Thursday, 21 March 2013

The Back Ground to US Resolution against Sri Lanka.

It is a sad day for those who love Sri Lanka, and those progressive people who watch Sri Lanka’s evolution as a great country which has risen from ashes so to say to become the envy of some and a beacon of hope for others.

American State Department, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry or even President Barack Obama -they are really of no use to us the people of Sri Lanka.  They care little for the people,  be they Tamil, Sinhala or Muslim, their main interest  in Sri Lanka is to what extent they can make use of the Sri Lanka- the country in their plan of a political strategy.
The resolution USA got passed in the UNHRCouncil today is a display of its utter  hypocrisy.  USA has really nothing special that allows them to move  a resolution against Sri Lanka.  USA State Department therefore turned to Navaneetham Pillay the most controversial Commissioner of the UN Human Rights Council.  Most of the US Resolution against Sri Lanka contains Navaneetham Pillay’s earlier antagonist demands against Sri Lanka.

There is no secret that Navaneetham Pillay- a South African Tamil is backed by the anti-Sri Lanka Pro terrorist Tamil Diaspora, and she wants vengeance from Sri Lanka government  for the elimination of Tamils as much as the pro-terrorists Tamils of the Diaspora.

There is no point asking her to come to Sri Lanka, as any one  like her coming with a prejudiced mind against Sri Lanka will change nothing.  She had apparently sent a delegation  to make an evolution of Sri Lanka’s progress since the defeat of terrorism.  But that delegation had not been able to contribute anything  constructive for Navi Pillay to change her mind about Sri Lanka.  Instead of the findings of the delegation she had delved into the  report of the  Darusman Panel to include its findings in to the resolution prepared by the US State Department.

Who had the “big” idea of taking only the last phase of the Sri Lanka’s military operations against the terrorists for a probe into the killing of civilians  and call for accountability, leaving out the previous 27 years of continuous massacres, assassinations, bomb blasts , and killing by  human suicide bombs of the terrorists ?

These were all pre-planned , USA and its allies never expected  Sri Lanka Armed Forces to win in military operations  against the terrorists. They wanted terrorists “safe and sound” to form a separate Eelam State. 

They saw to it by first suggesting to Sri Lanka that the only solution against terrorism is a political solution, then they arranged  with Netherland as a mediator several rounds of peace negotiations with the representatives of the  Government,  and the terrorist. The Mediators with the support of the then Secretary of Defence Austin Fernanado  raised the status of the  terrorists to a Armed Force  with the representatives of the terrorists given military insignias such as Colonels, Captains  and Commissars. Political Wing Leaders, Sea Tiger Commanders etc.

The stage was thus set for the emergence of the terrorists into an Armed Force of a future Tamil Eelam State.  Unfortunately for the Western manipulators, the terrorist Talaivar  Prabhakaran was not ready for peace negotiations, as he wanted an  unconditional formation of an Eelam State.  Therefore, he deliberately  broke off the peace negotiations in order to wrench off forcibly  a territory for an Eelam State.

Then the West through Netherland as a Mediator drew up the CFA setting up terrorist controlled areas and government areas.  The terrorists used this “ CFA Plan” to develop  its military force, stock arms and ammunition , set up factories to make bombs, submarines, protective earth mounds, set up road blocks and train a platoon of Black Tigers specialising in suicide human bombs. 

The CFA barred the Sri Lanka armed forces from firing at the terrorists, on the other hand the terrorists set up claymore bombs, trained grenade lobbers, and snipers and carried out  massacres, bomb blasts, and assassinations and  took refuge in the terrorist controlled areas into which the police or the Sri Lanka Armed Forces could not enter in search of the miscreants.

But the terrorists sure of their superior military power provoked the Armed Forces which did not have even modern  guns to resists the terrorists.  It was in such a provocation that the terrorists closed the Sluice gates of Mavil Aru depriving about 60000 farmers of water and  making 2000 hectares of land uncultivable.  It was then that the Government deployed its Armed Forces to open the Sluice gates.  The terrorists attacked the Armed forces cutting their access to the gates.  The Armed Forces retaliated and that was the beginning of the determined military operations by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces to end terrorism which finally came to an end in May, 2009.

During the course of that strategic military operations the West kept on  harping on a political solution, hoping the Sri Lanka Armed Forces  will be defeated by the superior terrorist forces.  When they saw that at last the Sri Lanka Armed Forces had adopted appropriate military strategies, and saw that the defeat of  terrorism was imminent the West sent emissaries to Sri Lanka.   

David Miliband and Bernard Kouchner the Foreign Ministers of UK and France  met the President of Sri Lanka  and demanded him to agree to a Cease Fire.  The President and the Armed Forces  refused to  a cease fire at that stage,  and even refused an entry visa to the Swedish foreign Minister Carl Bildt.

An extract from a relevant report:  “ Sri Lanka- The New Great Game” in The Diplomat Blog  read, “….

As the conflict drew to a close in the first half of 2009, there were a spate of diplomatic incidents that reflected growing tensions between Sri Lanka and the West. Sri Lanka rejected Britain’s appointment of Des Browne as Special Envoy to Sri Lanka and declined entry to Swedish Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. In addition, a joint visit in April 2009 by British Foreign Secretary David Miliband and French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner to secure a ceasefire led to a further souring of relations. Meanwhile, in April 2009, Sri Lanka’s application for a US$1.9 billion loan from the International Monetary Fund met with US resistance. ‘We have raised questions about the IMF loan at this time. We think it is not an appropriate time to consider that until there is a resolution of the conflict,’ said US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton at the time……”(

Sri Lanka stood steadfast not  giving in to any “great power” and won the war eliminating the terrorists for good.  But antagonised the USA and the West in the attempt and its final victory over terrorism was not felicitated to by the USA and the West.

The USA and the West have still not given up their “plot” to  annex Sri Lanka in their plan for a USA political Strategy in the Indian Ocean against China, into which it has roped in India.  USA and the West still refuse to condemn the terrorists. They avoid being drawn into “condemn” the terrorists and call for an accountability for the disasters it caused  from those who contributed to terrorism in Sri Lanka such as the Terrorist Front Organisations of the Tamil Diaspora, and the Associations such as the Global Tamil Forum, Tamils for Justice and the Tamil National Alliance, so on.  That is the very reason why they have restricted their focus on the last phase of the military operations against Terrorism by the Sri Lanka Armed forces, to avoid  accusing the terrorists and call accountability from those who represent the terrorists now,  on available factual evidence against them.

This is the back ground to the US Resolution against Sri Lanka passed at the 22nd Session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to-day the 21 March, 2013.  In which not only India but also Japan had stabbed Sri Lanka in the back, despite presenting them with two elephants. !!!.

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