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Interference in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against terrorism by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, the American

An open letter to His Excellency the President of USA Mr.Barack Obama,

Subject: Interference in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against terrorism by the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake, the American Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Richard Boucher , UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.

Your Excellency,

I hasten to write to inform you the injustice that is being done to Sri Lanka by some members of the International Community in its attempt to end the suffering it went through for over 30 years under a home grown group of ruthless terrorists. The group
is banned in 33 member states of the International Community including the United States of America. A short account of the terrorism in Sri Lanka is given below ,before giving the special reason for this personal appeal to you.

Sri Lanka consists of three main Communities, the Sinhala the majority community with about 81 per cent of the population, the Tamil about 12 percent and then Muslims, in a population of about 20 million people.

The Tamil Community is mostly in the North and East, though 55 percent of the Tamil population lives in the South among the Sinhala, Muslim and other Communities. Sri Lanka was Colonised by the Portuguese, the Dutch and the British. It became Independent from the British Colonial Rule in 1948.

Sri Lanka is a developing country. Different governments approached development in different ways, getting constantly into a spiral of never ending debts. Sri Lanka created a free education system after Independence and the country has a high literacy level. There was thus a large educated population of youth. In the wake of an economic crisis in the 1970s there was an increase in the numbers of unemployed among the youth.

The unemployed Tamil youth in the north thought that there unemployment was caused by the Sinhala majority Government due to their ethnic difference. A group of these unemployed Tamil youth took to arms to wrench off power from the government to form their own government to decide their own future. They formed a terrorists group calling them selves the LTTE.

The nearest neighbour of Sri Lanka is India, and the Southern Province of India is called Tamil Nadu . The population of Tamil Nadu is Tamils like the Tamils in the North and East of Sri Lanka, speaking the same language and having the same religion. India had always been scheming to attach Sri Lanka as one of its provinces not wanting it to be an Independent State at the tip of its southern sea coast. Hence, the terrorists group provided them with a golden opportunity for their expansionist ambition. Therefore, when the Tamil youth formed the terrorist group the Indian Secret Agency the RAW took them under their wing. They took them to South India, accommodated them in Camps in the Jungle of South India and gave them a training in terrorist war fare. These are facts that could be verified.

After training this group of terrorists were clandestinely sent to Sri Lanka. Hiding in Secret places in the jungles in the North they called for a Separate Homeland for Tamils, and recruited young children and the youths of both sexes into their own armed wing of terrorists.

In order to put the Sinhala and the Tamil communities distinctly apart, the terrorists in 1983 killed 13 Sinhala Police Officers and chopped their hands to remove their rings.

This was done purposely expecting a Sinhala backlash to seal the Sinhala Tamil difference under a hateful atmosphere of murder , assassination and arson. As expected these murders caused riots in the South where the Sinhala killed the Tamils and attacked the Tamil owned shops. The angry Sinhala crowds were hooligans and underworld elements, who killed, looted and settled old scores. The riots however, were quelled after two days.

Large numbers of Tamils made this an opportunity to migrate into foreign countries , such as Canada, UK, France, and Norway, as asylum seekers. The numbers have grown now and many of them are profitably employed and citizens of their respective adopted countries. They are called the Sri Lanka Tamil diaspora.

The terrorist LTTE group lured these Tamils of the “diaspora” , by a call to support them to create a Tamil Homeland. Some of them volunteered to make contributions for the cause, while others were forced to contribute under threat. The terrorists set up front organisations in these foreign countries to collect funds for the terrorist movement.

They were so successful in the collection of funds the Jane’s Defence Weekly Magazine in UK reported that the annual income of the LTTE terrorists of Sri Lank from these collections alone is between 200 to 300 Million Dollars. They dealt in arms sales, human trafficking and drug dealings increasing their annual income . The LTTE became one of the world's most efficient but a ruthless terrorist group. They owned a fleet of 12 cargo Ships

The terrorists used their considerable “wealth” not for the welfare of the people in the areas controlled by them, but to enhance their military power. They bought and transported into their areas ship loads of arms and armaments. Later they captured large territories of land massacred innocent villagers, assassinated government officials, murdered Army Officers and soldiers using a trained battalion of suicide bombers called black tigers.

Under a CFA sponsored by a Norwegian representative Eric Solheim, signed with the government, the terrorists were allowed to keep areas under their control. Thereafter, they captured army camps and the territories around the camps until they came to control a third of Sri Lanka's territory. They had an overseas fund-raising network and a lucrative shipping business.

The terrorist who were carrying out a ruthless terrorist campaign against the Government, murdering every one who opposed them, and liberal Tamil intellectuals. But they were friendly towards the foreign diplomats and Parliamentarians, American Senators and the Western media personnel and became their” friends”. The Diplomats, foreign Government Representatives, American Senators often paid visits to the terrorist in Kilinocchi, without even consulting the Government. The result is that these diplomats, politicians, and human rights activists, who had been entertained by the terrorists, do not see them as terrorists.

This was the situation with the Terrorists in Sri Lanka when Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka in 2005. He had made the “end of terrorism” his election promise.

Immediately after his election, the President Mahinda Rajapakse invited the terrorists leader Prabhakaran to meet him for a negotiated settlement. When Prabhakaran refused the President arranged a peace negotiation with his representatives and the delegates of the Government. The negotiations ended when the terrorist delegation walked out refusing to continue the negotiations. Immediately after, the terrorists blasted a claymore bomb targeting a bus killing 87 innocent men women and children.

The terrorists informed that they are not willing for a negotiated settlement as they want nothing less than a separate Tamil Homeland. They showed their determination to set up a Tamil homeland by closing the sluice gate of a Tank providing water to thousands of Farmers. That was the beginning of the military operations by the government first to open the sluice gates and thereafter in retaliation for artillery fire of the terrorists.

Thereafter the President was determined to end the scourge of terrorism for good and set in motion the only solution open to him, which was the military solution.

The result is that the Armed Forces have now re- captured all territories held by the terrorists and pushed them into a small pocket of a land in the eastern coast of Sri Lanka, which was earlier declared a no-fire zone in order to allow the civilians held by the terrorists to escape into it to be rescued by the Army . The terrorists who are weakened as a fighting force, and reduced in numbers to a few thousands refuse to surrender., and keep the Tamil civilians as a human shield to deter the Sri Lanka Armed Forces from continuing its military operations.

In this small territory the terrorist leadership is keeping over 70,000 civilians as a human shield. They shoot at any group of civilians trying to escape into Army held areas. The Armed Forces have carried out a rescue operation to save the civilians, and within the first day of the operation 38,000 civilians out of about 70 thousand have escaped into safety ,and are temporarily housed in Camps for Internally Displaced Persons set up by the government.

The problem is now with the Tamil Diaspora who have become permanent residents in Canada, UK, Netherland and Australia. They have become an important vote base for the MPs of the respective Parliaments. Hence the UK foreign Minister is forced by the Tamil Voters in the UK to intervene in Sri Lanka to save the terrorist leaders. The Tamil diaspora in Canada is demonstrating demanding the Canadian Parliamentarians to stop the war in Sri Lanka.

The Labour Government in UK being unpopular at the moment do not want to loose the support of the voters of the Tamil diaspora, and thus the British Prime Minister and his Foreign Secretary David Miliband to please their Tamil vote base, are asking the Sri Lanka government for an immediate ceasefire.

They give as an excuse, that the Tamil Civilians who have been kept as a human shield by the terrorists are in danger because of the determination of the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to end terrorism at all cost. The Sri Lanka Armed Forces after two years of war are now well experienced and are capable of rescuing the civilian population without causing any harm to them. The deaths and injuries to the civilians are caused by the terrorists themselves who shoot at the fleeing civilians and explode suicide bombs among the crowds of civilians escaping from the grip of the terrorists.

The Human Rights Watch, and the Amnesty International who have no first hand information have leagued with the terrorists , and attempt to save the terrorists leaders, discrediting the Government, accusing that the Government Forces are intentionally causing damage to the Civilians. They rely on the terrorist Websites to quote numbers of deaths caused by the government forces.

The latest information is that the British Foreign Secretary Mr.David Miliband, the American Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Richard Boucher, U.S American Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake , the French Foreign Minister Bernard Koucher, and John Holmes, United Nations’ Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator, and the Norwegian Minister of Environment and Development of Cooperation Eric Solheim are engaged in arranging with the American Armed Forces a Commando Operation to save the terrorist leaders. It is evident that the attempt is not to save the Civilians as they are scattered all over in thousands, but the terrorist leader are bunched together and could be easily lifted into a Commando helicopter.

The UNHighCommissioner for Human rights also seems to be helping the terrorists trusting any false information given by the terrorists website and accusing the Government of Sri Lanka for attacks on the Tamil Civilians, when the actual perpetrators of these acts are the terrorists themselves.

The Government of Sri Lanka is on the verge of ending terrorism in Sri Lanka but is hampered in the effort by the call of a cease fire by the British, French and the Canadians..

The IMF which was to give a loan of 1.9 million Dollars to the Government of Sri Lanka has now demanded as a condition for the grant of the loan the immediate halt of the military operations against the terrorists and declare a cease fire.

Finally, Please do not believe all what the Tamil diaspora recounts. They are not interested in the Tamil civilian population. They are those who contributed to enrich the terrorists, who promised a separate Tamil Homeland. They are still dreaming of that and do not want their dream to die with the end of Prabhakaran the terrorist leader, that is why they want to save him at any rate, so that terrorism will be revitalised and the dream of a Tamil Homeland would be realised. The Tamil Civilians in Sri Lanka do not want a separate Homeland. They are happy living with the Sinhala and the Muslim communities.

Hence Your Excellency the purpose of this letter to you is for your intervention to let the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka resolve its terrorists problem in its own way. The government Forces have not caused death and injury to the Civilians in its two year long military operations against the terrorists. There is too much of external interventions that delay unnecessarily the final stage of the termination of the military operations of the government Armed Forces against terrorism.

At this precise moment the Government of Sri Lanka is carrying out a successful operation to rescue the 70 thousand civilians kept as the human shield by the terrorists. It is a great success and well over 50 thousand civilians have already come into the safe areas and housed in temporary refugee camps. In a matter of few days the scourge of terrorism will be terminated in Sri Lanka.

We therefore appeal to your Excellency to please intervene to stop any rescue operations by American Commandos and request the US Ambassador to Sri Lanka Robert Blake and the American Assistant Secretary of State Mr. Richard Boucher , to stop interfering in to the government of Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists.

I remain respectfully yours,


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