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TNA has finally become a responsible political Party. Or has it ?

 Winning the PC elections in the North by itself is not the end of it.  The TNA has now got to sit down to work as responsible politicians planning their activities as a part of the Central Government of Sri Lanka, with it and not against it.

Why did the Tamils in the North, almost 90 percent of the educated, professional, merchants, salesmen, skilled and unskilled workers, farmers, labourers,  men and women all voted to TNA a party that was “hatched” from the cocoon of terrorism ? 

In other words the Tamils in the North en block voted for the memory of “terrorism”.  While Wigneshawaran the ex-judge got the highest preferential vote,  Ananthi Sasitharan former terrorist cadre got the next highest preferential vote.  The Tamils have their destinies with terrorism and Sri Lanka has to  keep that in mind and keep the Army Camps permanently stationed in the North as given the opportunity the Tamils in the north may  encourage terrorism once again. They may even willingly give their children as future suicide bombs.

It must be in their blood to “enjoy” suffering-sort of a sadist tendency.  Even Wigneshvaran an ex-judge who has his sons married to Sinhala women, educated and lived perhaps all his life in the South with the Sinhala,  proved without any doubt that through out the thirty years of terrorism he had been a sympathiser of the terrorists. 

Can we therefore rule out that Navi Pillay the UNCHR is also in heart very much a sympathiser of the Sri Lanka Tamil terrorists and hero worships Prbhakaran the terrorist to whose memory she wanted to offer flowers at Nandikadal ?

The hero worship of Prabhakaran did not come to ex-judge Wigneshvaran overnight, it is some thing that had been in his heart all the time, and felt safe and at home among the TNA “terrorist lovers” to  openly declare that Prabhakaran  was a freedom fighter and a hero of the Tamil people.  He even compared Prabhakaran to Keppeitipola Disawe who revolted against the British.

There are other stake holders Viswanathan Rudrakumaran –already the  Prime Minister of  the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam, Father S.J.Emmanuel of the Global Tamil Forum, and numerous others lining up to infiltrate into the North- for them the “terre Saint” of terrorism. 

If the government does not keep an eye as to what is taking place in the North with TNA on the saddle we may end up with a another 30 years of terrorism.  Tamils in the North seem to love it, and will invest for it to happen again.

This attachment to suffering of the Tamil people in the North of Sri Lanka- as much as those Tamils elsewhere as witnessed by ex- Judge Wigneshwaran’s hero worship of the ruthless terrorist Prabhakaran, seems to be an inborn Tamil  trait. They pay penance to their Gods subjecting themselves to pain, such as being hung in carts, rolling on the ground, piercing the tongue, dragging carts tied onto hooks pierced into the skin of the devotee’s back, walk on fire and so on.

Therefore there is no wonder the Tamils of the North vote TNA the political party closely connected to terrorism.  For  three or four years there had been cultural exchanges where many Tamil people , old , the youth and school children were invited to the south and received by the Sinhala families.  Many opportunities were provided for the Tamils in the North to mix  with the Sinhala people in the South.  But all those friendly contacts had not given any confidence or attachment to the Sinhala people. Their contact with the Sinhala had been superficial not going  beyond their narrow Communal barriers.

Coming to the vote winners the TNA, can they continue to stand by their Manifesto, which is a demand for a separate Eelam in the North ?

It is ridiculous for them to be presumptive having got an unprecedented support from the voters, to demand a separate Eelam within a Unitary Sri Lanka. 

Sri Lanka cannot have two different people within one unitary state, but a one people in the one unitary state.  Therefore, TNA has to decide to come down to earth and accept that the Tamils are  a people  among  others in Sri Lanka.

Viswanathan Rudra Kumaran, and Farther  S.J.Emmanuel cannot set foot in the North of Sri Lanka to make of it a separate Eelam.  North of Sri Lanka is very much a part of Sri Lanka despite all the vote the Tamil people in the North gave to TNA.

TNA has also be alive to the fact that the PC of the North cannot dictate terms as to how the Military camps should be set up in the North, and has to very well get used to live with the Soldiers  of the Armed Forces.

TNA cannot ask any more for land powers as it has already been decided, and the government should go ahead with new settlements for the displaced Sinhala and Muslim people, and allow  new people from the South coming to settle down in the North.

It is very unfortunate we have the so called e-media, like the Lanka-e- news., writing really disastrously scandalous articles, an   excerpt from which I quote:

“Though the Medamulana chaurayas ( deceivers) were deeply in their toils blindfolding the southern modayas (foolish believers ) to conceal their monumental corruption activities and murderous violence , the representatives of the people of the north whose eyes are always open and sharp held a media briefing today. The people of the north had given them the power of a 4/5 th majority much more than the 2/3 majority needed to expel a governor of the province. “(lanka-e-news)

These will not help  either in the reconciliation of the Communities or the administration of the Northern PC Council by the TNA Councillors.

The TNA hawks will have to cool down and try to be acceptable, intelligent politicians to if they are to make any thing out of the Newly won PC elections in the North.   Otherwise, the government should step into stop the vain rhetoric  and declare the Northern election null and void and allow the Governor to run it as it had been before.

Such drastic action we have to take without fearing the reaction of the anti-Sri Lanka West. China could not have developed  to what it is to-day, if it did not close the frontiers to the interfering West.
In the mean time it was reported that :

“Four Buddha statues in Murukkan, including two from the ancient temple of Murukkan, have been vandalized, the Mannar Police said.  Venerable Walpola Sarana Thera, Chief Incumbent of the Murukkan Temple said some persons, who arrived in the temple around 11 p.m. on Wednesday (25) damaged the statues.”

These are matters that should be taken up by the TNA PC Councillors who should send out a strong message against such vandalism in the North.  That is being responsible PC Councillors. 
Sampanthan had stated that they are studying the Supreme Court judgement on land powers.  This means that they beginnin their PC Councillor role following a confrontational attitude, which  does not auger well for the future of the North PC Council.

The Northern P.C.Councillors have to sit down to work for the people of the Norethern Province,; without reacting  to favourable and unfavourable issues and ask for remedial solutions from India and the rest of the world.  If they are taking their responsibilities seriously, they have to start working with the people and contact the Government in all matters and have a positive dialogue with the Government without acting as if the Government does not exist.

If they start a second round of visits to India, Tamil Nadu, Canada, UK and USA looking for advice as to how to o run the Norther PC detrimentally to the government with an eye for separation, the Government has to take its own corrective action processes.

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