Monday, 9 April 2012

Sampanthan and TNA goons should thank their stars they are with tolerant Sinhala otherwise they would have been skinned alive.

The TNA and its MPs have no right to be the Members of the Parliament of Sri Lanka or represent the Tamil people.  The President of Sri Lanka should use his executive power to arrest all TNA MPs for high treason and lock them up separately in prison. 

We should not care   the pseudo “human rights folly “  of  America and the West which uses human rights  only as a fig leaf to cover the nudity of the absence of justice and fair-play in their own foreign policy.   

America moved the resolution against Sri Lanka at the 19th session of the UNHuman Rights Council to divert the attention of  the world from their rank violations of human rights and war crimes in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Vietnam. Thus America is  clearing  the way to attack Iran on some flimsy ground and use the NATO forces to bomb Iran and reduce it to rubble as they did to Libya.

Today America under Barack Obama has become the most feared nation that commits most gruesome war crimes and oversteps the  barriers placed by their elders against war such as the UNO, to become accusers of violation of human rights and war crimes, judges,  and executers of their decisions on developing nations.

Why are the American people silent ?  Is there no freedom of speech for the ordinary American people or have they all become yes men of the American Administration ?

Have we got to wait until the Presidential elections to know how the ordinary American people react to the Obama Administration which has become worse than that of George Bush ?

Under Hillary Clinton the American State Department is not carrying out the expected policies of the  President Barrack Obama, but that of Hillary Clinton  who cares less whether Obama wins the next Presidential election or not. Hillary Clinton on the other hand is being manipulated by the proterrorist Tamil Groups in America who call themselves “Tamils for Obama”

TNA MPs who work hand in hand with anti Sri Lanka groups such as the pro-terrorist front Agencies of the Tamil Diaspora, paints the Sinhala people and the Government of Sri Lanka as anti Tamil, which is far from reality.  Sinhala had been very tolerant towards the TNA. The Tamil Diaspora  is trying to fight against these tolerant Sinhala people. 

The Sinhala people are spoken of being the perpetrators of the riots of 1983 where as it was only a back lash that was provoked by the Terrorist group led by Prbhakaran which killed thirteen policemen in the North.

Though the Tamil diaspora and the anti Sri Lanka groups try to make out that Sinhala people had been against the Tamil since that back lash riots in 1983, the truth is different. Intelligent Tamils will know  that the Sinhala people provoked by the Tamil terrorists on several occasion after 1983 by massacring innocent Sinhala people in various parts of the country, did not react with  a back lash as it was in 1983 to kill and torture Tamils, though “they” make it out to be so.

Sampanthan has now started playing with words to justify his accusation of the Government’s discrimination against the Tamils.   He says , “The Tamil community in Sri Lanka should be integrated into the Sri Lankan nation and not be assimilated”

Integtrated is defined as, “formed or united into a whole” and assimilated is defined as “make similar ‘.  What is the great difference ?

This man Sampanthan is no philosopher nor is he  a patriot, but a political vulture who wants to dismember our motherland and separate the people, to satisfy his ambition for power amoung a  poor people who would worship him as their leader as Prabhakaran  became Thalaivar of the Tamils dominated by him.

 Sampanthan  has said  that, “ the government has not made a tangible move to achieve reconciliation in post-war Sri Lanka. …… successive governments maintained an insensitive and a callous attitude when it came to solving the issues faced by the Tamil community”.

Sampanthan is talking through his hat.  This miserable man is  a terrorist goon, who could not talk up to Prabhakaran when he was alive. He accepted and gave into all nefarious , inhuman activities of the terrorists.  His mouth was shut by the terrorist and could not open it without their permission, and today he poses as the “saviour’ of the Tamil people.  Sampanthan  is the stumbling block on the way to reconciliation.

The Government of Sri Lanka has achieved more than what Sampanthan  is ready to accept.  All those  positive steps taken to bring the Tamil people into the  main stream of the post war Sri Lankan Nation, whether through integration or assimilation do not seem to  please the stupid crooked mind of Sampanthan.

 Then Old Sambanthan comes out with the  lopsided  “philosophy” that, “While noting that the Tamil community has a distinct character and a culture……… the governments in Sri Lanka have been and still trying to make the Tamil community a minority even in the parts where they are not a minority by ruining the culture and civilization of the Tamil community.”

This man Sampanthan does not seem to understand that in any multi racial country each racial group has its distinctive character and a culture, and  these racial groups are minorities existing along side a majority group. Sampnthan does not want to understand this simple reasoning. He is only making a vain assumption to drive into the minds of the Tamil people a state of equality  with the majority group to create an artificial animosity towards the majority, the majority which does not claim different rights to those enjoyed by the minorities.  But enjoys the same rights as the minorities.

It is a historical error that had been perpetuated to keep a minority racial group of a Nation isolated making them a majority in certain areas.  It is that which has created  today’s problem of the Tamils not accepting to be  a part of the larger nation of Sri Lankans , hollering their  difference  and speak of Tamil grievances  which in reality do not exist.

It is important for Sampanthan and his goons to create this artificial distinction  as it is on that assumption that Sambanthan maintains his political leadership amoung the ignorant , poor, submissive Tamils.

Sampanthan has said that certain countries which supported the government during the war did not realise the “legitimacy in the Tamil struggle for self respect and equality.”  This is a statement that  shows  Sampanthan is  a dangerous  politician leading astray the Tamil people. This is the way Sampanthan tries to justify terrorism of his Thalaivar Prabhakaran.

Sampanthan  in saying , ‘ that it was not only the Tamil community which suffered from the war but also the Sinhala and Muslim communities. …… asserted that the Tamil community must be given the same political rights which are enjoyed by the Sinhala community.’  Makes a serious statement  to create dissention amoung the two major communities rather than unite the communities.

This man Sampanthan has no place in post war Sri Lanka which needs political leaders of the different Communities that make up the Nation of Sri Lanka, who are of a different caliber, responsible, looking forward for pace and prosperity amoung the people of the country whether they are Sinhala, Tamil or Muslim.

Greatest obstacle to reconciliation of the communities in Sri Lanka is Sampanthan and his goons of the TNA, and the expatriate Tamil Community who have no inkling of patriotism towards Sri Lanka, which is not their country of birth.

 Sampanthan  and the TNA is a creation of the Terrorist Prabhakaran and has no right to demand the implementation of the 13 Amendment, merger of the provinces or speak of Tamil Grievences.  It was the greatest mistake of the Government  not to have banned TNA immediately after the elimination of the terrorist on the 19 May, 2009.

If Sampanthan continues in this vain Sri Lankans should find other means to stop him from making statements that damages the on going efforts of reconciliation.

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