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Letter to President Barack Obama to explain why a Resolution against Sri Lanka at UNHR Council in Geneva will be against his Political philosophy

President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr.President,

I congratulate you on your re-election.  I am Sri Lankan by birth.  Therefore, your foreign policies affecting Sri Lanka interest me. I entreat you to please bear with me and read through the  following matters  I am bringing to your  attention and pray you for action.

Mr.President, your time is precious therefore I will be as brief as possible . It is about Sri Lanka an Island,   slightly larger than the State of  West Virginia, with a population  of about 20.4 million with  the government of which your State Department had not been fair in the application of harsh political dictates opposed to your political philosophy,  since its elimination of a ruthless group of terrorists that terrorised the Island for thirty years.

From your speeches and writings  I expect a radical change in your foreign policies from that of the pervious Presidents of USA.  But when your policies are being carried out by those whose thinking differ from yours , they become different from what is expected under you Presidency.

You are of Afro-American origin Mr.President, nevertheless, in your  great political wisdom you did not identify yourself  as an Afro American but as an American.  That is the  key to your  popularity, and to be  acclaimed the President of the United States of America. 

Your admirable political success lies in that ability to have buried your “ Communal” identity in the larger interest of a political unity of all minor and major Communities in America.  You said in your second inaugural address, “…… what binds this nation together is not the colors of our skin or the tenets of our faith or the origins of our names. What makes us exceptional – what makes us American – is our allegiance to an idea, articulated in a declaration made more than two centuries ago……”

But, in the application of  foreign policies of your Government  in relation to multi-ethnic Sri Lanka the policy makers of your State Department should see the ethnic problems in that country  in the light of the way you solved the ethnic problem in America , but White Americans whose mentality is different,  have failed to grasp the essence of  your political philosophy. Therefore, their political views are diametrically opposed to yours. As a result the  Government of Sri Lanka  is made to suffer from their failure to perceive the problem in that country in its correct perspective without engaging in divisive politics.

The problems in Sri Lanka as well as in many developing countries come from the  conflicts between the minority Communities and  the majority community  which normally hold  the political power as it had been the case even in America .  It is more complex where there are tribal differences such as in Africa  or religious difference  such as in  Muslim Countries.   

So far the American Foreign policy,  as much as those of the countries of the International Community, had been to maintain this ethnic difference in developing countries in order to stop communal unity and allow the States to disintegrate according to Communal differences- in other words to facilitate Balkanization of Sovereign States,  according to a planned political Agenda

This is not the political philosophy with which  you identify,  which you demonstrated by steering away without falling into the trap of  Communal politic in the USA.
As you know  Mr.President the task of uniting  ethnic Communities in America is after all not that difficult as  all communities speak the same language, and have  more or less the same religion or have similar religions.

But when it comes to a country like Sri Lanka where there are  three major Communities , Sinhala 75 % of the population, Tamil 14 %  and Muslims 9%  , speaking Tamil and Sinhala languages and having three different religions,  the task of bringing together the Communities into a one whole nation is  not without difficulties.

Sri Lanka had no Communal problems since its independence in 1948. However, in 1970’s there began conflicts between the Tamil Political Leaders and the Sinhala Majority Government, when  the Tamil  political leaders demanded parity of status for the 13% of the Tamil Community along with the  75 % Sinhala majority Community.

Eventually  a group of  unemployed Tamil youth in the North of Sri Lanka , coerced by the nearby TamilNadu State in India, after being  trained  in terrorist warfare, was released in the North of Sri Lanka in 1983.  This group of  terrorists killed a number of Sinhala Police officers stationed in the North, which started a communal riot during which large numbers of Tamils left Sri Lanka making that a reason to ask for  political asylum, though most of them were in fact economic refugees. 

They settled down in UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Netherland etc.  They  were organised by the Sri Lanka terrorists into Terrorist  Front Organisations, to collect funds for terrorism in Sri Lanka with the promise that they will eventually, through terrorism wrench away the North of Sri Lanka to form a separate Homeland for Tamils.

It is the second and third generation of these economic refugees  who have not even visited Sri Lanka now represent  the Terrorist Front Organisations in USA and other foreign counties.. However, the terrorism that began then lasted 30 years, with massacres, assassinations, and bomb blasts in which many lives were lost.  .  The terrorists  collected considerable sums of money through their Terrorist Front Organisations, which is said to be about US$ 300 million per year, from the expatriate Tamils, with which they built  a powerful terrorist military force.

In 2005 Mr Mahinda Rajapakse was elected the President of Sri Lanka.  By then the terrorists had become  a considerably powerful military  force with modern military equipment, owning more than ten cargo vessels,  planes and a fleet of Dovra boats. In 2009 the Armed Forces of Sri Lanka wiped out the terrorists. 

Having brought back peace to the country,  the government of the President Mr. Mahinda Rajapakse, launched  large scale development programmes.  He started many project in the North and East of Sri Lanka to help the Tamil people who had suffered mostly from terrorism.

Hardly  a year after the elimination of the terrorists, the International Community and  many human rights organisations began a campaign against Sri Lanka for so called violation of human rights and unaccounted civilian deaths during the last phase of the military operations against the terrorists.  Many  false video footings  were prepared by anti Government forces financed by the Tamil  Terrorist Front Organisations in USA, Canada etc., and distributed world wide. 

The  Terrorist Front Organisations continue to collect  funds, and the bulk of the money collected are available to them to  finance their multi-pronged  campaigns against Sri Lanka, with a plan to revive terrorism again to break up Sri Lanka to Se up a Tamil homeland.    

These  Terrorist Front Organisations in America have formed  a group called the Tamils for Obama, which has paid considerable funds  for your   Presidential  election campaign.  As these funds collected by Terrorist Front Organisations  fall into the category of “ Money Laundering and indirect  financing for terrorism”, the contributions  from the Terrorist Front Organisations –Tamils for Obama  should not have been accepted for  your Presidential Campaign.  Accepting these funds only strengthen their hope for the revival of terrorism in Sri Lanka.

Mr. President, it is disheartening to  see  that, while the President of Sri Lanka and his government work to integrate the  three Communities into a  Nation of Sri Lankans,  it is  the American State Department and the  International Community which have come together to keep alive the separatist political environment in Si Lanka, and perpetuate its existence when you in your wisdom Mr.President contributed to stop the separatist Communal  politics in America.

In order to satisfy the detractors accusing the Sri Lanka Government Armed Forces for violation of human rights and war crimes, the President of Sri Lanka appointed a Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission(LLRC), to look into how the war against terrorism was carried out and if there had been  violations of human rights during the terrorist war. The report of the LLRC had made recommendations to be implemented by the government.The government is in the process of carrying out many projects by way of reconciliation, and bringing the Communities together.

The way the President of Sri Lanka sees the  post terrorist reconciliation is not different from your own political views, he would have very well said what you said  in your inaugural address, “. A decade of war is now ending. An economic recovery has begun. America’s ( Sri Lanka’s) possibilities are limitless, for we possess all the qualities that this world without boundaries demands: youth and drive; diversity and openness; an endless capacity for risk and a gift for reinvention. My fellow Americans,(Sri Lankans) we are made for this moment, and we will seize it – so long as we seize it together.” (I have entered Sri Lanka to make clear what I mean)

President Mahinda Rajapakse  stated immediately after the terrorist war that there are no majority  or  minority Communities in Sri  Lanka,  but only good or bad Sri Lankans.
In order to   facilitate  the integration of all Communities in to a common Sri Lankan Nationality,  he made Sri Lanka a tri lingual country with Sinhala, Tamil, and English having official status.  He gave priority to carry out infrastructure developments in the North  and East  of Sri Lanka, the provinces in which a majority of Tamils live.

These provinces  which had no electricity or drinking water  have been provided with these facilities on a priority basis.    A large irrigation reservoir has just been constructed. New schools, hospitals , banks and Welfare Centres have been constructed .  Many housing project have been commenced, with  in some projects the Armed Forces deployed in civilian activities for construction of  roads, bridges, houses, cultivation of farm land , training students in leadership, and even in  hotel and restaurant services.

As much  as you Mr. President   did not want  Americans identified according to their   ethnicity  such as, Black Americans, White Americans, Afro Americans, Latino Americans, Chinese Americans, or Muslim Americans, but  as Americans, the President of Sri Lanka Mr.Mahinda Rajapaksa too does not  want Sinhala Sri Lankans, Tamil Sri Lankans or Muslim Sri Lankans, but he wants all of them to be just  Sri Lankans. “ Now, more than ever, we must do these things together, as one nation, and one people.”, those are your words Mr. President.

The terrorist in Si Lanka were very cunning, they wanted the terrorists represented in the Parliament of Si Lanka hence they Organised  a political party the Tamil National Alliance.  After the elimination of terrorism the Tamil  National Alliance was not disbanded.  And now they , the TNA speak for the separatist expatriate Tamil Terrorist Front organisations.  The TNA  continue to  represent the voice of the terrorists.   They want to keep alive the ethnic difference to exist as their own future as politicians depends on Communal Politics. They are all out  Mr. President , to stop any action to integrate the Tamil Community in to the mainstream Sri Lankan Nationhood even  though they are not the sole  representatives of the Tamil Community

Mr. President, be assured that there is no discrimination against any Community in this aspiration of the President of Sri Lanka for its people.  But the white politicians of th West  cannot understand this.  Your former Secretary of State  Mrs. Hillary Clinton too could not understand this political philosophy to which you too had whole heartedly adhered, a country like America without minority Communities and a majority Community.

Mrs. Hillary  Clinton was “made” to disagree with such a policy in Sri Lanka by the Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Mr. Robert O’Blake who was a close  friend of the terrorists when he was stationed in Sri Lank as the American Ambassador. Mr.Robert O’Blakes  has a personal score to settle with the President of Sri Lanka as he resorted to a military solution to terrorist problem,  against a political solution proposed by  Mr.O’Blake. 

The Sri Lanka Terrorists who were a ruthless terror mongers in Sri Lanka, maintained good relations with foreign NGOs and Western Embassies and visiting foreign delegates.  There was therefore the tendency for the foreigners to consider them  as “rebels” or “freedom fighters”.  It is only the Sri Lankans  who were suffering directly from their ruthless ferocity who saw their real face of terrorism.  The result of this misconception is that the  USA and the International Community making use of every opportunity to attack Sri Lanka , looking for an opportunity for a regime change,  and if possible divide Sri Lanka allowing the Tamils to have a separate  homeland in the North. 

With this in view US State Department moved a resolution at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva against Sri Lanka demanding,  of all thing, to implement the recommendations of the LLRC, the Commission appointed by the President of Sri Lanka himself.  The Government of Si Lanka Mr. President should not be coerced to implement its own Commission’s recommendation.  This is only a  move to satisfy the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisation in USA.  

Your State Department is proposing another resolution against Sri Lanka at  the next session of the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva. This Mr. President is a wrong move on the Part of the State Department, and I write to pray you to please look into the matter and advice  the Secretary of the  State  Department to advice, the Ambassador Eileen C. Donahoe , the US Representative to the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva to stop any further action on the proposed resolution against Sri Lanka.

Yours respectfully, Mr. President,

e-mail: perera.charles@gmail.com
 Proof of Contribution of terrorist Blood Money  to President Barack Obama's, Presidential Campaign by the Terrorist Front Organisation "Tamils for Obama"

Re: Your Victory, and Our Part in It
November 14. 2012
President Barack Obama
1600 Pennsylvania Ave.
Washington, DC 20500
Dear Mr. President,
Congratulations on your re-election.  We are delighted and we feel rewarded.
During the campaign season we raised funds for your campaign; we polled opinion among Tamil Americans (95% preferred you), and distributed this result in the battleground states (all the major networks reported it on their websites); our Tamil American friends, working with your campaign, worked at phone banks in the days leading up to the election; We made and distributed two not-so-obviously-partisan videos. The links to these videos can be seen at these locations.
We hope to see  an independent Tamil homeland--Tamil Eelam—emerge in northeastern Sri Lanka. We hope that you and your next secretary of state will have an active part in helping Tamil Eelam to be born.
Thank you.

Tamils for Obama
Email: info@Tamilsforobama.com__________________________________________
Video" Lies Agreed upon" that tells the truth behind the  false"doctored" video prepared by UK Channel 4: financed  by and at the instigation of the Terrorist Front Agencies in USA, Canada ,UK and Australia.


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