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Was Weliweriaya manifestation planned as a springboard to the like of an Arab Spring ?

When Ranil Wickramasinghe is reported to have said  with a certain assurance at the 67 anniversary celebration of UNP that, “this would be the last anniversary the party would celebrate as the opposition. And “ predicted the party would celebrate its 68th anniversary under a UNP government”

It is time that these political effusions are given serious consideration.   

Ranil Wickramasinghe’s statement  has  a sinister objective if we would read carefully  what he is purported to have said after:
 “ The UNP Leader noting that those who died in the Katunayake and Weliweriya incidents were innocent youngsters .A  Government should safeguard every citizen including youngsters without putting their lives at risk. ”. 

Then he invites the youth to join the UNP, “ if they want to live in a free youth-friendly country.”
He does not stop their but continues that, “…the UNP will take to the streets and protest against the government demanding a general election by the end of this year. ” (ColomboPage 7.8.2013)

It is in the light of this statement of the Opposition Leader, that the Weliweriya incident should be looked into more closely. The lives of the “youngsters” were put in risk by those who invited them to be present at the manifestation.

In Egypt, and  Tunisia the beginning of unprecedented  manifestations  that resulted in ouster of Governments, and in Libya the murder of a political leader started with the rebel groups against the Governments in place, being  encouraged, supported, and used by the International Community, by arming them and training them for armed attacks against  the  Armed Forces of the respective governments.  The International Community is continuing this same tactics with the Syrian rebels.

A government should be allowed to bring the rebels under control using  the government Armed forces, without the intervention or interference by the International Community. It is the intervention of the International Community that aggravates the situation  making it take a greater dimension.
Unfortunately ,the International Community would not intervene to act as “mediators” between the rebels and  the Government with the aegis of the UN to get the parties to come to a political settlement. But instead they  make matters worse by helping the rebels  for an armed attack against the Armed Forces of the Government, with the aim  to oust the Government in place.

If  the International Community is  genuinely interested in the people of Syria and their human rights it should “mediate” between the rebels and the government  to find  a  political solution for the problems .

But the International Community acts differently, with the one intension of “changing the regime” by helping the rebels fight against the Government.  Thereafter,  as in Syria, when  the situation gets beyond control,  the International Community led by France, USA and UK would claim that there had been  chemical attacks by governments against their people and that the International Community should intervene to save the  people.

This is what happened in the case of Sadam Hussan’s Iraq, and likely to take place in  Bashar Al-Assad’s Syria. 

The UN Inspectors in Syria are  there to check whether Chemicals have been used in Syria, but not to investigate who used the Chemicals , was it the rebels backed by the International Community or the Government of Bashar Al-Assad ?

In Sri Lanka too a situations like those of the Middle East would be  most welcome for USA, France,UK, Canada, and the others of their fraternity for a military intervention  to “change the regime”, as it has been evident even to Navi Pillai that such a “regime change” is only possible if  her International cohorts are made to understand that Sri Lanka is not democratic and on the way to be authoritarian.

In order to intervene inside Sri Lanka for a “ regime change” what a better occasion than a PC Election in the North with a most undemocratic political party in the history of Sri Lanka the TNA going pell-mell to give effect to its agenda of setting up a separate Tamil Eelam with the blessings of the UN , USA, Canada, Netherlands,
France , India and UK.  

The slightest error of a shooting or a killing in the North  followed by a manifestation organised by TNA will precipitate the hounds of  International Community to be unleashed against Sri Lanka.

The Stage has been set and UNP seems to be organising themselves to share the spoils. “UNP MP Ajith P. Perera today demanded that the Governor of the Central Bank, Ajith Nivard Cabraal step down from his post immediately, and accused the latter of leaving out data on malnutrition from Central Bank reports.”

Sri Lanka must be infested with the CIA Agents and their local lackeys, and paid Sri Lankan traitors, along with the Agents of RAW in every corner in the North, and also in the South.  Sri Lanka is at the moment sitting on a “ powder keg”.  The police , the army and the over enthusiastic politicians should tread cautiously on the politically strained paths of the North.

There are far too many contracts given to India what comes into the Island with those contracts one really does not know. The Government is walking  in unknown surroundings.  The locomotives  and  other material bought from India  may carry “ high Tec spy gadgets “ installed in them.  The Government is unable to take wise decisions and the 13 Amendment would be the detonator that would activate the “powder keg” on which Sri Lanka is sitting.

Any attempt to remove the 13Amendment will now  be fodder for the TNA to raise a hue and cry to awaken the hounds of the International Community.

Weliweriya incident is still kept alive by the UNP . To what extent was UNP involved in the  Weliweriya“ incident” ?  

How many were present for the manifestation at Weliweriya ?  It has been said that some former  workers of  the glove factory who are members of the JVP, had been among the  manifesting crowd in Weliweriya. 

Was the crowd unruly  and beyond the control of the Police ?  Why and Who called the Armed forces to intervene ? Who was the soldier who, opened fire ?  Who gave him the order to fire ? 

The problem over which the people manifested in Weliweriya had been settled when the manifestation was going on. Was this fact brought to the knowledge of those manifesting out side the factory ?  If so how was it that the manifestation continued ?  Who instigate hem to continue the manifestation ?

Was there any possibility that:

 (1) the sacked workers who were members of JVP, (2) the Police Officer who asked for Army Assistance, (3) the Soldier who fired the first  shot, (4) the military Officer who gave him the order,  had any contact with any outsider or outsiders before the manifestation in Weliwerya ?  Who organised the Manifestation ?  What was his or their  background ?

These are all important questions to ask, and should be investigated as quickly as possible without allowing precious time to lapse.

People must be kept informed of what is happening  with regard to the proposal of the removal of the 13A or certain provisions of it.  If the 13A was removed or  action has been taken to remove it immediately after the PC elections the TNA’s manisfesto would have perhaps been different. 

Now even Wigneshwaran taking a taste in separatist politics shows signs of  his ambition to become the Chief Minister  more evident, come what may, declaring that Prabhakaran is his hero as well as the hero of the Tamil people.

They are all in breach of the Constitution. It is  a criminal  offence for which the perpetrators could be tried for high treason. The government has not even warned them against the diatribes in the North with a Manifesto which is openly in breach of the Constitution of Sri Lanka.  No one seems to have raised a word against the TNA.

The Government should be vigilant. There may be more “ Weliweriyas” to come ?

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