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Vigneswaran former Supreme Court Judge seems to have lost his head, OR is he being made a cat’s paw ?

The half naked Fakirs who want to change the face of Sri Lanka

The TNA Chief Ministerial Candidate Vigneswaran does not only hero worship the Terrorist Prabhakaran,   but he is also preparing to follow Prabhakaran’s path of terrorism.

He is reported to have said, “  Opportunities might arise to resort to arms again in case rights are not offered to the Tamils. Due to ranting, ravings, tormenting, nagging and harassment by the ruling elites, we might be forced to take up to arms”

These words can come only from a cheap third rate terrorists, but not from a former Supreme Court Judge.  We begin to shudder when we thinks what we had as respected Judicial luminaries in Sri Lanka.  One  was a deceitful manipulator of finances filling and emptying  bank accounts and keeping them empty to avoid Tax payments, the other a racist hero worshipping a cheap ruthless terrorist psychopath.

Is that what the TNA is capable of giving to the Tamil people of the North as a Chief Minister ?

Vigneshwaeran is already a stooge of the International Community. He had said that, “  the  Sri Lanka Army which is not needed to our people, should not be present here anymore to subdue us…….We would also inform the international community that this government has failed to implement the 13th amendment to the Sri Lanka’s constitution……Our rights would be attained with the active involvement and contribution of the international community. ”

While again when  Vigneshwaran says, “  we will get the mandate of the people and pack up the Army away, if in case the government fails to cooperate with us, we will go up to the United Nations.”….. Sampanthan had said, “ We will not allow Sri Lanka government to impose any political solutions on us, that are not acceptable by the Tamil people.”
Cholesterol filled Sampanthan - Dead Terrorist Prabhakaran's fervent Disciple

All this ranting of Vigneshwaran appears to have been pre-arranged.  To what extent the Tamil diaspora has contributed to Vigneshawaran’s fiery elocution ?

Viswanathan Rudrakumaran the self appointed Prime Minister of a yet to be created Eelam barks from his comfortable  kennel somewhere in Canada:

“We cannot sustain hopes of winning over our rights from the existing State agencies through the mechanism of the PC or through other forms of struggle, even with the support of the International Community. The Eelam Tamil Nation could win over its rights only by liberating itself from the bondage of the Sri Lankan State. We believe that the TNA leadership is taking cognizance of this reality,”
Rudrakumaran self appointed Prime Minister of the Tamil Eelam State to come-waiting for the day of his crowning

Rudrakumaran  had further said  that, “ the TGTE is committed to struggle for the creation of a free and sovereign State of Tamil Eelam through political and diplomatic means, and that he is of the firm conviction that the 13th Amendment as well as the idea of Provincial Councils had expired long ago.”

In the midst of all this tirade our Sinhala politicians have yet to awaken for the looming danger.  They have failed to do what is essential and will be taken  by surprise,  perhaps for an unexpected uprising of the Tamils helped by the Tamil Diaspora, the Indian RAW, and the American CIA.

The TNA with the assistant and secret support of the International Community seems to be preparing for a demand for a Eelam State through Self determination.   But Self determination  for the Tamils in the North is definitely  outside  the concept of the theory of Self determination.  In International law, it is stated that nations based on respect for the principle of equal rights and fair equality of opportunity have the right to freely choose their sovereignty and international political status with no external compulsions or interference.  

But the North  of Sri Lanka does not fall within this definition.  Firstly the Tamils in the North are a community and not a nation separated from the rest of the country. Its people are not confined to a geographically separate area, but spread across the whole of the island. 

Therefore, a Tamil Eelam State cannot be set up separated from the rest of the Tamil people settled down in different places in Sri Lanka, unless all those Tamils settled down in different places in the South declare their willingness to leave the South to settle down within the confines of the North if it is declared a Tamil Eelam State.
Fr.Emmanuel Leader of Global Tamil Federation running errands for dead Terrorist Prabhakaran

In the mean time the Global Tamil Federation is also showing its presence in the fray of  the Northern PC Election. GTF has issued a statement, that it has, “…… developed a strong collaborative working relationship with the TNA. We have promoted TNA among the international community. Equally, our active engagement with the TNA adds credibility to the political positions we adopt and promote world-wide.”

There would be lot of activity to promote the Tamil Eelam State in the North.  The GTF had further stated :

 “GTF calls upon the Tamil diaspora to help the TNA achieve the best possible victory by impressing upon their relatives and friends in Sri Lanka about the significance of this election. Tamils and others who live outside the North but registered to vote in the North must take the trouble to travel to ensure their votes too are counted in favour of the TNA.

Most importantly, we call upon the Tamils and other communities in the North to take an active part in the election, with the expectation the outcome will prove that a proud community with long history, however mistreated and brutalised, will not give up on the mission to achieve its legitimate political rights and will continue to work towards achieving justice, peace and equality for all.”

“Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

In this confounded  atmosphere of  still unknown underground activity, Minister and Senior Vice President of the SLFP, Nimal Siripala de Silva, bleats the usual words of appeasement , "The manifesto of the TNA is not a new concept, but if they seek to go beyond that and try to divide the country, we have the necessary medicine for that as well. Hence, there is no need to panic over it."
Nimal Siripala de Silva putting off  for tomorrow what has to be done today

Nimal Siripala de Silva says, “ : "We will take the necessary measures at the right time to safeguard the sovereignty of the country, and against any attempts at division. In the circumstances, we have no need to get unduly worried or agitated. On the 21st, we can see the answer the people will give Wigneswaran and the TNA. ”

But it is despite the Constitution of Sri Lanka that Nimal Siripala de Silva speaks of,  that there was  terrorism, and then TNA  defying the Constitution, openly acting  in breach of it.  Even now what Vigneshawaran had brazenly spoken out  is enough to have him  arrested and Charged under the Anti Terrorist Legislation.

But the Government since it eliminated terrorism seems to think they remain invincible.  Nimal Siripala de Silva is the Chairman of the PSC appointed to propose removal of certain provisions of the 13A, but what has happened to those proposals against the 13A has become a top secret no body dare speak about.

In the mean time the government had been speaking  about reducing  the presence of the Army in the North.  But  is that a wise move when, the Commander of the Sri Lankan army in the Jaffna peninsula, Maj Gen Mahinda Hathurusinghe, said, with the Tamil National Alliance (TNA) glorifying the slain Tamil Tiger leader Velupillai Prabhakaran in its campaign for the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) elections, there was a possibility of reactivating about 4,000 former Tiger combatants, who are still at large.
Maj.Gen Mahinda Haturusinghe

He had pointed out to the speech made by Vigneshwaran which could give courage to those terrorists sympathisers lying low to rise in support of TNA. 

Vignaeshwaran had said, “When Prabhakaran was alive, the President came forward on his own to grant 13 Amendment plus (an improved devolution package). Now that Prabhakaran is no more, the President has begun to speak of 13 Amendment minus and even to the extent of saying there is no such thing as the 13th  Amendment. This is because President Rajapaksa accepted Prabhakaran as a hero. He came forward to yield concessions to the Tamils. But he is not prepared for it now. Prabhakaran is not a terrorist. He was a hero and a warrior who fought for the liberation of the Tamils.”
A Supreme Court Judge Turned follower of a Terrorist

Quite unconcerned  Sri Lanka is still trying to pacify India, like the man being beaten continuing to plead  sitting on his knees for clemency.

The Government of Sri Lanka did not remove the 13A when the time was right to do so,  before declaring the PC elections for the North.  As a result today the government is forced to put up not only with an unwanted 13A, but may also with a PC in the North controlled by the TNA, preparing with forces we still do not know  to demand a separate Eelam State for the Tamil speaking people of the North and East.

A Tamil Man takes the President to his confidence

Whatever is afoot between the Sri Lanka political hierarchy and that of India the Sri Lankan people are unaware. The President Mahinda Rajapakse answering to a question asked by the Hindustan Times: “ 

Relations between New Delhi and Colombo are no longer as close as before, largely due to the demands of politicians in Tamil Nadu ? ” , the President said: “  I cannot comment on South India's politics. But politicians understand politicians so I give New Delhi a wide margin.  And our relationship with India is still very good . ”

In the North of Sri Lanka  there were no terrorists.  But the Indian RAW recruited from among the Tamil youth in the North,  a group  to be trained as terrorists.  After being trained  they were released in the North around 1983, which is no secret any more.  Therefore there is no guarantee that the same thing may happen again, as the Tamil Diaspora is prepared to do any thing to start another bout of terrorism with the support of the International Community and Navy Pillay .

In the recent Defence Seminar 2013  held on 3rd September at the Galadhari Hotel the presence of a LTTE sympathiser among the selected participants had been detected.  It was reported that investigations are being  made to find out how he had gained admission.  This is a serious security lapse and it clearly shows with all security on place the Tamil Diaspora has means to enter any where in Sri Lanka.

In that situation,  the Army cannot be confined to the barracks during the PC elections in the North, but they should be there in greater numbers and vigilant.  The soldiers should however be cautioned to be careful not to open fire without assuring where , how and against whom they open fire.
Still more worrying is what K.T.Rajasingham of the Asian Tribune was doing  with the TNA Leaders:
Half naked Smpanthan meets a  Traitor (?)

These are exclusive photographs taken by the Asian Tribune photographers at the recently held ‘Nallur Ther festival (2013) where TNA leaders –Sampanthan, V.K.Vigneswaran, E. Saravanapavan, D.Siththarthan are seen. Also in some pictures can see K.T.Rajasingham , Chief Editor of the Asian Tribune with the TNA leaders

K.T.Rajasingham is said to be a good friend of the President. Even R.Premadasa had a good friend who was a Tamil Man.
A different Crowd which may block the way against secession.

The Crowds to hear the President Speak but which way will they vote

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