Thursday, 28 March 2013

Please do not say any more India is a friend of Sri Lanka.

One cannot understand the naivety , and simple stupidity of  Sri Lanka ‘s inability  to Stand  against the continued humiliation by India and  Tamil Nadu.  Is it important that Sri Lanka Cricket team should play in Tamil Nadu ? Is it not possible for the pilgrims to Buddhagaya find another route of access  avoiding  Tamil Nadu or postpone pilgrimage to Buddhagaya  until such time as India realises its error and  improve its relations? 

Many Sri Lankans also  go to India for shopping, more often to by sarees ,  jewelry and accessories for weddings. Sri Lanka produces enough clothes and jewelry therefore it is not necessary to buy Indian Sarees, bangles and golden necklaces.  Sri Lankan’s are very extravagant  in wedding and spend lavishly more often competing with others.  We should  learn to have simple weddings making them  a private and a personal event. We cannot impose trade embargos but we could certainly curtail purchasing Indian goods.

Sri Lanka should stop importing Indian films, and Indian books and magazine.  The ordinary Indians should be made to feel the injustice being committed by Tamil Nadu, and Indian government against Sri Lanka.

Import of motor vehicles,  luxury goods, buses,  and railway carriages from India should be stopped.  India with its claim to leadership in Asian is still not civilised.  The behaviour of the Tamils of TamilNadu is  ample evidence of their uncivilized savagery , as it was manifested in the  assault of  Buddhist monks.  There should be a campaign against visiting India.  India should apologise for the assault of monks and pilgrims, and take action against those Tamilnadu criminals.

The images of the uncivilized savage Tamils  of Tamil Nadu beating Buddhist monks should be produced as posters and pasted on Bill boards all over Sri Lanka, for our people to know the savagery of the Tamils of Tamil Nadu and the hypocrisy of India.

The Government cannot  demand the closing down of Indian Embassy, but it could ask India to close down the Indian Consulates in the North and the South.

India’s relationship with Sri Lanka is arrogant.  In voting  for the US resolution against Sri Lanka, India has shown its  rank indifference in its  relation with Sri Lanka preferring the  thugs and bullies of the West. Indian delegate before voting against Sri Lanka,  could have avoided his  speech which only confirmed India’s hidden agenda.

It was reported that the “India’s envoy Dilip Sinha made a strongly worded statement on Sri Lanka, saying that it was imperative that Sri Lanka implemented the recommendations of the LLRC and moved forward in accordance with the 13th amendment to its constitution. “It is vital that Sri Lanka addresses issues like missing persons, detainees, and the return of private lands by military”, Sinha said, adding that the measures taken so far were unsatisfactory. And advised Sri Lanka, “it was India’s belief that the end of the conflict provided an unique opportunity to Sri Lanka for reconciliation and the opportunity needed to be grabbed.”

Not failing to display its utter hypocrisy  he shamelessly stated, “India is Sri Lanka’s closest neighbour and share thousands of years of relationship. We cannot be but untouched by what happens in Sri Lanka……and said  that, “.. India would continue to engage with the country.” That was not a message of friendship.

India had outwardly shown that it was a friendly neighbour, but  worked against Sri Lanka behind its back.  The terrorism in Sri Lanka was the making of India. It helped the terrorists in various ways  by training them within  India territory.  India came to the help of the terrorists when they were about to be defeated by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces in 1987. India refused  to sell arms and ammunitions to the Government of Sri Lanka, and even demanded that not to purchase arms from China.  India refused to provide  transport to Sri Lanka Armed Forces when they were sieged by the terrorists.  India  even sold to Sri Lanka a second hand radar system that failed to detect  the ramshackle terrorist planes.

Sri Lanka  had  kept close relations with India as it did not want  the Western countries playing a damaging role in Sri Lanka , as it is  understood  from the introduction to  C.A.Chandraprema’s book “ Gota’s War”.  It states  “ ….After India lost control of things in 1990 and stepped aside, the Western powers began playing a role in the Sri Lanka Conflict.” 

It also explains why the West has taken an anti-Sri Lanka stand ever since the end of terrorist war, going all out to stop its development and reconciliation efforts under the President Mahinda Rajapakse. 

“ Usually, foreign interventions would mean that a foreign country would be able to influence, guide or control events in the country subject to the intervention.  Yet in Sri Lanka, no foreign power ever held the reins in their hands.  No foreign power could switch things on or off in Sri Lanka as they pleased.  The epicentre of the conflict always remained  firmly in Sri Lanka.  All foreign powers who thought  they could manipulate  or even influence  things in Sri Lanka  were to realise that they were only handmaidens and not mistresses.  A recent Norwegian government commissioned report on their peace mediation efforts in Sri Lanka candidly admitted as such.”

Sri Lanka therefore suffers the consequence of its determined effort to eliminate the terrible terrorism without being distracted by the powerful West, and against India’s expansionist intentions.
India’s friendly relation with Sri Lanka began with the reign of King Asoka and ended thereafter.  Now it is time that Sri Lanka begins to assert itself.  It is important in the first instance to remove the 13 Amendment from the Constitution, which was a part of India’s plan  for  division and annexation of the north and East of Sri Lanka.  Secondly Sri Lanka should either ban TNA or file action against them for the breach of the Sri Lanka Constitution. TNA is a barrier against reconciliation of Communities.

India and its allies the USA and the West may repeat what it had been doing to  Cuba with trade embargos and sanctions.  Sri Lanka should be strong to stand against their manipulations.

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