Friday, 10 December 2010

Any one heard about retribution.

If you do a bad turn to some one it may rebound on you. You cannot escape from it if the person humiliated or put into an embarrassing position had no bad intensions. They say these retributions normally take place within 7 days or three months from the day of the occurrence of the humiliation or the untoward act.

It was on the 2nd December that the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse who was invited by the Union of the Oxford University to deliver a speech to the Union members, was stopped from delivering the speech giving a flimsy excuse of the in ability of the police to control an expected manifestation against the President by the pro-terrorist Tamil expatriate community in UK.

The President Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse took it calmly and regretted his inability to have spoken. He added that he intended to inform the Oxford Union, his future projects for the development of his country, and said that he promotes unity of the Communities in Sri Lanka rather than their division.

On the 9th December, just seven days after the incident in which the Oxford Union humiliated or caused an embarrassment to the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse, the Prince Charles, and the Duchess of Cornwall was attacked by protesters. The Prince Charles is the future King of UK and the second highest personage next to the Queen.

Therefore any embarrassment cause to him during his visit is an affront and a disgrace caused by the inefficiency of the Police Force of UK, who was unable to have given appropriate security to Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall.

The Daily Mail reported Charles and Camilla were visibly shaken after their armoured car was targeted as they made their way to the concert. The car was daubed in paint and a rear window shattered as protesters vented their fury after MPs voted to raise tuition fees.

Parliament Square was flooded with angry protesters clashing with police. Officers stalled hundreds demonstrating on Westminster Bridge.

Prime Minster David Cameron expressed his shock at the attack, saying it was a disappointing move by protesters. Police announced that they anticipated more than 20,000 demonstrators to attend.

The Christmas tree in Trafalgar Square was burnt, while windows were also smashed. Approximately 150 students held a sit-in at the National Gallery.

Beware Great Britain and the West, it does not augur well to humiliate a democratically elected President of a Sovereign Member State of the Commonwealth- Specially a good man like Mr.Mahinda Rajapakse the President of Sri Lanka. This may be a warning. The retributions to come may be worse.

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