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NGOs asked to leave terrorist controlled areas as Armed Forces cannot assure security cried “violation of human rights” by Sri Lanka Government.

 Second part

In the midst of terrorism, Sri Lanka became a victim of a terrible natural disaster on the  26 December , 2004,  when a  tsunami  of a magnitude of 9 earth  quakes  swept over the east coast of Sri Lanka taking a toll of  35 322 lives.  The people of the Western countries who are extremely generous and often moved by the suffering of other people  donated freely and generously to help the victimised people to re construct their disaster affected lives. 

Though these foreign  people  were generous their  Governments distrusted the government of Sri Lanka with such large sums of money and refused to transfer the people’s donations directly to  government of Sri Lanka.  Therefore these donations  of these generous  people were offered to various Non-Governmental  Organisations . 

These Organisations sent hordes  of NGOs with loads of money  to help the people of Sri Lanka affected by the tsunami  to reconstruct  their lives after the devastation they had suffered.  These NGO’s were people with prejudices , some with their own Agendas, and some seeking an  employment, rather than offer humanitarian services.  Large numbers of them went to the terrorist controlled areas to which the entry was closed to the people of South  Sri Lanka or Government Officials.

Some of these NGO’s in the terrorists controlled areas became  a part of the terrorist group. They transferred number of  earth moving and other heavy  machinery to the terrorists controlled areas, and set up workshops for the terrorists to construct boats , submarines, bombs and air strips . They even transported air planes in parts to the terrorists controlled areas.  As there were no government officials the NGOs in the terrorist controlled areas became important persons respected by the terrorists and looked to these NGOs to help them  divide the country  and set up a separate Tamil Eelam State.

The NGOs created the ethnic  problem as they really believed that the terrorists were seeking  freedom from the Majority Sinhala people who were discriminating against the minority Tamil people because of their ethnicity.

When finally the military operations against the terrorists in Sri Lanka commenced the government asked the  NGOs resident in the terrorist controlled areas to leave as their safety cannot be assured as the Government Armed forces have begun a  military operation with the determination to wipe out the terrorists. 

These NGOs who were well settled in the areas and leading   a very high life style looking after the terrorists, helping them  in various ways militarily and socially were reluctant to leave but they were compelled to leave as their safety was at stake.

These NGOs who had given up their luxurious existence amoung the “poor people “ in the terrorists controlled areas after leaving Sri Lanka was determined to help the terrorists they had befriended during their stay to fulfil their aim to set up a separate Tamil Eelam State.  The only way they could do it was by discrediting the Government and stop its military offensive  against the terrorists.

They activated the Human Rights Watch , Free Media Organisations, and Amnesty International  and started a campaign  against Sri Lanka accusing  its Armed Forces as violating the human rights of the  Tamil people in the North and East of Sri Lanka.

When terrorism was finally erased from Sri Lanka on the 19 May, 2009, the pro-terrorist Front Organisations among the expatriate Tamil Community in various foreign Countries, were left with large sums of money they had collected to assist the terrorists carry out their  armed terror, at their disposal. 

These terrorist Front Organisations of the expatriate Tamils  organised themselves to continue the terrorism , by using the large collections of money  remaining with them  not by starting another terrorist group in Sri Lanka ,  but by utilising the large sums of funds  available with them to get various organisations in the European countries such as  the Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and pay for Attorneys like Bruce Fein , western  media, and other influential Members of European Parliaments and even Senators of USA to launch a campaign against the Government of Sri Lanka . 

The one time Commissioner of Human Rights of the UN HRC Louise Arbour started her own Organisation -International Crisis Group and continued to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of Human rights and  war crimes.

That is how “violation of Human rights” became the major slogan on which they were proposing to accuse Sri Lanka, and hoist before the foreign public the savagery of the Sinhala Majority government against the minority Tamils, and the necessity for them to be recognised as a separate ethnic group for whom a Separate territory  should be carved out from Sri Lanka.

But curiously “violation of human rights”  has not the same definition as a Convention, and “Violation of human rights” cannot be  applied for separation of communities or in war situations. No where in the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human rights  “violation of human rights ” in war situations has been mentioned .  

Universal Declaration of Human Rights is not even distantly connected to the Geneva Convention.

Therefore the “violation of human rights “ in war situation is not an offence under the Universal Declaration of Humana rights for which, any one has the right to ask  Sri Lanka  for accountability.

No laws could be passed after the end of  terrorism to accuse the Government Armed forces to answer for “violation of human rights, war crimes or demand accountability “.  Such laws may be applicable for future events and not for what happened in the past when there were no such laws , even by manipulation of  existing declarations such as the Declaration of Human Rights or even the Geneva Convention

But under the Universal Declaration of Human rights no case could be brought against the Government or the Armed forces of Sri Lanka for violation of human rights  as there is no Article in the Universal of Declaration  of Human Rights to accuse Sri Lanka for violation of human rights even by implication.

This is how the Violation Human Rights came to be heard for the first time in reference to the elimination of terrorism in Sri Lanka   

Resolution against Sri Lanka to be placed before the Human Rights Council in Geneva on the 27 February, 2012.

Why has Sri Lanka been singled out for Violation of human rights and war crimes in the last phase of  the military operations against the terrorist ?

Why have not other perpetrators of violation of human rights and war crimes not included in the resolution that is being presented to accuse Sri Lanka and demand accountability?

If it is proposed to send an Independent Commission of investigation to Sri Lanka, why such an Independent Commission of Investigation is not recommended to be  sent to Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya to see to what extent USA, UK, Canada, and France are accountable for violation of human rights and war crimes in those countries?

What is highly offensive about this “violation of human rights” and war crimes  accusation is   that while they accuse Sri Lanka for its genuine  military operations to eliminate a group of Sri Lankan  terrorists  who terrorised Sri Lanka for 30 years,  the  Western countries such as USA, UK, FRANCE, GERMANY and CANADA  who are “ violating of human rights and committing  military crimes”  in foreign countries away from their own counties against innocent civilians of those countries like  Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya or Vietnam are not been sighted in the resolution that is being put before the UN Human Rights Council on the 27 February,2012.

This is how the West is modernising the World inventing  machinery of all sorts to pollute the atmosphere, the air and the seas of the world and invent  “ modern  terms”  such as “VIOLATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS,”, “R2P” and “ACCOUNTABILITY” to accuse non-Western countries   demanding “investigations “ by Independent International Commissions. While  being very careful to leave out their own countries which are in fact the worst of violators of human rights and war crimes taking cover under accusations levelled against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka despite being quite conscious of the fact that its Armed Forces  did not commit any violation of human rights in the elimination of the terrorists in its own country or committed any war crimes, appointed its own investigation Commission the LLRC and it will also implement the recommendations made in the Report of the LLRC.
In order to implement the recommendations of the LLRC Sri Lanka does not need a representative of a Nation Violating Human Rights- the US Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs Robert O, Blake to tell Sri Lanka what it should do,  as he did in his statement to the press:
“We’ve explained in some detail our views on the LLRC report, both on its merits and also on its shortcomings. As you know, there have been a number of other reports such as the UN Panel of Experts Report that describe in some detail some of their concerns about human rights violations and potential war crimes that occurred, particularly at the end of the conflict from January to May of 2009. You all are familiar with those, I don’t need to address those.
In our view the LLRC report did not cover in sufficient detail some of those allegations. So again, we think it’s very important as part of finally achieving a just and durable settlement and reconciliation process that those be fully addressed, so we talked in some detail about that with our friends in the government today.”
What is repugnant in the statement of  Robert O Blake  a representative of USA is that Sri Lanka which they accuse for violation of human rights, war crimes  and demand an accountability is,  that Sri Lanka, acted  as a responsible Sovereign State to protect its territory and  its people carried out appropriately careful military operations  against the terrorists.

Where it was necessary not to put in danger  the lives of the Civilian Tamil population kept as a human shield by the terrorists, the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka in the last phase of the elimination of terrorists, even gave up the use of heavy artillery against the terrorists and using small arms risking their own  lives, while evacuating nearly 300000 Tamil civilians, successfully defeated the terrorists. 

In the cross fires at the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists some civilians may have got killed caught in the cross fire and  if there were such deaths it was not because the Sri Lanka Government Armed forces deliberately killed the civilians.

And to say that there were 40, 000  deaths is a deliberately exaggerated  “lie” to put the blame on the Government Armed Forces.

40 thousand is a large number and as the 40 thousand  bodies could not have been buried at that “last phase” of the end of terrorism,  they may have been strewn all over the small  “no war zone ”  where the final fighting took place and it could have been seen in the photographs, video clips, or films of the area made at the time.  But there were no such strewn dead bodies.  The Army could not while attacking the terrorists dragged away the dead bodies of the civilians in to the sea.  So how can you account for such large numbers of  deaths which has been  imagined by the anti Sri Lanka West ?

In such a situation an  intelligent person who has no bad faith will know that it is “stupid” for any one, a government or an Armed Force to be accused for violation of human rights” or even demand accountability for such deaths.

Despite all the confidence that  the Government of Sri Lanka has  on its  Armed Forces that they did not  either violate any human rights nor  committed any war crimes had the courage and  a great sense of responsibility to appoint its own Commission the LLRC to investigate how the military operations had been pursued against the terrorists and what wrongs  the civilians Tamils had suffered during the period of terrorism.  

This type of investigation has not been done by USA the boastful Robert O Blake represents or any of the Western countries like UK, France, Canada Germany etc. responsible for innumerable deaths, violation of human rights in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya or Vietnam , despite this, these  Western Countries  being the pontificators of Democracy, high principles, and honesty, shamelessly come forward to accuse others for crimes which they have not committed, forgetting that they are the guilty party who have committed more war crimes  and violated human rights many times over.


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