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No to USA Resolution against Sri Lanka, and why all LLRC recommendations cannot be implemented ?

Sri Lanka wants to remain  a United Whole not separated into States.

Should Sri Lanka support this humiliation every year at the UNHRCouncils with USA presenting resolutions against Sri Lanka  for its just war against terrorism where it eliminated  a group of ruthless terrorists who terrorised the country and its people for 30 long years ?

Sri Lanka is not Congo, Sudan, Haiti, Tunisia, or Egypt.  Sri Lanka after thirty years of suffering under terrorism has brought not only peace and relief into the country but a tremendous development  of infrastructure,  roads, lakes, ports, airports, houses,  schools ,farms, health facilities, technology, and beatification of towns.

Sri Lanka after elimination of terrorism provided houses and land to all displaced persons and improved the living condition of the people providing employment, and regular income through  agricultural farming, small business and opening new industrial zones.  The Government has, as it had happened no where else in the world deployed its soldiers  for the country’s development activities without leaving them on their own with psychological wounds resulting with continuous engagement in a war which they helped to win. 

In  gratitude and appreciation of the  tremendous contribution of all  those soldiers who made their ultimate sacrifice  in the war , their families have been provided with houses and provided education facilities for children.  The soldiers who were disabled too have been provided with homes, special hospitals, and suitable employment.

Such had been the commendable work the Government of Sri Lanka has done since the end of the war, with generous help from China, Russia, Japan, Korea Iran, India and even USA.

The war against terrorism is over but the USA and the West along with the terrorist rump living in the West continue to break into the Sri Lankan peoples  well earned peace and restful existence by making them  re-live the horrors of  terrorism  accusing the government and the heroic soldiers of the Armed Forces with crimes they have not committed.

Even in real  life if a person were to kill his aggressor in self defence and accidently kills an innocent he is legally not guilty of the offence  and could even plead attenuating circumstances. 

But it is not so for USA and the West who are determined to take revenge on behalf of their benefactors the  pro-terrorist Tamils living in their countries.  USA and the West did not intervene to stop terror and massacres by the terrorists, before the beginning of the war against terrorism by the present Government of  the President  Mahinda Rajapakse. 

They could have then used their friendly relation with the terrorists to stop terrorism and arranged  a peace settlement.  But they were unable to do so then,  but now they come round to accuse Sri Lanka and go all out to stop Sri Lanka’s progressive development and the ongoing process of the reconciliation  of Communities.

But Sri Lanka which eliminated a ruthless enemy even at a cost of a  large number of its soldiers of the Armed Forces and  some of its dear civilian compatriots, is not allowed to live in peace by an over exigent USA and the West who have  no real interest either  in the  eliminated terrorists, nor in the civilians that had died in the course of the war - as it happens in every war and even in  Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya ,Syria or even in Pakistan border villages,  in the America’s war against terrorism.

However, Sri Lanka which wants to exist as an independent Sovereign State without being interfered into its internal affairs like any respectable Nation State, appointed its own Commission the LLRC with a clear mandate to study the situation leading to elimination of terrorism and reconciliation of the Communities for a hopeful future where such separatist disasters would not recur.  However the LLRCommission had gone beyond its mandate to make recommendations.  These recommendations  were out side the mandate and were  not foreseen. 

The President and his government were of the view that after the elimination of terrorism  Sri Lanka had to take a different path  from that it traversed until the beginning of terrorism.   It is not the last phase of terrorism that we have to forget, but Sri Lanka has to forget the whole period of terrorism up to the 19, May,2009,  if it is to take a new path of hope and  evolution to lead Sri Lanka to be an independent Nation composed of neither minorities  nor majorities but just a Nation  of Sri Lankans.

This the Commissioners of the LLRC had not understood and their recommendations therefore goes contrary to the intentions of the President and his Government.  Therefore these recommendations of the LLRC cannot be implemented  without damaging the long term interest of  Communal harmony.

In the post terrorist Sri Lanka, it is not necessary to speak of Tamils separately from the Sinhala and the Muslims.  Sri Lanka should be developed as a whole, with its people as a whole, where there would then be no discrimination of one Community  against  another.

The Unity of the Communities - the Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim and others  should be  as it has been said in Buddhist Scriptures, like the waters of the four great  rivers of India- Yamuna, Ganga, Achiravati, and Sarabu , which  once fallen into the sea become one without the distinction of from which river  which water had come. 

 Expatriate Tamils want to divide Sri Lanka  to create a separate State for the Tamils

That is what  Sri Lanka wants one Nation of Sri Lankans, which is not the separation, distinction, and division the USA , the West, and the anti-Sri Lanka pro-terrorist Tamil expatriates want.

The Government of Sri Lanka has begun that process which would take time, patience and understanding.  Already there is a change in the language policy where Sri Lanka has introduced Sinhala , Tamil, and English as working languages.  It has developed the North and East of Sri Lanka  and continuing the process in the South.  The transport system is extended from  South, to North and East.  Hospitals and Schools are being built both in the North and the South. 
Jaffna Musical Festival Organised to reconcile Communities

Once the process is completed no part of Sri Lanka will be different from another. There will be the Sinhala,Tamil , Muslim and other Communities in the South, in the North and the East.  There will be cultural exchanges with cultural festivals transported from North to South and South to North.
A dance Item at the Jaffna Musical Festival

The USA and the West cannot understand the reality of this process which has already been  put into motion by the Government ,  and therefore they are only putting barriers to its progress demanding accountability which only slows down the process of reconciliation , distancing the Communities, creating distrust among them which the President and the Government want to avoid at all cost.

Can one imagine the damage USA is doing with its resolution that serves nothing for the development of Sri Lanka through a cohesion of  Communities, for a peaceful , united and a harmonious Nation of Sri Lankans ?

The then USA Ambassador Robert O’Blake who was a close friend of the Sri Lanka terrorists continued to tell the Government of Sri Lanka that the government should find a political solution to terrorism   But the President and the Government of Sri Lanka having failed atnseveral peace negotiations with the terrorists finally resorted to  a military solution and vanquished terrorism. 

If  we had followed the American advice for a political  solution we would still be having the terrorists in the North and the East.  It is therefore evident that  the government knew then to choose the  correct solution for the problem with the terrorists Sri Lanka, and therefore there is no reason why it should turn now to the USA and West to  find solutions for its present problems. 

LLRC was a Commission appointed by the president, and it is the President of Sri Lanka and his Government who know how best to make use of the report of the LLRC. It is not the business of USA or any one else to interfere to tell Sri Lanka what it should do with it.

USA’s relations with developing countries, had been , and continues to be to hamper their development.  Never in the History of America has it helped a developing country to come out of its underdevelopment and become economically, and socially independent.   

USA is ever ready to help any “rebel group” (which in reality a terrorist group) which has taken arms to fight against an elected government. USA’s objective is to  “ change  regimes” and  put a American puppet government in place.  USA should at least now change its foreign policies  taking for example, China, Russia, Japan who help poor countries in their developing process, without putting barriers to their independent development.

USA has its own human rights violations and it has not been able put every thing in proper order in America itself. USA has a number of problems with regard to  psychologically deranged youth who take guns to kill children in schools.  The President Barack Obama is unable to reach a consensus on his Gun Reform proposals despite the sad massacres of children and innocents  in Columbine, Virginia Tech, Aurora, and Newtown. 

There is  a social malaise in America which results in periodical episodes of youth terror.  These are the matters USA should  put all its time and  energy to solve, instead of creating dissension in developing countries and change regimes for political reasons.

The fault with USA State Department then and now is that it does not  believe in dialogue  being aggressive by nature, threatening and bullying small nations.  Even now USA could resolve  problems it has with the Countries like, Iran, Syria, or North Korea  by entering in to a dialogue with sincerity without trying to dominate over them, or threaten them with sanctions. 

USA continues to invent new drones for unmanned bombardment while asking north Korea and Iran to stop their nuclear programs. Best way to deal with other countries is to extend a genuine hand of friendship, and start a dialogue as equals.

The forefathers of UNO were working together to find a means to bring peace to the world so that every one can live happily. 

 But in UNHuman Rights Council they were preparing the resolution against Sri Lanka with hatred, jealousy, and  dislike foremost in their minds, to divide the country by putting one community against another.

“Since wars begin in the minds of men, it is in the minds of men that the defences of peace must be constructed.”  That every one working in the UNHRCouncil should keep well in mind.

Sri Lanka which wants all of its available resources for the development of the country and make better the living conditions of the people are forced to spend  that money unnecessarily in sending delegates to Geneva to participate in the UNHuman Rights Councils Session where USA systematically  prepares resolutions against it.

This cannot go on for ever, and the only solution to solve this humiliation of the Sovereign State of Sri Lanka  year in and year out is to do some thing radical.  It would be appropriate for the Sri Lanka delegation to walk out of the Sessions of the UNHRCouncil when the USA presents its resolution against Sri Lanka.  

Sri Lanka should be able to face the consequences  of such an act  with the support of the countries friendly towards it.  After all Sri Lanka has done nothing wrong in eliminating the terrorists. If USA is concerned about violations of human rights, USA is  guilty of  recorded instances of violation of human rights many time over,  and considerable war crimes. 

Sri Lanka is getting on very well with its Tamil Community and the only barrier to Sri Lanka’s forward march is USA, the Western countries and the terrorist rump- the Tamil expatriates, who relentlessly discredit, and  humiliate Sri Lanka, attempting  to distance the Communities with a view to make a failure of the reconciliation process.

USA accuses Sri Lanka

UNHuman Rights Council  prepares and passes resolutions against Sri Lanka

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