Monday, 25 February 2013

Requests to Delegates to UNHRCouncil Geneva not to vote for the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka

Your Excellencies Respected Heads of Missions, Delegates, and Directors

Requesting in the name of Democracy and fair  play to Developing Nations NOT to vote in favour of the  USA resolution to be moved against Sri Lanka in Geneva.

Please find attached an article  giving reasons why USA has no right to move a resolution against Sri Lanka as USA Armed Forcers have committed worst War Crimes in their  theatres of war against terrorism in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria than Sri Lanka against its own terrorists with its own territory.

The USA State Department has a problem to define terrorism.  At the beginning of President Barack Obama’s first term in office, he vowed to fight terrorism where ever it is.  But that promise was forgotten later when his Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Clinton stated that there are different types of terrorists and that all terrorists cannot be put into the same basket.  

The terrorists in Sri Lanka for thirty years carried out massacres , assassinations, used human bombs  and one such human suicide bomb was a woman strapped with a bomb in side her clothes  which she detonated killing the young Prime Minster of India Rajiv Gandhi in the explosion.  They were ruthless and most inhuman. 

But these terrorists of Sri Lanka cultivated close friendship first with Eric Solheim of Netherlands and then with the Ambassadors of USA Robert O’Blake and many other Western Ambassadors, who they invited to the terrorist controlled areas where they were entertained.

Hence these Western countries through their Ambassadors  did not put them into the same category of terrorists like Al Qaida or Talibans that terrorised their countries, but accepted them as rebels or freedom fighters who want to set up a homeland for the Tamils.

Therefore  America and the Western countries  wanted to find a political solution to establish a Tamil Homeland for them.  Many rounds of  peace talks were arranged between the Government and the terrorists but the terrorists walked out half way after discussions  and massacred innocent people in Sri Lanka by exploding claymore bombs or suicide bombs after each round of abandoned peace talks to show their antagonism for a political solution.

At the end the Government was forced to  resort to a military solution to end terrorism in Sri Lanka.

However despite the demand by USA State Department and some of the Western powers demanding not to resort to a military solution, Sri Lanka which suffered under terrorism for 30 years had no alternative but to fight it out militarily and finally  eliminated terrorism.

Since this USA and the Sri Lanka Terrorist friendly Western Countries  who were not able to save the terrorists who had by then become their friends  is all out to take revenge from Sri Lanka accusing that its Armed Forces killed large numbers of civilians in the last phase of the war against terrorism.

There were no body to distinguish the soldiers or the civilians, and  no body to count the number of civilians or terrorists dead except the Sri Lanka Armed Forces and the Terrorists.  They were fighting a war  each side uncertain of the out come of the war.  They had no time to count the dead bodies, the Sri Lanka Armed forces had while fighting to rescue 300 000 Tamil civilians running away from the terrorists.

Now the UNHuman Rights Commissioner who being a Tamil herself and sympathetic towards the Tamil terrorists  and the USA and the Western Nations who had cultivated an friendship with the terrorist in Sri Lanka who were not a danger to them, though that relation ship is immoral , are claiming that 40000 civilians had been killed by the Sri Lanka Armed Forces during the last phase of the war.

This they cannot prove as the numbers killed in any war is not accountable.  USA too cannot give exact number of civilians the American Armed Forces  killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya Pakistan and elsewhere.

Therefore the present move by the USA to pass a resolution against Sri Lanka for the elimination of terrorists and in that exercise for violating human rights is an enormous injustice in relation to Sri Lanka which suffered from terrorism for thirty long years and sacrificed many of its Political leaders, Ministers, Security Officers and intellectuals apart from the massacres of men, women and children., and  thousands of Soldiers.

This resolution the USA is proposing to move against Sri Lanka at the UNHRCouncil Session in March, 2003, is unfair and unjust, to say the least  and therefore, no government who can imagine what it is to live under terrorism may understand the necessity to at least now leave  Sri Lanka and its people enjoy a well earned peace without interfering unnecessarily  ask about what happened at the elimination of terrorists four years ago.

Therefore, as an old man from Sri Lanka who had seen the “hell”  that was created by terrorists  in Sri Lanka and suffered the death of many near and dear one’s and unaccountable number of innocent men , women and children killed by the terrorists and  had lived in an ever present fear of death appeal to you not to vote for the Resolution that USA is proposing to move at this  session of the UNHRCouncil .

Yours respectfully,
I remain,


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