )

Niestat refuses to understand the ruthlessness of the terrorists who are only seeking to enter these camps and cause a massive destruction by blasting suicide bombs to discredit the Government Forces. Therefore these welfare centres are well guarded against a possible intrusion by the terrorists.

( A school for the Children of IDPs within a Welfare Centre in Vanni which some in Tamil diaspora Compares to Concentration Camps, visited by Christian Priests.)

The freedom of movement between camps is also restricted for this reason. Niesta also says that it was the Sri Lanka Armed forces that shoot at the Tamil Civilians coming into the no fire Zone. No one with any intelligence will believe her, as the government will not declare a no fire Zone to help the Tamil Civilians to escape into it and then shoot into them once they are in it.

( Children of IDPs' Playing cricket in a Refugee Camp in Vanni)

There are again those who compare these welfare centres where the IDPs are housed as concentration camps. This shows their ignorance. It is an insult to those millions of Jewish people of the holocaust who died under terrible conditions. The Tamils of the diaspora should be more respectful in their use of terms like concentration camps, and genocide..

The concentration camps of the Hitler were the places where most inhuman conditions,
unthinkable by any one who had not gone through those harrowing experiences could even imagine. The worst conditions any where in the world cannot (and should not) be compared to the conditions of those poor people who were made to suffer and die in Nazi Concentration Camps.

Nine to eleven million Jews, Gypsies, Poles, Russian POWs, and handicapped people died in these camps.

(Indignities the Children were made to suffer in the Nazi Concentration Camps )

The Jewish people were transported to the Concentration Camps in Auschwitz etc,

(Concentration camp in Auschwitz. At least they had better buildings than the IDPs in Vanni the ignorant Tamil diaspora and the Human Rights Watch may say!!)

from every town of Europe, in railway carriage without seats, lights or windows stacked like animals . Some of them died of suffocation inside the carriages. On arrival family members were taken away from each other. The children, men and women were separated. Their clothes were removed and burnt. The jewelry such as rings, necklaces, bangles , ear rings, were removed, gold separated from silver.

Men and women were sorted according to health and strength, and driven into queues to works like slaves most often without food or water. Some were sent to medical centres, to be cut , operated and experimented while they were still alive.

The rest were herded into large empty rooms, under the pretext of giving them a shower, until the room was full without enough space for them even to move. Once inside the rooms were closed and barricaded.Then the nazi guards opened the gas which seeped into the room through the overhead funnels that looked like ordinary showers. They were kept imprisoned in the gas chambers until every one of them had died.

Thereafter the bodies were sorted out some being used for experiments. Some of them skinned to make lamp shades, and other items of "utility".

(A Book bound in humanskin)

(Artifacs made out of human remains with a humanskin Lampshade)

The rest were put in to burners. These bodies continued to burn day after day, night after night. The skies were clouded with the smoke of the burning corpses.

These were Concentration Camps of which some Tamils of the diaspora write lightly about. Ms. Niestat, Karen Parker, and other human Rightists too shamelessly make indirect reference to Concentration camps in describing the welfare Centres in Vanni.

It is only the Tamil Civilians who are now in these camps could describe the relief , and satisfaction of being in these Welfare Centres after their gruesome experience with the terrorists.

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