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Louise Fre’chette an Arrogant woman lacking in politeness or Diplomatic integrity

We now know what UNO is made of – it is made of falsehood, arrogance, money grabbing, and egocentrics. Its Administrators like Louise Fre’chette  besides  lacking social nicety and moral soundness of a  Senior UN executive,  also lacks diplomatic integrity.  

This is what had taken place on the 21 February, 2012 in a room at the panel of the Senior  Advisory Group ( the Peace Keeping Panel) of the UNO, where rates of reimbursement to troop contributing countries and related issues were to be considered.

The meeting was Chaired by Louise Fre’chette from Canada.   Different countries of  regional groups had appointed their  representative that make up the Senior Advisory Group.  The Asia group had elected the Deputy Ambassador and  Permanent Representative  for Sri Lanka  Major General Shavendra Silva as its member.

Louise Fre’chette the Chari person,  apparently receiving instructions from some source  outside UNO had called the Deputy Ambassador General Shavendra Silva.

This is what transpired:

“ On Tuesday (21st February 2012) evening, Madame Louise Fre’chette, Chair of the Senior Advisory Group to consider rates of reimbursement to troop-contributing countries and related issues (SAG) asked Ambassador Maj. General Shavendra Silva, Deputy Permanent Representative of Sri Lanka, who is the representative of the Asia Pacific Group in the SAG to meet her.

She had brusquely informed him that she will not let him participate in the discussions of the SAG and will have him removed from the room should he insist on coming into the room.”
She had actually said, “…. You may have been nominated by the Asia Pacific Group, but I will decide whether you participate or not. ”

We can use so many abusive words to show our disapproval of this Fre’chette’s high handedness, intolerance and arrogance.  But this however is the malaise from which the whole of the UN System is suffering.  Being not unknown to the working of the UNSystem  this UN Official’s  undemocratic attitude is not unusual amoung some of the high ranking UN officials.

UN  is a august  institution with a very  noble Charter in which the highest of  human relationship and attitudes are woven into it in words and phrases well selected not to give dubious meaning to highest principles on which an august Organization should function. 

But  unfortunately the  staff selected and appointed to  highly placed position with  salaries in keeping with the dignity of the position are furthest from the noble principles written down  in the UNCharter .  That is to say the UNO is one thing and its Staff another. 

The Senior grade Staff is for the most part not an example of  what the Organisation represents.  Most of them  are racists, proud, inhuman, pompous, and pretentious. They think of themselves as  a new creed- International Civil Servants above the ordinary human beings.  They are masked men and women. They are masked with the aura of being members of UNO a noble institution, but with personal prejudices, hatred and intolerance.

Fre’chette had been a Minister  of her Government and an Ambassador before being named as the Deputy Secretary General of the UNO by Kofi Annan. Fre’chette may not  have even read the UN Charter or the Declaration of Human Rights, despite having been the Deputy Secretary General of the UNO for eight years.

The Qualifications , professional distinctions and social status do nothing to make a person fit to work  in an organization like the UNO  unless there is an attitudinal change to become humane, simple, people loving, to be in the service of human beings.  At least that is what the founding fathers of UNO wanted its administrators to be.

At 66 years  Fre’chette’s  position had gone into her head,  unless there is some thing else more “ remunerating “  to breakaway from the very principles of UNO to turn against a representative of a Member State General Shavendra Silva to  obviously help “ the pro terrorist Canadian Tamils” to take revenge against a Sovereign State of  Sri Lanka.

To  Fre’chette giving a piece of her mind to a General and asking him to “keep off” the meeting place may have given a self elation, a sadist pleasure at her age.  

What ever Fre’chette’s  seniority in the UNO what ever her  high qualifications she may have, what ever distinctions she had received from her own country, as a human being  she has lost  her human touch, and above all  her “bashing” of General Shavendra Silva has made her lose her right to be a member of that Noble Orgnaisation the UNO.  

UNO is a place of dialogue, where every one is expected to be treated equally where  every one has the right  to speak and participate in deliberations. A person of authority may take a strong decisions against some one, yet in communicating that decision  he or she should be able to maintain the dignity of the position heor she  holds. Fre’chette has failed to maintain that dignity of the position she holds and therefore has forfeited the right to that position of being the Chairman of the SAG.

Even the Secretary General of the UNO has not the right to deprive a representative of a member state  elected by a Regional Group to represent that group in any  Panel Meeting, attending such Meetings and participate in them.

We remember very  well the Canadian Prime Minister Mr. Stephan Harper, hollering against Sri Lanka  calling for an international investigation and  demanding not to hold the next Commonwealth  Head of State Meeting in Sri Lanka.  We also remember  another Canadian Louise Arbour  pointing her finger of accusation against Sri Lanka. 

These Canadians are ironically defending the interests of the expatriate Tamil immigrants while they have completely neglect the indigenous Canadian Indians having no problem from them as they have  been completely weakened and neglected to the extent they would not even make a whimper in protest of ethnic discrimination.

But the expatriate pro terrorist Tamils in Canada could make not only Louise Fre’chette, and Louise Arbour dance to their tune , but also Stephen Harper  the Prime Minister himself.
These incidents have a common back ground.  We can also remember that Navi Pillai had also made a Statement against the appointment of the Deputy Ambassador and Permanent Representative General Shavendra Silva  to the SAG.

This also has a reference to the expatriate  Pro terrorists Tamils  of Canada making a hue and cry about  General Shavendra Silva being appointed to the SAG in the UNO, preceded by two Tamils filing legal action in America demanding the arrest General Shavendra Silva and take him to a tribunal accused  for war crimes.

Hence Louise Fre’chette    has not acted in the interest of the UNO in speaking to General Shavendra Silva and saying, ““…. You may have been nominated by the Asia Pacific Group, but I will decide whether you participate or not. ”,  but in the interest of these expatriate Tamils in Canada who are also supported by her Prime Minister.

Reviewing this in the light of the above it is evident that Louise Fre’chette is another  UN High official  that has been “commandeered”  by the Pro Terrorist Tamil expatriates  in Canada in their  campaign to discredit and destabilise Sri Lanka as an extension of their “terrorist manoeuvres”  outside Sri Lanka.

It has nevertheless to be pointed out to Louise Fre’chette, that her reprehensible  method of using authority as the President of the SAG, affects herself and not the General Shavendra Silva.  

Even though, Fre’chette in her mean  way took it on herself to insult the  General Shavendra Silva, he cannot be insulted, because he stands higher than her in Status, achievements, and the esteem of a Nation.  It is a priviledge Fre’chette does not seem to appreciate to be able  sit in the same room with a man of the caliber of General Shavendra Silva, a hero, a great soldier.

While Louise Fre’chette was seated in a comfortable cushioned chair before a shining  clean table in a air conditioned room, the Major General Shavendra Silva was in a battlefield  dodging the terrorist bullets,  avoiding serpents  in drenching rain or under sweltering sun
He was a man who was fighting a ruthless group of terrorist armed to their “teeth” risking his life 24 hours of the day.  We have seen him in live television shot from the battlefields how efficiently he commanded his detachment of soldiers under him with firmness and with a fatherly  concern and always telling them not to take unnecessary risks and wishing them well before they were dispersed.

He was a soldier of high principles, well disciplined and kind.  Though as a military man he was fighting the terrorists he was extremely kind  to the civilians without distinction of  what community they belonged. He would help a wounded  or a captured terrorists with kindness and not with hatred.

The  expatriate Tamils in Canada cannot appreciate that man as they were and are completely out of touch with Sri Lanka which they only know by name and from what they read.

Louise Fre’chette what ever experience she has , and length of the period of service in  UNO, and whatever her  other professional distinctions cannot hold a candle to General Shavendra Silva he who is a being far above her pretentious  official egocentric self.

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