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No Reconciliation , but acceptance- No Devolution of power, but Sharing of power.

Reconciliation is defined as:  to  re establish cordial relation ship. And acceptance is defined as: the mental attitude that something is believable and should be accepted as true.

Hence to talk about reconciliation as re establishing cordial relations is not what is required after 30 years of terrorism.  The pre-existing relation between the Tamils and the Sinhala had not been cordial because it  was  that which had gone  sour  for the Tamil youths to consent to India  to accept  terrorism India proposed to setup a Tamil Homeland. 

But now with the dawn of a new era of peace and freedom after elimination of terrorism, what we want is not that cordial relationship which  went sour, but some thing different.  What we want today is a  mental acceptance  of a believable friendship for which the other community has extended its arm.

The President Mahinda Rajapakse of Sri Lanka has laid the background for a unity of the Communities .  It is now up to the communities to react to the need to set aside the narrow  Communal Identity to bring together the people into one whole Nation of Sri Lankans.

Those who stand  in the way of it are those unpatriotic elements who think of their own interest rather than that of the people as a Nation.

Who stands in the way of  a unity of all Communities ? 

First it is the TNA-Tamil National Alliance which  is a “stinking vomit” of  the psychopathic terrorist Prabhakaran.  TNA has no future until and as long as the Tamil Community  acts separately seeking a mirage of a Tamil Homeland, profusely financed by the blood money of the Terrorist Front Organisations and the Catholic Church through the  Global Tamil Forum of Catholic Fr. Emmanuel, and Desmond Tutu of South Africa.

TNA would be a barrier for Tamil Sinhala Unity. 

In the effort to bringing the Communities together we cannot afford to have at the same time Tamils with political dreams hatching conspiracies against the Nation.  Therefore the government should consider disbanding TNA as a political party.  It violates the Article 157 of the Constitution in breach of their oath of allegiance to uphold it.

Next the UNP, which is essential as an alternative political party in a democratic System, but that democracy should not be a means to undo what had been done by a previous government, but with policies with possibilities of improving on it  for the greater good of  Sri Lanka.  Unfortunately UNP in that respect is not the alternative necessary, it would be a disaster if the UNP would now come to power by the remotest of chances. 

The political environment in Sri Lanka  has already changed positively from what it had been before. Sri Lanka which had been playing second fiddle  to UK, USA and other Commonwealth Nations, with almost a slavish mentality, unable to get even a loan from IMF without attached conditions is now a nation which has come out into a middle income Country.

The Government of Mahinda Rajapakse has thrown a large diplomatic net. In its foreign policy.  Mahinda  Chintanaya states, “…I will follow a non-aligned, free and progressive foreign policy. Priority will be given in the political, defense, economic, trade and cultural spheres to the cordial and friendly relationships that we already have with countries in the Asian region including India, Japan, China and Pakistan. It is my belief that the United Nations Organization and the International Financial Institutions should be more democratic in their approach. We will actively intervene in this regard. It is my intention to strongly implement international treaties, declarations on anti-corruption. This will enable us to act under the international law against those found guilty of corruption, when engaging in trade with foreign countries or foreign institutions. I will create a foreign service which has a correct awareness of our history, economic needs and the cultural heritage.”

New foreign policy of Sri Lanka has deviated from its dependence on its former  Colonialist UK, and “ half friend-half enemy” states like Canada, USA, Australia, France, Germany and India. It has got closer to China, Japan , Pakistan, Russia, Iran, South Korea, Burma, and Vietnam. It has extended its diplomatic ties to Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda and so on.

Therefore an alternative political party succeeding the present Government of President Rajapakse cannot alter the situation of the country vis à vis its Foreign Policy.  If Sri Lanka is to stay on the path of  progress  traced by Mahinda Chintanaya, it cannot have the present UNP with its leader and its painful “voice boxes” like Mangala Samaraweera, Lakshman Kiriella , Tissa Attanayake, Jayalath Jayawardhane, Ravi, Karunanayake, Karu Jayasuriy, Sajith Premadasa and a whole host of others who are not mature and wise to politics.

How could the people  trust the UNP Leader Ranil Wickramasinghe to lead the nation one day as the President of Sri Lanka, if he is unable to act wisely and speak without damaging the security of Sri Lanka,  if he as it was reported “….took part in a hunger strike organised by the TNA, Nava Sama Samaja Party, Western Province People’s Front, Tamil People’s Liberation Front, several other political parties, Fishermen’s Solidarity Groups and a few other organizations opposite the Durga Amman Kovil in Telippalai, declared yesterday that the High Security Zone at Palaly could be dismantled without any harm being caused to the security of the area.”  ?  Security of the Country and its people should  take priority over selfish political ambitions
It is no use speaking of JVP as an alternative government, as they have already lost its political base now  standing precariously  on the toes of one foot..   Only thing that keeps it going is its “big mouths”, and the large crowds that come to hear them,  but not to vote for them.

In other words Sri Lanka has still no Political Party that could replace the President Mahinda Rajapakse and his Government. If as they say the Amendment 18 to the Constitution could extend the rule of Sri Lanka by the Present President and his government for a further period of time so much the better for Sri Lanka.

Who else stands in the way of Unity of Communities in  Sri Lanka ?

There are of course the Tamil Media that is all out to separate the Tamils from the rest of the Communities. Uthayam News Paper in Jaffna if it continues its racist campaign should be  banned.  Then there are many other News Papers like the Daily Mirror, Sunday Times, Lakbima, The Island, Sunday Leader which  have no serious concern for a unity of all Communities.  Then there are the electronic websites in the net such as the GroundView, TamilNet, Colombo Telegraph, Sri Lanka Guardian, Ceylon Today, and number of others.

As an example of this separatist media policy the editorial of  “ Ceylon Today “ writes, “…No meaningful debate has been initiated by the regime to involve the interested parties towards a lasting solution. No constructive dialogue has been encouraged to bring the main grievances of the Tamil people to public awareness; no signal has been given as to the government's stance on the core issues of the Tamil population in the country – Tamil homeland, implementation of the 13th Amendment to the Constitution, land and police powers to be devolved to the provinces and so forth….”.

If there is so much of opposition to the Communal integrating to form a United Sri Lanka, putting behind  their narrow homeland concepts, why keep harping on reconciliation because it was conceived by the LLRC.  Reconciliation will not work as long as there is no mental acceptance of a desire to unite forces for a common goal to achieve- a unity of all peoples of Sri Lanka.  Therefore to  accept that we should  unite forces,   leaving aside the racial demands of a Tamil homeland, or devolution of political power. 

Hence,  what is wanted is  for the Tamil Community to accept the fact that their future lies being together with the Sinhala and Muslim Communities without aspiring for a separate Homeland  proposed by the Tamil Political leaders as a means for them to exist as political leaders planning the  future of  the poor Tamils according to their desire and that of the Expatriate Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations  who have no interest in the Tamil people but on a Tamil Homeland where they would be the  Leaders.

Therefore a resolution by the USA to implement the recommendations of the LLRC and hasten reconciliation is dragging Sri Lanka back words instead of taking it progressively forward.  Hence what is necessary is an  acceptance of a future together with all communities working towards a One Nation State.  We are not bound to accept “reconciliation” because USA which knows nothing about our country, our people or our culture, proposes it in a resolution against Sri Lanka in Geneva.  USA’s hidden interest in purported welfare towards the Tamils, and accountability  to weaken Sri Lanka, is no secret to us.  Their primary interest is a foreign strategical policy of  using Sri Lanka in countering the influence of China in  Asia.

Another call of the International Community, Tamil National Alliance and the anti Sri Lanka forces is the devolution of political power to the North and East.

Devolution of political power to the North and East is a meaningless demand.  If it is granted then it would be to separate North and East from the rest of the country.  It is the creation of a Tamil Homeland, to which even the ordinary Tamil people will not agree.  Homeland concept is a left behind appendix of the terrorists sanctified and being worshipped by the TNA and the  Expatriate Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations in foreign lands. We should  sacrifice devolution of power , in favour of sharing of power. 

Sharing  is defined variously, as:  unselfishly willing to share with others, having in common.

It is this sharing that should be encouraged between the Tamils, the Sinhala and the Muslims.

The Sinhala people have this sense of sharing, they learn it from their childhood.  The Sinhala did not wait  until other communities  joined them to fight terrorism. They went unselfishly head on into it. They are altruistic.  They were going to rid of the terrorists to bring peace to the country  and that  peace they  bring, they would share  with all communities  no matter whether they  participated in the war or not, to deliver the country from the terrorists. 

But in such an altruistic undertaking,  it is sad to see now the SLMC thinks it fit to threat the government, “The Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) has said it will not have second thoughts of quitting the government if it fails to establish the Kalmunai Coastal district office.” 

This is how other Communities profit from the sacrifices made by others for their peace , freedom and tranquility.

What did the Tamils in the diaspora do, while the Sinhala Soldiers were dying in thousands fighting against the terrorists to bring peace to the Tamil people in the North and East ?

Living in their comfortable homes in foreign lands, when the terrorists were herding the mass of civilian Tamils like herds of goats from place to place, the Tamils of the diaspora were collecting US Dollars in millions to be sent to the terrorists to carry on their terrorism and extend the suffering of the poor Tamil Civilians in the terrorists controlled areas.

It is now fun for the Tamils of the Tamil Terrorist Front Organisations, to carry the terrorist flag and make manifestations and invite Canadian  Ministers or British Parliamentarians to their manifestations and make them listen to their anti Sri Lanka rhetoric. And hear shameless Canadian Ministers, and British MPs make speeches in praise of the valiant terrorist fighters who took the Sri Lanka Armed Forces “by their horns”.

All that should stop if any one really cares for the welfare of the Tamil people  in Sri Lanka.  The only way out for the Tamil people in Sri Lanka, for their peace, freedom and happiness,  is not another spate of terrorism, but it is in learning  to live wholly  with the  other Communities, sharing in their happiness in peace and freedom, in their pain and pathos,  living together in whole of Sri Lanka, and not only in a part of it.

In moving the resolution against Sri Lanka last March, 2012, at the UNHR Council in Geneva the US Ambassador  Eileen Donahoe said:

“Our view is that if there isn’t some form of truth and accounting of these kind of mass-scale atrocities and casualties, you can’t have lasting peace, You sow the seeds of future conflict.”

These are fine sounding words, if it had come from some one else, but not from  Eileen Donahoe  the American Ambassador in Geneva, who represents USA which is guilty , completely and wholly  guilty of the  human rights violations, mass scale atrocities not only in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, and Syria, but also innumerable instances of most dastardly acts of criminal and savage Abu Gharaib prison torture, 

torture of prisoners in Guantanamo Bay Detention Camps, and multitude of murders in Drone attacks. (not to mention their murders in Vietnam, killing of Afghan Civilians by American Soldiers etc.)

Those words of Eileen Donahoe are better addressed to her own American State Department, as USA deserves those words thousands time more than Sri Lanka.

After hearing the  jubilating news of the passage of the USA Resolution against Sri Lanka
the Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton had said, “…that the United States and the international community “had sent a strong signal that Sri Lanka will only achieve lasting peace through real reconciliation and accountability.” 

In the atrocities committed  by USA and the International Community in their  theatres of war outside their home countries,  where the dead  are  the  poor civilians, foreign and unknown,  for whose deaths they have no tears to shed.  And paradoxically no one is their to ask them for accountability.

In the light of these atrocities committed by the USA and the International Community one wonders whether they were really wearing clothes when they moved the resolution against Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka which fought a war against “home made” terrorists within its territory cannot be asked for accountability least of all by USA and the International Community who at this very moment continue to kill innocent Civilians in Pakistan with their ever present Drones.

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