Friday, 24 April 2009

An open letter to the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs M.Bernard Kouchner, of the Government of France.

Mr.Bernard Kouchner,
The Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs,
Foreign Ministry

Honourable Minister,

I was deeply shocked to read the statement purported to have been made by you with regard to the Tamil Civil population of Sri Lanka who are held as a human shield by the terrorists of Sri Lanka, and thousands of them are being rescued by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces, on a well organised special rescue operation..

You had said that the situation is precarious and that the civilians fleeing from the terrorists are drowning in the sea. This statement has no truth at all as no one of the fleeing civilians have so far drowned in the sea.

This statement has perhaps been made on the instigation of the British Foreign Secretary David Miliband. Mr.Miliband is getting his information from the Tamil diaspora in London who dramatise the issue distorting facts to force the British government to intervene to stop the on going military operations against the terrorists, and their leaders held in a small pocket of land lying along the Eastern sea coast of Sri Lanka.

The Tamil Diaspora is interested in stopping the ongoing military operation against the terrorist, to save the terrorist leader Prabhakaran and his faithful followers. The Tamils of the diaspora want to save him as it was Prabhakaran and his terrorists who had promised them a Tamil Homeland carved out of Sri Lanka. These Tamil diaspora contributed to the terrorists to strengthen them to carry on their terrorism until the government agreed to give them a separate territory for their Tamil Eelam.

Mr. David Miliband is listening to these Tamils of the diaspora as they are his vote base. His need to interfere into Sri Lanka now is not prompted by his sense of humanitarian interest to save the poor Tamil Civilians, but to win over the large Tamil vote for him and his Labour Party, which is suffering from a serious loss of popularity.

I therefore appeal to you to please withhold your support to the demand made by Mr.David Miliband, as it is not in the interest of Sri Lanka government, which is on the verge of ending the terrorism from its soil. Ending of terrorism in the world wherever it exists is the interest of all civilised Nations of the World.

French Government has vowed to end terrorism where ever it exists and its soldiers are risking their lives fighting against the Talibans in Afghanistan and against the Al Queida in Iraq.

The terrorists in Sri Lanka are even more ruthless than the Talibans and Al Qaida. Many groups of terrorists in the world have been trained by the terrorists in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan terrorists are the inventers of the suicide belts and has made a cult of training young men and women into being suicide bombs- called the Black tigers.

It would be a great relief for the people of Sri Lanka, as well as to those nations fighting against terrorism in the world , to see the expected end of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

At the present moment there is no necessity for a cease fire , what is required now is the supply of food, clothes and medicine for more than 100,000 refugees that are in the refugee camps. The rest of the Tamil civilians still held by the terrorists will soon be rescued and I beg the Minister of Foreign Affairs Mr.Bernard Kouchner to please trust the Sri Lanka Government Forces.

Sri Lanka is a country with a very old culture , based on peace and generosity. They abhor killing of even animals. They have been forced into the present situation of being engaged in military operations against terrorists, through their love for the motherland, which they do not want to be divided, mutilated, and its people made to suffer. The “war” is against the terrorists and not against the Tamil civilians who are a part and parcel of the Nation.

It is a paradox to call the government of Sri Lanka to stop military operations against the terrorists, when Pakistan is being blamed for not carrying out military operations against the Talibans. Is there a difference between the Sri Lanka terrorists and Taliban terrorists because one terrorises Sri Lanka and the other the Western Armed Forces ?

I hope you would appreciate the situation and refrain from engaging France, in a move by Mr. David Miliband more for his own personal reason to assure the support of the Tamil diaspora for his election.

I remain, Honourable Minister,
Respectfully yours,


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