Thursday, 5 April 2012

I called my Friend in Jaffna

I called my friend in Jaffna.  He is disappointed with the government of which he had much hope to draw the Tamils out of Communal concentration to a social and political integration with the Sinhala.

He is sure if the government could have an active Office in Jaffna where the people are informed of the governments on going  welfare activities, and  contact the Tamil people  directly, more and more people will turn away from the TNA and turn towards the Government. 

Apparently, the Government is not making a genuine effort to propagate information to the Tamil people. The small SLFP office is manned by a young man not quite conversant with the political history of Sri Lanka to make an effort to change at least to a certain extent the Tamil mentality.  He says even the UNP has no office in Jaffna though they talk much of political integration of Communities.

My friend says that there is a tremendous amount of government sponsored development-taking place in Jaffna and he says every day he sees some thing new, but there is a government information vacuum that keeps people from appreciating the government’s positive efforts to develop Jaffna.  As a result, the government fails to take the credit for its projects, 

In this vacuum where the government is absent the TNA comes with sentimental issues concerning the language, Tamil Homeland, devolution of political power which really does not interest most of the people in Jaffna but tend to go along with the TNA in the absence of counter propaganda by the government.  The Jaffna Tamils he says still have the mind set of fear of the terrorism which  tends them to follow blindly the  TNA  which  hasn’t the peoples complete approval.

According to my friend, there is a good opportunity for the government to win over the people of Jaffna, if the SLFP or UNFA  could make their presence felt in Jaffna, without waiting until the next election to come to Jaffna for a membership drive.  The government does not seem to understand the necessity to have an active office which disseminates information about the activities under taken by the government  to develop Jaffna.

My Friend says that even he would be willing to run a UPFA propaganda office voluntarily if the government is interested in such a project.  It appears that there is a lethargy on the part of the government not going all out to vindicate its rights organizing propaganda activity in the north and east. Instead it merely  restricts its activities  to speech making in the south.  It is action that is necessary not speech making.

I give below extracts from two e-mails sent to me by my friend who is a Tamil fed up with unnecessary importance that is being given to the TNA by the West and the expatriate Tamils.

“ its really  strange that  those western countries are still crying for the long eliminated tiger  terrorists. What is happening  to America and UK? I think they are using Sri Lanka as a diverting issue from their middle eastern  debacle . Above all they cant digest that Sri Lanka was able to successfully end  terrorism despite the last minute intervention by Benard Kouchner, David Milliband and  Hillary.Clinton. We have some trouble to counter western moves, but we will win . The President and Sri Lanka had been taking correct and positive action for the  defense of the country and the protection of its people.

I wanted to tell you again that Jaffna SLFP and UNP branches are not existing.. There are some skeleton staff but no serious branch office with active organizers.
We have to narrow down the gap between south and north. This has to be done.
At least SLFP could appoint a very good leader from any community for Jaffna district as a party organizer.

We have to show the world that people of North are with the government of Sri Lanka, not with USA, UK or any other country.

We have to explain and give proper information to the people of North about the development projects and their progress.  Already the people are aware of this but they lack a proper government  leadership.
They can appoint any body but never any body from ex militant groups.”

My friend  says in another e-mail,  Jaffna is  now taking the right  path to development, but few  of the media and cheap politicians are  trying to paint a bad picture trying to make a monster of the Sri Lanka Government,  but everybody knows the truth.
Actually  without any exaggeration a great miracle is  taking place in the  North. Just in three years entire picture is changing so fast. many roads are improving and every day new buildings are coming up, every thing seems to be very positive . only one thing disturbing the  tranquility is loudspeakers from the top of the temples alas you cant imagine how loud it is .

Ideology behind this cult is controlling people. Creates fear and sucking them. These are all  money making temples. It is therefore no surprise that  the followers of Jaffna Saiva or Jaffna Christians become TNA supporters or terrorist supporters. Its a slavish  cult mentality .

They almost forget to think on their own. Just reading Uthayan  Thinakural or Valampuri is sickening  they are all talking  nonsense . Because of this joyless cult mentality the younger generation seems to be lost.
Now here in Jaffna any young boy could earn at least fifteen thousand with a decent job.  But  the  youths are ready to do hard labour in the Middle East for the same amount . Many youths told me money is not their  main concern,  but it is to get  rid of far too many “culture guardians” in Jaffna, a byproduct of terror culture.

For more than a year I  never saw any birth day parties or social get togethers. It is only temple ritualistic  religious functions and praying……. praying with full of fear.
Love and fear are the very opposite emotions. our religion become fear oriented.  Temple owners and Brahmins know how to create fear. It is not a surprise to know that Prabakaran’s familly has two medium size temples. Valvettythurai Sivan temple and Mariyamman Temple.
I am sorry this is some what sensitive matter. Already my relatives accuse me that I am becoming a non believer. Actually I am a believer of omnipresent divinity. If I search then I have to admit that divinity is not omnipresent.

Fear creates monsters like Prabha or his by products TNA. Any how their time is over they knew that thegame is over. North is becoming  cosmopolitan like Colombo. “

If the terrorist proxi TNA, the most unpatriotic elements of the Tamil Community and the pro terrorist Tamil expatriate Tamils think that they are the accept ed leaders of the Tamil Community in Sri Lanka , they are mistaken, because my friend is a Tamil from Jaffna and he hates the TNA and the expatriate Tamil Diaspora which has done nothing to improve the condition of the Tamil people after the elimination of the terrorists that were the e of their suffering. “

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