Wednesday, 22 December 2010

We should not accept the UN Panel in Sri Lanka

The appointment of the UN Panel to investigate in to the violation of human rights in Sri Lanka was a unilateral decision taken by Ban Ki Moon the Secretary General of UN. It was taken despite a protest by the Government of Sri Lanka a Member State of the UNO.

Ban Ki Moon has failed to show that he has acted in the interest of the Member State and that his decision was objective, as he has not appointed a similar panel to investigate into the continued violation of human rights by the US Armed Forces in Afghanistan .

There is ample evidence that large numbers of Civilians had been killed in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq by American bombardments , unconcerned of the safety of the Civil population. But Ban Ki Moon has shown a highhanded connivance with these American human rights violation in not appointing a panel of investigation to probe in to those criminal acts as quick as he was to do it in respect of Sri Lanka.

Ban Ki Moon’s interest is apparently the coming election of the Secretary General of the UN for which he will be seeking re-election. Therefore, the civilian casualties in the war in Afghanistan and Iraq is not important enough for him to appoint a panel of investigation until he is re-elected.

Because Ban Ki Moon cannot antagonise America and its Western friend who are an essential voting-block for his re-election. He knows it from the previous experience of his predecessor Koffi Annan, “….…. Annan fell afoul of George W. Bush's administration when he opposed, if ever so diplomatically, the plan to go to war in Iraq. Opposition from the White House and the American right made the remainder of his tenure hell…..”.

Could we therefore place any confidence in the bona fides of Ban Ki Moon in sending the UN panel to Sri Lanka, when we have our own Commission of Investigation ? His second term in UN as its Secretary General depends not on the question of human rights for which Ban Ki Moon does not give a dime, but to what an extent he could discredit Sri Lanka for the pleasure of the West which has lately become the Zombie of its expatriate Tamil followers.

The fact that Ban Ki Moon wants to continue with his panel of investigation despite Sri Lanka informing him that it has its own commission of investigation, is evident lack of trust and confidence in our own Commission of Investigation whispered in to his ears by the White West, which thinks that only their grey matter could be counted upon as possessors of worldly wisdom. Therefore there is no reason why we should allow him to have his way sending his panel to Sri Lanka.

Ban Ki Moon’s appointment of his own panel of investigation in to the violation of human rights in Sri Lanka, when Sri Lanka has already informed of the Commission it has appointed for the same purpose is an evident abuse of power of the Office of Secretary General by Ban Ki Moon.

He should be aware that any military operation against terrorism is very complex, fraught with enormous safety risks to the legitimate Armed Forces as well as to the civilian population. It is doubly so when the Military operations are directed against terrorists as they are least concerned with the safety of the civilian population.

The terrorists target the Armed Forces “sitting” amidst the Civilian population taking cover behind them, expecting the Government forces to shoot back causing evident damage to the Civilians around them. But the Sri Lanka Government Forces alive to the situation did not use heavy artillery in the areas where the safety of the Civilian population was at risk.

Ban Ki Moon does not act with any intelligence of his own, being a sort of “His Masters Voice”, as it has been said that, “…… there was no chance that Barack Obama's administration would seek to deny a second term to the most pro-American SG in recent memory, if not ever. ( ).

The role of the Secretary General of the UN is to act as a mediator to settle disagreements with member states and bring the parties together without any attempt on his part to take unilateral decisions, and avoid such disagreements degenerate into more serious political situations. Specially with regard to the developing countries , he should be an “elder “, to advise and avoid other powerful countries from interfering into the internal affairs of the developing Nations.

But Ban Ki Moon is doing exactly the opposite, interfering himself into the internal affairs of it Member States aggravating confrontational politics between developing and developed countries.

We cannot expecting any positive impact from the visit of Ban Ki Moons panel to Sri Lanka and it is in the interest of Sri Lanka to keep the panel away.

Sri Lanka is awakening into a new dawn as a Middle Income Level Country, and we cannot sell our souls, when the powerful West is forcing to weaken us to make us one of their “slave states” dependant on them.

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