Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Any more takers for Sri Lanka bashing at the UN Human Righs Council Geneva this 27 February ?

The infamous anti Sri Lanka DBS Jeyaraj introduces  his latest Sri Lanka Basher , Louise Arbour,  describing her as, «  the distinguished Canadian whose name is not unknown to many in Sri Lanka”.

Of course Sri Lanka has not forgotten the  dubious role  she played as the UNHigh Commissioner for Human Rights, in which she failed to give a proper bashing to Sri Lanka and when she finally  left as a failed UNHCHR  formed with the help of the Terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora, her own International Crisis Group to champion the Human rights issues, separate from the Human Rights  Watch and the Amnesty International, to “ … constantly focus on the Sri Lankan Human rights situation…..” 

There being a human Rights Watch  and the Amnesty International already on the prowl to accuse Sri Lanka for human rights violation, her ICR  it appears is an unnecessary  appendage that has been set up by her  ( with the help of the Anti-Sri Lanka Tamil Diaspora), to discredit the Human Rights Watch and the Amnesty International  for their inefficiency in not  giving a proper bashing to Sri Lanka.

Perhaps she thinks she  is  amoung them a “dressing”- the icing on the cake, for the job of Sri Lanka Bashing and  taking up the issue of war crimes in her prestigious role, as DBSJeyaraj  mentions making great effort  paying tribute in all servility  to her, as,  “……..chief prosecutor who indicted Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic for war crimes. It was the first time a serving head of state was called to account before an international court.” 

DBSJeyaraj perhaps thinks that she is “the” person who can finally bring Sri Lanka onto its knees accused for violation of human rights and war crimes.  DBS of course know that she is not a new comer to accuse Sri Lanka for eliminating terrorism from Canada.  There is also her Prime Minister calling high and low for an International Investigation into how a small country like Sri Lanka, could have wiped out a Group of terrorists, they the West- Canada, UK, US, Germany , Netherland and a whole lot of others enriched and  encouraged and believed invincible, managed to eliminate the whole bunch of terrorists during the last phase of its military operations.

They have nothing else to do other than interfering into Sri Lanka demanding  investigations as to  what happened more than two years ago, in eliminating a group of terrorists , despite their Armies collected into NATO are violating human rights, “right  and left” in different places in the globe , killing soldiers, civilians, killing Talibans and urinating on them, killing an unarmed “terrorists” in front of his wife and daughter and sniffing like mad dogs  to find out where they could  find a place to set on fire, without still winning any of their wars against terrorists

They collect false information to open battlefronts to kill multitudes of innocent civilians, in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now such false information is collected  by NATO that bombed Libya and Killed its Leader, about Pakistan supporting the Talibans, and American forces are gathering force  threatening Iran eyeing Iran as its next theatre of war. They are itching to bomb Syria to settle scores rather than help the people to organize themselves and start a dialogue with the government for the settlement of issues.

No one understands the mentality of the Western Governments which  has mismanaged their economies and pushed their countries to face a bleak future, with number of the unemployed on the increase. War it appears is for them the only possibility of survival. In order to solve unemployment they sacrifice  generations of youth to die in wars, while accusing other countries for war crimes.

Democracy for the West is just another word, which  has now lost its original  meaning.  Now it is the armed power that rules the world.  

How much of time will be  wasted in Geneva, with all unsubstantiated accusations just to prove that Sri Lanka which suffered  thirty years under a ruthless terrorism has in eliminating terrorism  during the last phase of its military operations violated human rights.

What if there had been unavoidable deaths  ?  It is like amputating a leg where gangrene had set in.  To make the patient live his leg has to be sacrificed and some parts of unaffected limb will also go with the part amputated.  The  wars are dirty and in war one cannot account for the deaths because it is the victory that count.  It is only in victory or in defeat that wars end. In Sri Lanka it ended in Victory.  Is that a Crime ?

It is so in all wars, the West, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International  Crisis Group of Louise Arbour, UK Channel 4, Navi Pillain ,Ban Ki Moon , none of them can deny that reality.

Take the World War I and then the World War II. And nearer in time what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan, the  wars continue as no one  had  won. They have to continue until the final battle, and it becomes meaningless counting deaths before it ends. If there is any morality,  the number of possible deaths should be counted  before a war begins. Because at the end  it serves no one , except for those who live to learn from the past nightmares, or not to learn and start yet another spree of deaths.

What does these Anti Sri Lanka lobby in Geneva, going to gain from finding out how many civilians were killed at the end of the “terrorist war”.  They cannot give back life to them, nor does the satisfaction of knowing the numbers that died help the living. 

The deaths , there would have been many whether civilians, soldiers or terrorists which should teach us a lesson not to accuse and inculpate any one , but not to wage  any more wars,  but find  other methods of making people realize the wars  are wrong. 

That is the way to establish peace in the world.  That was the reason why the elders of the past set up the League of Nations which was later expanded to be the UNO.  The original intentions was for all Nations to have a forum to straighten out their differences in discussion setting aside the guns of war.  They did not want another world war.  But it did not mean that  there  may still be small wars.

It is time to stop this smallness of mind, accusing one Nation for war Crimes while other  Nations seem to have a license to start wars  anywhere they want, conduct their wars  any way they want, and not be answerable to any  number of deaths, which are nevertheless “war crimes” according to their own definitions.

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