Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sarath Fonseka jumped into a hell hole, it is for him to scramble out of it now.

Sri Lanka after the elimination of terrorists is at last a safe place for every one.

But what is really happening in Sri Lanka after this historic victory over terrorism ?

Instead of enjoying this freedom gained after so much of suffering and human and material, sacrifice, the traitors to Sri Lanka have begun a campaign to stop progress and development. JVP following a traitorous political path misleading University Students, and Government employees, is creating political mayhem carrying the weight of Sarath Fonseka on their back.

Unfortunately in Sri Lanka there is no enjoyment of the freedom from fear, death and uncertainty of living that was there five years ago, but every one seems to be acting as nothing had happened. They complain of what they haven’t got, proposing the government what it should do to make things better.

There is a complete absence of gratitude, utter disorder, criticising those who brought about the long lost freedom, accusations, writing insulting articles, comparing the leaders of the nation that triumphed over evil to diabolic Hitler, and the media gone mad writing scandalous articles of low taste to a gullible section of the public, to confuse them..

End of terrorism seem to have changed nothing in their lives, but they are making the end of terrorism an occasion to demand of higher salaries, promotions in work places, cheaper food, bring down gas prices, and give political rights. They want to fill their hungry stomachs, while the development projects, an aching necessity are progressing fast.

In this messy situation, the Government is trying to put some order to make Sri Lanka a happier place for all, but no body seems to want it.

Who brought about all this mess, annoyance and apparent calamity into our midst ?. Can any one say that it was not created by the UNP and the JVP ? Was not all this brought about by Sarath Fonseka allowing himself to be manipulated by the Americans and then the UNP and JVP. ?

Can any one say that in the midst of all this calamitous situation , Sri Lanka has not developed since 2005 ?

If some one were to say that, it would be some one who does not want to accept reality for personal reasons. The politicians of the opposition to the government will not accept reality as they would like the public to believe that it is they who are capable of developing Sri Lanka, and the development they see today is just sham for them.

UNPers as every one knows are the lackey of the West, they prefer to have the crumbs from the tables of their masters in the West, rather than drink from golden cops offered to them by any one else. But the surprise comes from the JVPers.

JVPers who said that they did not want any help from the West, even aid from the IMF to develop the country, now run to the West to make manifestation appealing to West to help them get their new “political patron saint” Sarath Fonseka released from the Prison. They think he deserves it for putting such a mess in to a terrorist free Sri Lanka.

TNA MPs are like bodies without heads. They do not know what they do and where they go. They run to India when things are getting too hot here, unable to take any decisions, being “headless” as they are.

This is the sad situation in Sri Lanka, a country which after the President Mahinda Rajapakse had eliminated terrorism has every thing to make every one happy. But Sri Lanka is struck by the “curse” brought about by – Sarath Fonseka’s mad ambition for political power, which brought sadness, instead of happiness into this country.

It is time that he begins to understand that he has nothing to do with politics, and that he would be better off as a retired Commander of the Army, and ask pardon from the President Mahinda Rajapakse. After all Mahinda Rajapakse was his friend, his Commander in Chief and now the President of Sri Lanka. Sarath Fonseka has nothing to loose , he has every thing to gain if he only asks for pardon.

He cannot say that he has done no wrong, because he himself knows that he was forced to accept to be a pawn in the hands of the International Community, the Tamil Diaspora, the UNP and the JVP, to spite President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government.

UNP may still get off with their hands burnt, provided they dump Ranil Wickramasinghe, Mangala Samaraweera , Karu Jayasuriya, Jayalath Jayawardhana, question of getting poisonous rot out of the way and closing the mouths of Tissa Attanayake, Dayasiri Jayasekara, and few others who spew hatred.

But JVP has no way out. Without Sarath Fonseka they are dead, they should prepare the tombstones with the legend- “They once belonged to a “promising” Political Party Called JVP”

The Buddhists Priests in Universities are getting to be Sri Lanka’s worst problem. Buddhist priests do not apply to human rights commission to have their problems solved, but to the Buddhist hierarchy, which unfortunately does not exist in Sri Lanka. Asgiriya and Malwatta have become centres of appeal for the Politicians and they seem to have given up playing any vital Buddhist role in Sri Lanka.

Catholic Church is more active in Sri Lanka creating dissention between the Sinhala Buddhists and the Tamils, while the Buddhist Bikkhus want the man who created all problems in our country after the elimination of terrorists released from the prison, which they do not know is not their business.

Former Chief Justice Sarath de Silva repents over loss of Democracy. We should adjust Democracy to serve our country in its development process. The democracy in the West has been reduced to just a meaningless word. They use it to find ways and means to stop developing countries from progress, and has developed a strange idea of human rights, to keep the developing countries dependent on them asserting their leadership, depending on the number of poor developing countries depending on them. That is no democracy but it is the dictatorship of the rich towards the poor.

And the strange thing about their idea of human rights, is that when they themselves violate human rights, it is not human rights violations but it is the “war against “ Talibans and Al Qaeda terrorists”. But if Sri Lanka carries out military operations against terrorists in Sri Lanka, it is not only a violation of human rights but also a war crime to be investigated and brought before and International Tribunal. What “justice” is this ?

This should be an eye opener to all developing countries in the world. It is better we move away from the Western orbit if we are to develop as independent countries. This is possible only if all political forces within a Country understand that, and unite for the sake of the development of our countries without ethnic, political, religious or cultural differences.

It is no use fighting for the freedom of Sarath Fonseka, holding development to ransom. Sarath Fonseka has been condemned in a military court of law for military offences. The system of court marshal exists every where in the world. It is not something invented by the Government of Sri Lanka to punish Sarath Fonseka.

Sarath Fonseka has jumped into a hell hole of his own making, he has to scramble out of it by himself. He brought his suffering on himself through his foolishness in allowing anti Sri Lanka forces to manipulate him. Therefore, it is best the political parties-the UNP, JVP etc., who are making Sarath Fonseka a straw to keep themselves afloat in the political flood waters, turn away to give a helping hand for the development of the country.

Our country is going through a hitherto unprecedented development , and we should not lose this opportunity to get together burying all political difference so that we will not regret later. If we are united as a Nation despite our political difference, the foreign Nations who want to stop our development and break the country to suit their political Agenda will be helpless. That is why it is imperative for the UNP, JVP and other opposition parties to unite to help the government in its development plans.

Some sections of the people want to profit from the situation asking for increase of salaries, and the fulfilment of personal ambitions caring less for the development of the country. Increase of salaries will not bring down cost of living it only creates a vicious spiral of price hikes which may result in a demand for yet more salary increases. It is therefore important to urge the government to control prices more than increase salaries.

The people have not understood the priorities facing the country, that was for thirty years under a ruthless terrorism. It is more important now to develop the areas that had been neglected, bring back the country to normalcy, and take all measures to discourage another terrorist uprising. Until then the people should know to tighten their belts and think less of “filling their stomachs” and more of cooperating with the government in place, to develop the country.

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