Thursday, 30 April 2009

Miliband and Kouchner- failed to enter the No Fire Zone, will they now campaign against Sri Lanka to pleas the Tamil Diaspora.

What has Kouchner and Miliband got to do in Sri Lanka ? They should be in Afghanistan and Iraq where their soldiers are at the receiving end of bullets from Taliban and Al Qaida terrorists.

Kouchner is not a very forward looking man. He cannot evaluate a situation to suggest progressive solutions. He interferes into countries without allowing them to find solutions for political problems on their own. He finds simple solutions without considering the after effects of such solutions. Breaking up States to weaken their political power is Kouchner’s speciality. He supported USA military intervention in Iraq without UN approval.

He was the man who instigated Kosovo to break away from the Belgrade Orbit. Speaking in Kosovo he said, "'Now the time has come to look forward," Kouchner began, sitting under an Albanian banner.' You have fought for a better Kosovo, a Kosovo where people can lead a peaceful and happy life."

In an article- Solona and Kouchner push Kososvo “Independence” Jared Israel wrote ,
“The main thing that has happened since Kouchner took over Kosovo is that between 300,000 and 400,000 Serbs, "Gypsies", non-Albanian Muslims, anti-fascist Albanians and Jews have been driven from their homes. Most are now refugees, mainly in Serbia. Some died crossing the Adriatic. Some stayed in Kosovo, barricaded in, fearful of every knock at the door. Some have been kidnapped or murdered. » (

One wonders with what intentions he sought to enter the No-fire Zone in Mullativu to meet the terrorists and their human shield of Tamil civilians.

Miliband is also one of these dull English Ministers, who have no principles. He puts all his cards on Sri Lanka terrorists to ensure his next election. He believes more on the terrorists than the leaders of a Sovereign State. He had brought Kouchner along with him as Kouchner has a bigger mouth and thinks he can fool any one by his big talk. He must have learnt that the Sri Lankans are not made of the same stuff as those in Belgrade, where he was able to help Kosovo to break away from Serbia.

One ought to have peanuts instead of grey mater in one’s brains to ask the Government of Sri Lanka to agree to a cease fire with an already defeated terrorists just a few of them hiding inside a hole picking ticks from their dirty skins.
Sri Lanka Government was the first country in the world that had succeeded to eliminating a group of terrorists who terrorised the country for thirty long years. It also has a very capable Armed Force with experienced Commanders who planned perfect strategies to weaken and defeat the terrorists- many thought were an invincible force.

The Government has acted with extreme intelligence in not listening to the International Community which lacked imagination and called for a political solution after a negotiated settlement. The Government of Sri Lanka knows that the political solution is not possible without first eliminating terrorism. Therefore, it is not necessary for the Government to listen to Miliband and Kouchner for a solution to end terrorism and save the Tamil Civilins. Sri Lanka knows better when the military operations should end and how to bring peace to the country.

Miliband and Kouchner do not intervene with any sense of humanitarian desire to save the Tamil Civilians, but they are intervening to meet the terrorists in the No Fire Zone to arrange a “cease fire” on the demand of the Tamil Diaspora in UK.

UNO is not any more what it had been. It is unable to unite countries, and assist its own Member States to solve their problems. It shamelessly follows the terrorist websites using false information to discredit a Member State. Aid Agencies have caused Sri Lanka enough problems and the Government should never again depend on them. Their intentions are not to help developing countries but to keep the developing countries poor and dependent.

Sweden had collaborated with Norway in the Monitoring Mission before. One wonders whether Sweden was in the minds of those who suggested that the terrorists should surrender to a third party.

The UN and the International Community had thought that Sri Lanka Government could be made to dance to their tune.

Neither Miliband nor Kouchner have understood that the Tamil Diaspora carrying out a propaganda in favour of the terrorists have no interest in the Tamil Civilians. The terrorists promised the Tamil diaspora a Tamil Homeland in Sri Lanka . And the Tamil Diaspora contributed large sums of money to the terrorists cause with the Homeland in mind. If they save the terrorist leaders they could still hope the terrorists to come back on a later date to continue terrorism to finally establish the Tamil Homeland.

This is why Sri Lanka does not want the International Community to intervene now to allow the terrorists to escape now, to reappear later. The International Community should instead stop the Tamil diaspora in their countries from carrying manifestations in favour of terrorism, and stop collecting funds for the terrorist cause.

The Times OnLine on 30 April,2009 reported under the heading, “Miliband in stand-up row with Sri Lanka defence minister over civilian deaths.” “……. The reported exchange highlights the determination of the Defence Secretary to ignore international pressure, and the consequent tensions between Sri Lanka and Europe — and especially Britain, the former colonial power.”

The terrorism dominated Lanka for the last 30 years. The international analysts called Prabhakaran the terrorists leader a great military strategist and that the Sri Lanka Government forces would not be a match against the might of the terrorist forces. This myth has been proved wrong .

The terrorists that rampaged the country for thirty years were brought to their knees in a matter of threes years by the Defence Secretary who coordinated the three Armed Forces and took part in the planning of strategies to end terrorism. The Defence Secretary’s anger is therefore comprehensible when he is being interrogated by people who are “novices” to war and war strategies.

The Defence Secretary had risked his life fighting terrorism for twenty years. He retired in 1992 as a Lieutenant Colonel of the Sri Lanka Army. The terrorists attempted to assassinated him exploding a suicide bomb targetting him. He knows the terroriss inside out. The Defence Secretary knows very well what he is doing and what he is talking about.

He would like to be left alone to coordinate the Armed Forces to finalise the war against terrorism they started together since his appointment in 2005, and the commencement of Military Operations in July, 2006.

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