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If USA asks accountability for civilian deaths at last phase of War, Sri Lanka should file legal action against LTTE for 30 years of terrorism.

United States diplomats held an informal meeting at the Palais de Naciones where the UN Human Rights Council is in session. There, they presented the text of their second draft resolution on Sri Lanka. The meeting in session.

By holding onto the tail end of the war against terrorism by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces USA State Department is  bogged down with an impossible task of asserting the number of  Tamil Civilians killed proposing different numbers at different times from 6000 to 40000.

Knowing very well that even a foreign investigators will not be able to ascertain the actual  numbers killed, USA now introduces new issue in their resolution  which has no connections to the  accountability for civilian deaths they vehemently called for earlier.  They have very cunningly switched to issues which are internal matters with which they have no right to interfere.

America is acting like the crab walking side ways calling the other crabs to walk strait.  Every thing America complains as violations  by the Sri Lanka Government and its Armed Forces are the violations Americans themselves are continue, many folds more with complete  impunity in their manifold  theatres of war. 

There is certainly no reason for the USA State Department to make such a song and a dance about the numbers of civilians killed at the last phase of the war against terrorism ignoring  the innumerable numbers of men, women and children killed by the terrorists for 27 years or more before that.

 It appears the last phase of the terrorist war was selected to accuse the Sri Lanka armed forces  for war crimes, genocide and what not leaving out the LTTE terrorists for their unaccountable number of massacres, assassinations, suicide human bombs and bomb blasts.  If USA and the UNHR Commissioner Navi Pillay call Sri Lanka for accountability for the deaths of civilians  at that crucial end of the terrorist war, we should then  take up the cases of massacres, assassinations, and bomb blasts and take legal action against the LTTE.

That would end the present comedy of the terrorist rump in the diaspora, and Global Tamil Forum and rest of their supporters including Ministers in UK and Canada, who will stand charged for terrorism, and aiding abetting terrorism.  There is enough evidence to bring all of them into the net. Sri Lanka need not have  access to UK Channel 4 to make a false video footage as plenty of  real videos, photos, and eye witness evidence are available.

There was definitely no intentional shooting by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to kill civilians. If their were civilian deaths they were accidental,  and  the deaths of those unfortunate ones who were caught in the cross fire.  Those are unavoidable and will certainly not  amount to as much as they estimate to make their reports create an images of  the  Sri Lanka Armed Forces as monsters.

It is a hard way to put it but one says that one cannot make an omelet without breaking eggs. A war cannot avoid deaths.  In the case of a terrorist war, there are no  niceties and if there were 40 000 killed then it was because of the war.  We have a right then to ask who brought the Sri Lanka Armed Forces into a war. Many Sri Lankan Governments before and the present government tried their  best to get the terrorists around a table to come to a negotiated peace settlement.  But all those negotiations ended with the representatives of the terrorists walking away from talks half way.  Finally the government had no alternative but to take alms when the terrorists opened fire at soldiers who were trying to open sluice gates of a tank the terrorists had wantonly closed, depriving the farmers water to cultivate their fields.

It was in that opening of Mavil Aru sluice gates the terrorists opened fire at the armed forces which began the military operation against them that led to intense fighting ending up in large numbers of terrorists , civilians and soldiers killed until the end of it.  The deaths in the course of that fighting are the responsibility of the LTTE terrorists who have to account for every drop of blood in that war.  But the USA state Department and Navi Pillay is conveniently avoiding the issue exonerating the terrorists, and asking accountability from the Government of Sri Lanka just for the deaths during a  space of about three weeks  of fighting from 21 April, 2009 to 18 May,2009.

Even then the actual numbers of deaths cannot be ascertained and it cannot be as much as 40 000( according to Gordon Weiss), and  certainly far less, for which the Sri Lanka Armed forces cannot be held responsible as it was the  terrorists who brought the civilians into the war zone as a human shield for their own protection..

America had never been a country which act with concern about numbers of civilian deaths which it conveniently shirks off as collateral damage.  It was the same even  in its wars with  CIA interventions in previous regime changing wars in Guatemala, Iran, Chile, Congo etc. 
Jacobo Arbenz President Guatemala removed by CIA intervention
Salvador Allende Chile removed by CIA intervention

Patrice Lumumba removed by CIA intervention

America had not been able to get rid of it visceral aggressivity out of its system. Nor has USA which accuses developing countries and now Sri Lanka has ever assisted a single developing country to develop into being an independent Sovereign State.  On the contrary it had destroyed many developing countries and balkanised some, made some caught in its “debt trap”.  It is the same that USA is trying to do now in  Sri Lanka.

The USA President Barack Obama who came with a cry of “hope and change” has completely failed even to change the foreign policy of his own US State Department.

The USA State Department does not have enough grey matter to think and understand whether it is possible, an Armed Force of a country fighting against terrorists that had risen from amoung them who are their own people  sharing the same motherland would  while rescuing 300 000 Tamil Civilians, shoot to kill 40000 others ?

The Armed Forces and the Sinhala people from the South provided three meals per day for the rescued Tamil Civilians –the IDPs who where sheltered in camps hurriedly set up by the armed forces, and  provided with clothes and amenities by the people from all over Sri Lanka.

It is time Sri Lanka takes some bold action, without playing second fiddle to India.  India had decided long before the UNHRCouncil’s 22 Sessions to vote with the USA against Sri Lanka.  Indian political leadership has no backbone, living under threat of  break away states.

It is possible with politicians like Karunanidhi, Jayalalitha, Vaiko , Nedimaran  who have not the intelligence and the political acumen to understand human situations in a political environment.  Their attachment to Sri Lanka terrorists is a mere sentimental issue, and Karunanidhi’s hands are smeared with the blood of the assassinated  Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, in whose assassination  he has  had a hand according to the Report of the Jain Commission.

Sri Lanka has had enough of interference into its internal affairs by the USA, the International Community and Navi Pillai, without having  made any positive moves to assist and aid Sri Lanka before he elimination of terrorists, and now put barriers against its process of  reconciliation of the communities to  unite the people. 

Sri Lanka does not want foreign technicians and NGOs to settle its problems.  They will only make matters worse as they come with their own agenda, and without an atom of understanding of the Culture , custom and sentiments of the people in Sri Lanka.   Therefore, the USA and International Community and Navi Pillai should get off our backs and  allow Sri Lanka to solve whatever problems it has with its people in its own way at its own pace.

It is now time that Sri Lanka prepares to take the LTTE terrorists and all those connected to the LTTE to tribunal. A Law Court for that purpose should be set up in Sri Lanka as the Foreign  Tribunals –even the International Court of Law in Hague cannot be trusted to be independent as the  USA and the West are determined to take revenge from the Government of Sri Lanka for the elimination of its terrorists, who for them are only rebels.

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