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Blake , Boucher, Adams and All those who ask for a Ceasefire now want terrorism to continue in Sri Lanka. Why ?

In the Parliament Square in London two Tamils from the diaspora, one of who had come to London as recently as three weeks ago, are lying under the shade of umbrellas showing the terrorist Prabhakaran’s dreamed Eelam.

They are surrounded by terrorist sympathisers, with the Officers of the UK Police Force standing apart hopelessly incapable of handling demonstrators hoisting the flag which is the symbol of terrorism of a group of terrorists banned in the United Kingdom. The two young men are fasting unto their death demanding the intervention of the International Community to call for a ceasefire in Sri Lanka.

Between the two fasting men is a portrait of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader. This is a clear indication that the Tamil Diaspora in London, and the fast unto death sponsored by them are a last minute attempt to save their terrorist leaders , rather than defend the Tamil Civilians who are being held by the terrorists as a human shield. By the way the Tamil Civilians are now being slowly and steadily saved by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and brought into the Army controlled safe areas, and provided with accommodation, food and medicine.

While this circus of fast unto death continues in the Parliament Square in London , in a small stretch of land in Puthukkudiyiruppu, some thousand s of Tamil Civilians are being held at gunpoint by the LTTE terrorists. Their presence in the area, is for the terrorists the only means to save their skins in an inevitable death or capture by the armed forces, in the final count down on terrorism in Sri Lanka, which has lasted for the last thirty years.

Unlike for those fasting duo and their supporters, it is not a dry clean broad stretch of road, medieval buildings , warm clothes, tasty short eats and fruit juices and fascinating onlookers for the Sri Lanka Soldiers, who weather the tropical rains, go even without food and risk the artillery fire of the terrorists to rescue the Tamil Civilians forcefully kept in the small stretch of land by their terrorist guards, and bring them into safety, food, dry clothes and medicine in the areas controlled by the armed forces. The food and medicine sent to this area by the government are squandered by the terrorists for their own use.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces have reached the area which had been declared a no-fire zone in which the terrorists are now confined . To liberate this area from the last “vestige” of terrorists in Sri Lanka, the Tamil Civilian population detained by the terrorists have to be rescued to avoid death and injury, if caught in cross fire. The Sri Lank Government forces contrary to the adverse publicity by the terrorist sympathisers, are kind and human with a high moral standard.

Their armed passage through Poonery, Killinotchi, Mulative to the Puthukkudiyiruppu no-fire Zone, had been a long tedious march without brutality, with respect to human life, and material . It was and continues to be motivated first by a humanitarian desire to rescue a mass of Tamil people that had been made to suffer under the jackboots of terrorism, and secondly by their determination not to allow their motherland to be divided and mutilated. What matters to the valiant Armed Forces is not where they have come to, but how they came to where they are now. Their fight was against the terrorists and not the Tamil people , and that was the principle on which they had taken arms against terrorists, what ever interpretation the pro-terrorists lobby in the diaspora or the Western Humanitarian Activists give.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces since they started their military offensive against the terrorists after the Mavil Aru incident, have avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilian population. The Soldiers shed their uniforms when they captured the Madhu Church from the terrorists, and donned the garbs of manual workers to repair the damages caused to the Church by the terrorist. They even built roads and bridges. They made it possible after twenty long years for the trains to run from Colombo to Vavunia and from their to Jaffna. They made it possible for goods to be transported from Colombo to Jaffna and back on convoys of lorries. They changed the lives of the Tamil Civilians in the North, and the East.

It is NOT now that our great Sri Lanka Security Force, which has sacrificed large numbers of its Officers and Soldiers, and went through untold misery in the capture of the villages and towns under terrorist control, will resort to harming the Tamil Civilian population , when they have only a few square kilo meters of land to capture and end terrorism for good. If the International Community cannot understand that, they are “stupid” or they are determined to make the Government of Sri Lank fail in their attempt to end terrorism.

The Sri Lanka Armed Forces who are now within reach of the entrapped Tamil Civilian population in the zone which was declared a no fire Zone, determined to rescue the Tamil Civil population have opened several escape routes from the no-fire zone into the Army held areas. They have set up public address systems to request the Tamil Civilians held by the terrorists to come into the escape routes manned by the soldiers, to be taken into safe areas.

As result the Tamil civilians have decided to take the risk of being fired at by the terrorists and taken the escape routes to freedom from their captives. They are now coming in large numbers and received by the Sri Lankan Soldiers, and conducted into the Camps of IDPs.

Now about the Camps of the IDPs, the personal publicity seeking Brad Adams, Charulata Hogg, Anna Neistat and other activists of the Human Rights Watch, have begun to call the camps of IDPs’ concentration camps ( which by the way is a profanation of the memory of Jews and others who died in the Concentration camps of Hitler, in Gas Chambers, and in laboratories where Dr. Joseph Mengele “ the Angel of Death”, made medical experiment with live patients ).

They have “peanut” brains and cannot understand the tremendous impact of thousands of people that had been kept under gun point by brutal terrorists for years escaping in to areas controlled by the Armed Forces, seeking assistance, security and protection.

The IDPs have to be accommodated, provide food, clothing and medicine. The army has to sort out among them individuals who are terrorists, or terrorists with suicide bombs. Terrorism and terrorists are different from rebels or freedom fighters. Terrorists have no respect to life , be it that of men, women children, babies or pregnant women. The Army has to be vigilant if not all the victories against terrorism will be lost, and terrorism will come back with all its force. There are already more than 65 000 refugees in these camps.

The government cannot immediately provide individual homes to every ID family. The Sri Lanka government and its Army is doing a job that no government in the world has faced up to date.

The International Community and the humanitarian activists have no idea of the difficulties that the government and its Armed Forces are faced with. They have not only to fight the terrorists to their utter end, but also look after the interest of the refugees, their welfare as well as their security. Above all the Government and the Armed Forces have to bear the incessant criticism without any help by the International Community and their Agents, calling for a cease fire, and a pause. The Armed forces are not fighting against saintly angels, but crude ruthless terrorists.

Brad Adams is talking through his hat when he says that, “ Sri Lanka's so-called ‘no-fire zone' is now one of the most dangerous places in the world.” The intelligent readers should not let themselves be fooled by the false propaganda that is fed to them by the Human Rights Watch writing articles in favour of their favourite Sri Lanka terrorists. The Sri Lanka Government Forces have not and will not fire into the war Zone. The article , “Sri Lanka :Stop Shelling “No-Fire Zone” “, in the Human Rights Watch website comes out of their prejudiced minds without any verifiable fact.

One begins to wonder why this haste and desire on the part of Brad Adams to appeal for UN Security Council to act against the Government of Sri Lanka, when it is on the verge of terminating its military operations against the terrorists putting a final end to terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Any one who objectively follows the military operations of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces against terrorists, would have noticed that the government Forces had avoided death and injury to the Tamil Civilians through out its fight against terrorism during the last two years. The Human Rights Watch is depending on hearsay evidence to make accusations against the Government of Sri Lanka.

These false accusation of the Human Rights Watch against the Government Forces firing into the no fire Zone, and invoking the UN Security Council to intervene is by itself a denial of the human rights of a government to protect its people and territory without being interfered into by a third party, whose interests is to allow continued terrorism in Sri Lanka, which would keep them employed for good number of years to come. Brad Adams and the rest are seeking to feather their own nests, while pretending to show their human kindness for the suffering of the innocent people.

The Sri Lanka Army is by any standard one of the best, if not the best Armed Force in the world. In addition to its proven skill as a fighting force, it is experienced in fighting under all situation, and all conditions. They are well disciplined combatants. They need the applause of the world, not its criticism.

The International Community minimises the military operational victories of our armed forces against a group of ruthless terrorists- who had acquired most modern equipment and perhaps trained by foreign military personal. This failure of appreciation of the Sri Lankan Armed Forces by the International Community shows that it rather expected the Government and its Armed Forces to fail in its military solution against terrorism.

Blake and Boucher who now propose a political solution favourable to the minority community is in fact suggesting a means to divide Sri Lanka rather than help to Unite the Communities for an undivided Sri Lanka. This is an attempt on their part to divide Sri Lanka, which the terrorists failed to do.

The political solution after terrorism is some thing they should leave for the people of Sri Lanka to decide, as it is not for the International Community or the Tamil Diaspora to decide.

The proposal of Blake and Boutcher is quite opposed to President Barrack Obama’s foreign policy. Blake had been from the beginning favourable to the terrorists, and continued through out the military operations against the terrorists, offensively to remind the government to find a political solution to the problem. The political solution Blake thought would be a division of Sri Lanka between the Government and the terrorists. Because the terrorists accepted no solution other than the establishment of a separate Eelam State.

To Blake, Boucher and Adams , the terrorists of Sri Lanka are different from the terrorists they have in mind such as the Al Quaida, and the Talibans. They cannot speak, crack jokes and wine and dine with the Al Qaida terrorists or the Taliban terrorists, whereas the terrorists of Sri Lanka are their chums, with who they may have wined and dined, cracked jokes and laughed together. Therefore, they would like to perpetrate the cult of terrorism in Sri Lanka which is beneficial to them socially, and politically in the long run.

It is far easier to criticise than actually do, what the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces are doing.

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