Thursday, 19 April 2012

Indian Parliamentary delegation meets TNA MPS the main stumbling block against Communal Unity in Sri Lanka.

By Charles.S.Perera

There are old vinyl gramophone records, which when damaged keeps the needle from jumping on to the next grove and therefore goes on playing what is on the grove on which the needle is stuck over and over again. 

The old Karunanidhi, and  old Sampanthan , both in their dotage with one leg on the ground and the other in the grave  are like damaged vinyl records. They repeat the same thing over and over again, their minds unable to jump on to another thought having damaged all positive or progressive thought processes, continuously  repeat what is in their “one track” minds.

Both of them have not come to politics with any political wisdom, intelligence or academic achievements. Karunanidhi wrote Tamil poetry, while Sampanthan was only a pawn placed by Prabhakaran- the terrorist to spy for  him  in the Parliament and repeat what he hears to the Thalaivar, for him to decide where to place the next suicide or claymore bomb. The terrorist Prabhakaran’s mind was fertile only to the extent of “terror management”.

As a great political move of wisdom Karunanidhi, and Jayalaitha unable see things beyond their nose, withdrew their representatives from the Indian Parliamentary delegation  visiting Sri Lanka, on a fact finding Mission.

Sampanthan had talked a lot to accuse the Government of Sri Lanka for not being honest and breaking promises given to them.  But they of the TNA are the more dishonest, not wanting a settlement  through discussion and dilly dallying without still not naming their representative to the Parliamentary Select Committee.

If TNA really wants a settlement to the problems they claim the Tamil people have , it is their duty to set in motion the Parliamentary Select Committee  by nominating their representative.  In not doing so they  indicate their  intention to back out of proposals, which may  not be in keeping with their preconceived solutions. TNA is not concerned with the welfare of the Tamil people, but preoccupied finding ways and means to set up a separate Eelam State where they would be the uncrowned kings.

TNA’s dishonesty is evident  in  not nominating a member for the Parliamentary Select Committee. TNA thus shows that they are opposed to a settlement acceptable to all Communities .  It is made evident from Sampanthan’s statement that a solution to the Tamil question will only be possible with foreign intervention.

A respectable politician who is a patriotic citizen of the country would not want any foreign intervention in our country as we know well what would happen once  foreigners begin to interfere into the  internal affairs of a developing country.  But Sampanthan’s servile mentality prefers to serve white masters rather than work with Sri Lankans.

The West will never take a decision which is favourable to Sri Lanka unless such a decision has benefits for themselves.  Because the foreigners are not interested in our people be they Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim, nor have they an interest in our culture, or social and economic development.  

Sampanthan cannot grasp that situation due to his desire to set up a separate Eelam State. A favourable solution to the  present problem high lighted by the TNA would be for all Communities to unite under one flag in a united Sri Lanka and solve their problems in  dialogue without having politicians like Sampanthan and his TNA MPs interfering  to profit  from the Tamil issue to fortify their political leadership amoung the more “gullible” Tamil people.

The political, or social problems we have, should be settled amoung us without having to bring the foreign governments to interfere.  Sampanthan is only creating problems where there is none. Sampanthan is an agent of the pro terrorist diaspora led by Rudrakumaran, Global Tamil Forum  and the rest. The intentions, actions and pronouncements of Sampanthan and the TNA MPs are open to doubt and suspicion. They had been going  to Canada, USA, and South Africa  making statements against Sri Lanka with the intention of putting foreign powers against Sri Lanka. This is a dangerous situation being created by the TNA.

Therefore , Sampanthan and his TNA MPs should be arrested for creating disharmony among the Communities and abusing their  privileges as  Parliamentarians to create dissention among the people, and invite foreign intervention with the intension of forcibly dividing the country.

High Security Zones in the North and East are a necessity to protect the people  and the country from external and internal enemies of Sri Lanka.  TNA wants the Security Zones removed so that they will have the  North free for their  activities of dividing the country and separating the people, and perhaps bring  the terrorist rump back to the North.

Sri Lanka has to be protected against the unpatriotic activities of the TNA who may not hesitate to invite foreign Armed Forces to set up a Tamil homeland if the Security Forces are removed from the  North and East. Therefore it is in the interest of the country to stop the TNA from continuing their activities as a political party.

The TULF had also made their representation to the Indian delegation and handed over a memorandum stating  that a “meaningful devolution which can meet the aspirations of the Tamil people, based on the Indian model only can bring permanent peace and reconciliation among the various communities.”.  The TULF had been parroting the same idea without reflexion. 
TULF too talk of the aspiration of the Tamil people without recognising that the Sinhala and Muslim people also have their aspiration.  If that fact is understood by these  Tamil political pundits , they will agree  that all communities having aspirations should work together as a Nation to realise those aspirations.  In a multiethnic society it is this united effort to settle their problems together that could strengthen ties of  citizenry.

The leader of the Indian Delegation, the  opposition leader Ms. Sushma Swaraj has put her foot in her mouth saying that  the government should evolve a political solution to the national question based on the 13th Amendment to the Constitution.  She is here only on a fact finding mission and not to advice the Government of Sri Lanka what it should do.  That is the business of the Government of Sri Lanka. 

The 13th Amendment was forced into the Constitution of Sri Lanka under different circumstances, and today Sri Lanka is different from what it was when the 13th Amendment was adopted.  Hence it is imperative  that this unnecessary  “vermiform appendix” is removed before it festers and poisons the “body”. And thus also stops every Dick, Tom and Harry asking to implement the 13th Amendment as if  it is the panacea for all the political ills of   Sri Lanka.

Finally the Poet Lauriat of  Sri Lanka terrorists- Karunanidhi of the DMK wants the Union Government to press  the UN for a referendum for a Tamil Eelam in Sri Lanka, and he had said that  , if at all he had one unfulfilled desire, it was the creation of a separate State for the Sri Lankan Tamils.” That may be his desire but ours’ is that Sri Lanka remains an undivided whole the mother land of the people of Sri Lanka.  Karunanidhi like Prabhakaran will also die with his desire unfulfilled !
Another TNA MP Adaikkalanadan, had said , “We need police and land powers for the provincial councils like the states in India,”.  But this man does not seem to understand that   the Sri Lanka Provincial Councils are not like the States in India.  Therefore , police and land powers will not be given to the Provincial Councils of Sri Lanka, as Sri Lanka is not India.
There are apparently lot of Catholic Churches being built in the north, which should  be investigated by the Government and stopped as illegal constructions.  But on the other hand  encourage building  more Buddhist Temples, which would  ensure unity between the Sinhala and Tamil Communities.

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