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Modernisation of world by the West has brought it to brink of disaster. Violation of Human Rights is another Novelty introduced by the West.


The west had invented Human Rights after the second world war, and today they are  turning it into  the worst of  all “arms” to  keep  powerless  poor nations poorer and remain dependent on the powerful.

The Assistant Secretary for Central  and South Asia of US State Department Robert O Blake  said in Sri Lanka “

 “ US will support a resolution against Sri Lanka at the forthcoming UN Human Rights Council sessions in Geneva, as the Rajapaksa administration has not done enough to address accountability issues.”

This statement of Robert O Blake is  arrogant , pretentious like the pompous  words of a world dictator  who has the god given right to evaluate other governments  making derogatory remarks as the government leaders of other nations are his servitors

To see the farce that the West continues to enact pretending it is for the welfare of our people in Sri Lanka ( as much as elsewhere in the developing  countries of the world- Maldive for instance where Robert O Blake seems to have had some hand), let us see how the West had from the beginning of not too ancient time, done things they thought were to modernise  the world, but  have instead brought the world to the brink of disaster and extinction.

We are made to believe that the West modernised the world.  From the low explosive black powder they discovered from China,  the West invented the gun.

China  had discovered black powder in the 9 th Century , but used it as fireworks  even to chase the Mongolian invaders .  It was only in the 18 Century the West discovered it and  turned  it into high explosive gun powder.

The West invented the Gun.  Then Nobel invented the explosive dynamite, and then America invented the Atomic bomb on  a proposal of Einstein in what was called the Manhatton project which commenced in 1939. 

The first nuclear weapon  of the project Trinity was tested on the 16 July,1945 in Almagordo in Mexico.  Eight days after Harry S. Truman had informed Soviet Russia its nuclear capability and thirteen days after,  the first nuclear bomb” little boy” was dropped in Hiroshima, and three days after the next bomb , the “fat man” was dropped in Nagasaki.

What wonderful contributions the West gave for the development of the world.  The West made loads of money producing guns and bombs of all sorts  and selling them to poor countries with which they began to shoot each other. 

Along with the guns came alcoholic drinks they had also invented.  They sold alcohol to American Indians until they drank themselves almost to extinction.  The West then discovered China. China was rich under Qing Dynasty. China opened only one port for the British traders.

China had more to sell  to British East India Company than they had to sell to China. As China accepted only silver in payment , the British East India company had to sell their gold to buy silver from elsewhere , hence the British East India was  running a trade imbalance in favour of China. In order to set off that imbalance British East India Company  along with the American traders  brought  Opium  from British India  and sold it to Chinese Smugglers. 

This resulted in the drain of  Chinese silver and an increase in drug addiction. China passed laws to stop trade in opium.  It was the beginning of the Opium Wars in  1839.  The British and the French seized Beijing burnt down Chinese palaces and weakened  China which was forced to accept their treaties on their terms and agree to more concessions to British and French traders.   That is how the West contributed to modernise the world ,  talk democracy , began human rights, and  demanded accountability to imagined crimes of developing nations. All that contributed to the destruction of some nations and raising others to world leadership.

In the West  today  the BBC, Sky Way  TV documentaries on  developing  countries, show the negative side of life in the developing countries , their utter poverty, unclean sickly children, slums and dirt in which some of them live or conflict areas, manifestations, anti government violence,  or critical government activity. 

Never do they show development and progress taking place in these countries despite attempts of the developed countries to keep them poor through political strategies they invent such as human rights,  sale of guns to encourage tribal or clan warfare, without helping these countries to develop by transfer of technology, or offering unconditional aid. Despite all that they dare accuse these countries for human rights violations.  If their condition of living is a violation of human rights the rich West is directly or indirectly responsible.

More than 4000 years ago asphalt derived from  petroleum had been used to build the walls of the towers of  Babylon.  There were oil pits  and the oil was used to light lamps. The Persians and in the 9th century produced  kerosene oil  with which they lit their lamps. and lived happily. In 347 AD China drilled oil wells.  They used the oil to heat salty waters to produce salt.  China also used natural gas .

That was all before America discovered oil somewhere in the 19th century .  The West  discovered the combustion engines.  Then began producing mechanical engines of all sorts, cars, buses, planes, and ships all in the name of modernising , but began polluting the world , the air, the skies, and the seas.  The West with their inventions have overheated the earth, polluted the air and poisoned the seas and  have brought the world to the brink of a catastrophic extinction.

The ancient  Egyptians had invented the perfumes and kept their bodies pleasant smelling.  The west discovered it to  make mixtures  most expensive, and cheap sprayers to keep the atmosphere clean, and  they polluted the atmosphere until the worlds ozone layers began to give way.

The West imported the Christian teachings and spread it among the poor nations subjugating them and  making them blind believers of the Western God.  In the ancient world the women walked about half naked  and they were  in complete safety.  The west met the naked beauties of the poor nations raped them and spoke about sex until raping women became a pastime of invading marauders. In the west Sex became a great entertainment , they abused not only gown up women, but boys and girls, until pedophile became the worst from of sex  crime in the West.  That is the Western modernising of the world Christian values.

The west introduced Democracy.  This killed peace and stopped development and progress in all poor countries in the world.  The political leaders of the poor developing countries took democratic opposition to ruling government too seriously, which  resulted in regular confrontations with the government, which  stopped progress and development, leaving the developing countries poor as they had always been.

Nothing  that had been invented by the West to modernised the world made the world rich, peaceful or civilised.  The latest they have invented is the “ Human rights.”  Human Rights did not exist as a political arm to subjugate nations. But has now been invented not to protect the human rights of persons to be protected ,  but it is being used as another “arm” to subjugate nations that rebel against the system introduced by the  West.
“The ancient world did not possess the concept of universal human rights.  Ancient societies had “elaborate systems of duties, conceptions of justice, political legitimacy, and human flourishing that sought to realise  human dignity, flourishing, or well-being entirely independent of human rights” ( Wikipedia)  It sprung from the concept of natural rights.
The application of violation of Human Rights, became a means for the West to bring charges against those countries that do not follow their weird democratic system.  Application of  the term “violation of human rights “  is incorrect  in a war situations, as  there are conventions such as the Geneva convention which are more  appropriate .

The application of the term of  “violation of human rights “ in the precise case of Sri Lanka is irrational , as Sri Lanka had to  fight almost a “conventional” army of trained well armed terrorists who even had sea and air power. It was  not different from a conventional war except that the terrorists were no respecters of  legal or moral laws. 

Being terrorists they did not have to account for any body, and therefore no convention or rules of law could have been applied to them.  If the Geneva Convention cannot be applied to one party to the war for whatever reason, it cannot also be applied to the other. The military operations  agains the terrorists  was like a conventional war , but it was not a conventional war.

The term” human rights violations” was spoken of in relation to Sri Lanka only after the end of  terrorism . Before that there was real violation of human rights  committed by the terrorists, who killed un-armed poor villagers working in their fields, or religious devotees in  Buddhist temples, or  busloads of  young Buddhist monks in yellow robes going on  a pilgrimage, ordinary  village men and women taking a bus to work, visit relatives or children  going to school or men and women going  for shopping in the nearest town, but no one was then there to speak up for the dead, accusing the terrorists for violation of human rights or accuse the terrorists for “terror crimes” ( if not war-crimes)

UKChannel 4 is not representative of a UN Member State, but nevertheless the The UN Commissioner of Human rights Navi Pillay having no principles, had even requested the presentation of a document prepared by UK Channel 4, to the Human Rights Council in Geneva last year.  The video footage was fictitious  without any substantiated evidence to support its images and statements as valid.

It was presented  merely because it was damaging to Sri Lanka. It is an insult for a UN Agency  to come down to that low level to accuse a member State, which has done nothing wrong   but eliminated a ruthless group of terrorists that had terrorised the country for 30 years.

But how is it that Sri Lanka came to be accused for Violation of Human Rights and War Crimes for the elimination of terrorists at the final phase of a determined military operations to end terrorism from Sri Lanka.

This is how it has come about. 

To be continued:

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